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Re: Leverage last night )

I bought half a dozen books the other weekend. Real, physical books, not on my Kindle, and I don't really buy books anymore. But five of them were used mysteries, and two of those were Dorothy L. Sayers that I've been waiting to find (or to show up on Kindle), and two of them were Charlotte MacLeods for my mom because she lost all her MacLeod paperbacks, so it's all totally justifiable even if I still haven't bought another bookcase like I should have years ago.

Also, the article I co-wrote was FINALLY published this past month, and I now have the extra two copies of the journal issue so I can send one to my parents, and I really need to figure out something else I can write next that isn't a straight historical topic requiring a ton of research on my part OMG I'm an archivist, not an academic historian.
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I went shopping today expressly and specifically for a dressy red top. It didn't have to be red necessarily, it could have been blue or purple or some other color, but I wanted a dressy solid-colored top to go with a patterned skirt I have, for which I only have one blouse really that I cold wear with it, and that's far too summery to wear in weather like this. Besides, I don't have many dressy red tops, and I look good in red. All very simple, right?

Two hours later, by the time I finally went home after visiting three stores, I had spent over $100 on new underwear, pajama bottoms, a new set of sheets, a t-shirt, and a nice cream-colored top that is also not very appropriate for this type of weather. And I discovered when I got home and took the sheets out of their packaging--y'know, completely out of their packaging, never going to fit back into that little plastic thingy again--that I had absent-mindedly bought the wrong size sheets. I could try to force them back into the packaging and take them back, but that just sounds like too much effort. They'll fit my bed, they'll just be too big. Fine. Whatever.

At least I baked zucchini bread today as well and it tastes awesome. So there, me.

On a much more cheering topic, I wanted to rec a couple vids I've been watching not at all obsessively of late. advance by fly_to_dawn, a multi-fandom vid for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, and it sort of makes me want to punch the air with how awesome these women are. And from Festivids, there's all the way by [livejournal.com profile] greensilver, which is basically the most gleeful thing I've seen about Invisible Man and about Bobby'n'Darien in a while. You all probably already know about them, but just in case, I feel a need to spread the fannish love.
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Tomorrow, after work--which is probably going to be crazy-mad-busy anyway, because I'm trying to export a thousand MARC records (I'm not even exaggerating for once, though that is an ongoing project) and deal with politicians' records because everybody's office is changing over in January and large manuscript donations are coming in...sometime, we don't exactly know when, and I've got to enroll in new health insurance--tomorrow, after all that, I still have to make myself dinner, bake dad an applesauce cake, clean all my accumulating piles of dishes, and figure out my monies because I'm closing out one retirement account and have to figure out if I want to a) put it in another company-based retirement account, b) put it in an traditional IRA, or c) put it in a Roth IRA, and while I'm leaning toward the Roth, I still need to reread stuff about the differences and the pros and cons and, argh, money, financial future, retirement, blah, etc. It's not really a large amount of money--though it's bigger than I expected--but it's still potentially taxable income, and I have been screwed enough over taxes often enough in the past.

You know, you would think after writing about topics such as that, I would feel more like an adult and less like the perpetual intern. And yet? I still can't believe anybody trusts me to do anything.
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But I went the cheaper and more practical route and got the sonic screwdriver torch instead.

Send help.

My fridge is probably the most fun item in my house. I bet that's bad somehow.

No, really, I have pictures. )
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We're up to episode 11 of the series already? What? Where the hell has this series gone?

DW--The Lodger )


I bought an entire professional outfit today, quite accidentally, at three different stores. It all started because I found this fabulous top--seriously, fabulous, and with all the discounts I got it for NINE DOLLARS and I didn't even have to pay for it 'cause I used a gift card--and I wanted to get some kind of black crops of capris that would go with it, since I don't have anything like that for professional wear and they'll come in handy for the conference this summer. And then I found those and was like, "But, I can't wear these with regular black shoes, I'll look ridiculous, I need sandals or something!" And so I went to a shoe store and found a nice pair of comfortable sandals with a very low heel, and I shall give this outfit a test run this week at a local afternoon meeting I'm going to.

I don't normally wear nice clothes to work, you see, and almost all the nice clothes I have are winter-heavy. I'm not reference staff, I'm not administrative staff; I don't typically work with the public or in the public's view, and archives are messy, dirty places. I wear jeans and nice-ish tops. And closed-toe shoes. So this is all very exciting for me.


Has anybody written Ianto Jones' Diary, a la Bridget Jones, fic yet? I am merely curious.

Speaking of fic, I have a handful of Leverage fics open in tabs that I cannot read until after tomorrow because everybody writes Hardison better than me and that's discouraging. But tomorrow I post my fic and can revel in everybody else's Hardison-y goodness. (And next week the show starts again. WOOOOOOOOOO.)


Johnny Depp could totally play Ludwig II of Bavaria. He has the right cheekbones for it.

Or maybe I just say that because of the actor they got to play the king in the 1970s. )


May. 17th, 2010 08:51 pm
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that rainbow quiz-thingy, and hey, at least it's been ages since I posted one of these )

Grr, blah, travel planning, GRARGH. This weekend I bought a new memory card for my digital camera so that I would be able to take hundreds of pictures without having to worry about running out of space. Only apparently, since my digital camera is a few years old and a SONY, they decided to change the design of the memory stick so that it will no longer fit into my camera without an adapter. I foolishly did not ask about an adapter when I was at the store this weekend, so I had to run back today and spend an extra $10 on the damned thing for shipping because they don't actually stock them at the store.

Stupid Sony.

I also bought a new phone today. I seriously thought for about 2 minutes about getting an iPhone, but my mom is actually still the one paying my cell bill (we have a joint plan, it kinda makes sense?), and that would have been an extra $30 a month, and she was not happy with the idea when I called her, so I stuck with a basic phone that still has a keyboard so I can play with that. (Also, I kinda don't want an iPhone because I am philosophically opposed to iTunes. It makes sense in my head.) I hate buying phones. I'm thinking I should drop my land line and use that money for the data package and get the shiny new phone a few months from now when our contract is actually up, but some local family members only have the land line, and, blah, I don't know.

I also have hopefully booked a hotel room by the Bavarian Forest. In German. \o/ Sure, it took me five minutes to look up some of the words I wanted, and I probably got some of the grammar wrong, but I really did honestly understand most of the website form and email I got from them. Which isn't bad for not having used my German in over five years. (Speaking it with natives still terrifies me, but I'll keep working on that one.)

I also booked my flight from Dublin to Munich, which was a pain in the ass because none of my credit cards wanted to work with the system, and I don't quite know why that happened, and GRRR. ARGH, TECHNOLOGY. I shall whine about my entitled and privileged life because I have lost all sense of perspective and I should really find that again sometime soon.

But the details are pulling together, and my friend & I are firming everything up and getting things booked, and it's all coming together. So maybe I can relax a little before I actually start all my traveling at the end of next month. Please?


Apr. 5th, 2010 10:44 pm
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I just bought most of my airplane tickets. About a week in Ireland, not quite two weeks in Munich/Bavaria, and then I come back to DC so I can attend a conference that just happens to be that exact week that worked out for traveling dates between my friend and I. (Yeah, I know. It's gonna be AWESOME, I'm gonna be so jetlagged and exhausted. But I've got it booked so I can take a day off to sleep in the hotel before I have to go be professional, aka presentable. And maybe find a way to do laundry.)
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Secret message to [livejournal.com profile] katie_m: thank you for the bear hug! It is much appreciated!

I succumbed this weekend and bought a coffee grinder. In all honesty I succumbed because I'd already accidentally bought a bag of coffee beans and, rather than sucking up the cost of that, I decided to spend even more money and buy another oddly-shaped kitchen utensil that I shall probably in all likelihood have to pack up in six months or less.

Yes, this is the way my mind operates. It functions on the expectation that I shall be moving soon. I purposefully did not get a washer & dryer when I moved here because I knew it would be a bitch to get up and down the basement stairs. (I also purposefully got a place with a finished basement so that I would have STORAGE SPACE for all those boxes I've been lugging around for, um, more than four years in some cases.)

That is all beside the point, however. I bought a coffee grinder. I shall have to wait and see if I notice a marked difference in the quality of my coffee or not.

Today at work we were all box monkeys. We lugged about 800 cubic feet out of the stacks onto pallets to be shredded. That wasn't even everything that needed to go. Oh, and that 800 cubic feet? Probably about half of it was from one series that I requested be deaccessioned and got Records Board approval to change the retention schedule. (All of it was from our project.) We WILL make room in the archives for new material! \o/

And then everybody and their uncle decided to bring Valentine's Day treats today, so all that heavy lifting I did was promptly counteracted by the chocolate I imbibed. Awesome.

In conclusion:

Before there were Sam and Dean Winchester )
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Draft from yesterday when LJ decided to go down for maintenance:
Lah lah lah, I am pointedly not being productive tonight and drinking a rum and Coke while watching Simon & Simon. This is the best way to spend a Friday night.

Okay, maybe not, but it perfectly suits me at the moment. (I'm fairly sure 90% of my unexpected current affection for this show arises from the fact that I watched it growing up and it's so familiar. Even if I remember none of the plots. Also, I kinda love the sibling dynamic.)

At last tonight I finished the drabbles y'all asked for. Or, uh, ficlets really, since I failed to stick to 100 words. Thank you! Anybody else want one, feel free to ask for more. It's been fun.

Draft for tonight:
Lah lah lah, I am pointedly not being productive tonight and eating casserole while watching Buffy. This is the best way to spend a Saturday night.

...I swore off dating at the end of last year, but I'm already beginning to rethink it. Arse.

(Even if I do prefer my evenings alone! So there!)

I bought a pair of brown shoes with pink highlights & pink laces today. There is one reason why I did this: I needed a new pair of brown shoes and they were cheap. Okay, there were two reasons why I did this: I needed a new pair of brown shoes, they were cheap, and they were insanely comfortable. Okay, fine, three reasons, whatever, I'm stopping there. But, still. Pink. What the hell is wrong with me?

(Really, really comfortable. And $5.)
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Am back in my own space again, with my own laptop and high-speed internet, and I think I shall hug it and pet it and call it George for a while. I spent more time than I care to think updating my parents' computers, and I didn't get to finish, and I didn't get to install dad's shiny new printer that mom got him for Christmas because it would take THIRTEEN HOURS or more to download the software, and woe.

(It's good to go home, and it's good to come back home too. I realized one of the major problems I have with visiting my parents is that there are too many conflicting perspectives in that house, and I get glimpses of all of them including my own, and it makes my brain and my heart hurt. I did better with my dad this time around, but still not good enough.)

But I made it back safely despite snowstorms everywhere, and I managed to pack all my presents--and a bewildering number of chocolates, including a helluva lot of fudge--except the calendar in my carry-on luggage. They were small presents, and a small loot this year, thank goodness. The craziest thing my parents got me? A Kindle. I...I have no idea what possessed my mother, beyond the fact that I move too much and this seemed a convenient way to accumulate my library. I have named it Lucien (after Dream's librarian) and bought four books so far. Dad got mom one too. I think she's going to name hers Marian (after the librarian in Music Man, of course).

I have become too much an Americanist. I got three physical books for Christmas, and they're all about the Revolution, Early Republic, and antebellum eras in the States. (Henry Clay remains my hero.) And then I bought one on Kindle about historical archaeology in Sangamon County, Illinois. HELP.

The best thing about the Kindle? Mobile wireless internet access. Faster than my parents' dial-up. Sigh.

We went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. My dad missed Basil Rathbone, my mom dozed through bits of it but swears she heard everything (she had good reason for falling asleep; I kept taking her hand to wake her up mostly because I was afraid she would snore, and the theater was literally packed), and I enjoyed it immensely when I wasn't thinking about historical errors. I mean, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (with a limp! and a cane!) and historical costume and banter was pretty much what I wanted from the movie.

Yuletide right now terrifies me and overwhelms me with sheer numbers of fic, so I don't think I'll get started on that beyond opening tabs for some of the recs I've already seen. Instead I think I need to watch something utterly mindless on the television in preparation for kick-starting my brain at work tomorrow. Um, yes, that really does make sense.
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I have cleaned today. The kind of cleaning that involves actually moving the furniture so I can vacuum under it. This was after waking up at a quarter to seven on about five hours sleep (or maybe less), driving 3.5 hours across the state line, and doing some Christmas shopping. Tomorrow I still have to do the real hard work--cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, not to mention laundering the sheets at my aunt's house so my mom will have somewhere to sleep next week when she visits--but at least the bedrooms and living room are officially clean. And they'd bloody well better stay that way for the next couple weeks while company are around.

My Thanksgiving weekend so far has been pretty marvelous. I enjoyed visiting with my family, going from group to group to listen to and participate in the conversations, I enjoyed playing with my cousin's kids and then giving them back to her and my aunt when I drove away, I even enjoyed watching the blasted football games. And then I got to hang out with a couple of my friends on Friday, watching the sunset at the top of a hill drinking coffee (because we were so tired, but we'd all agreed that taking a nap would not be a productive use of our time together) and discussing Important Things, eating cheese and drinking a bottle of wine, watching a Christmas movie with one of my friend's family, staying up late playing music and talking. There were lots of pets everywhere for me to play with too. No leftovers for me, but I did get my pumpkin pie.

Last night, as we walked down the hill back to the car after sunset, I said to my friend that we're all settling down, the people in our age bracket; we'd both noticed ourselves changing a lot just in the past year or so, and that it's not thirty when this all happens. "I hope not," was her instant response, and I hastened to explain what I meant--becoming the adults we're supposed to become, phrases like that. But I think what I really meant is that we're getting a little steadier, internally if not externally.

But that's quite enough contemplation and physical labor; I'm going to take a bath, get dinner, and sprawl in front of the idiot box. Yay.
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SPN--'Changing Channels' )

In other news, there is no other news. Oh. Except that the Governor of Massachusetts is apparently thinking about shutting down the State Library, which is kinda not cool. I mean, you don't just toss out almost 200 years worth of something, just like that. (Though I'd like to see some other verification of this; the news I was seeing on Google all seemed to be about statewide budget cuts to library funding and nothing specific to the State Library.) I'm not even going to talk about my own state where that certain sneaking deathly fear has once again blown in amongst my colleagues due to all the revenue shortfall and expected budget cuts.

You know what? I'm sick of the shitty economy. I'm sick of blaming everything on the shitty economy. I'm especially sick of people using the shitty economy to cut cultural institutions. I'm sick of this being the norm, and I want some damned better resolutions. Now if only I could think of them.

Also, ABC has apparently pulled their online Eastwick episodes, which is just doubly shitty since that's the way I've been watching the show. Wah. Woe me. I need to get my priorities back in order. I also want to burn something in effigy. Hmph.
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I am not in Austin this week for the Society of American Archivists' meeting. I am not in Chicago this week for Vividcon. Instead today I:

* Got up before 5:30 in order to take a 100-question multiple choice exam in order to become a certified archivist
* Bought a DVD/VHS combo recorder so I can maybe finally transfer some stuff from tapes to DVDs (I'm looking at you, Homefront, oh god the quality's going to be total crap if this even works)
* Bought a stand thingy to put in my kitchen so that I can maybe finally have more COUNTER SPACE because I have not yet met a kitchen in an apartment or townhome that had enough counter space
* Went to the library and dropped off the interlibrary loan books on archives (and I am not reading another book on archives for a long, long, looooong time)
* Wandered around the gardens associated with a local house museum, and drove around some of the prettier and more historic neighborhoods in town, just because I could and rarely do
* Have remained awake all day, while probably everyone else who was up before 5:30 to take that exam with me went home to bed
* Went to Panera just so I could get an iced chai latte. I was hot by that point after all my wanderings and retail therapy.

I haven't had to take a multiple-choice test since the GRE. However, I am reasonably certain I passed. I probably shouldn't say things like that, since it will no doubt jinx me.
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I bought a little black dress the other day. Never before have I bought a little black dress because, really, most dresses look awful on me. Hideously awful. But this one rocks like a rocking thing, and I remain pleasantly surprised. Now I just need to come up with a good excuse to wear it somewhere.


I was driving home the other day on Gage and I saw the group with their signs stating such enlightening thoughts as "God hates your tears - God hates fags - God hates Obama" and other scintillating, pithy phrases, and I wanted to roll down the window and scream at them "Throw yourselves into the road, darlings, you haven't got a chance!" but they were on the wrong side of the road and I don't have electric windows. So I just screamed.

That said, too bad for you. Things are changing. Suck it.


And now for the Doctor Who portion of the evening:

I think when I was just a few years younger either I instantly forgot all pleasure reading I did, or I had absolutely no discernment whatsoever. (Discernment might not be the right word.) Anyway, I just finished rereading Wolfsbane and it was fabulous, and why did I not remember this? Fabulous, I tell you! Harry and Eight! Sarah and Four! Crazy nutters in the 1930s English countryside! And Jacqueline Rayner is always good at the dialogue. But for the life of me I couldn't remember much of anything about the story when I reread it, even whether I liked it or not (I assumed not, since I couldn't remember anything). Silly, silly me.

Meme: Open up your "Manage Stories" page on Teaspoon and unfold all the chapters. For the purposes of this meme, disregard first chapters of multichapter fics. [Teaspoon counts any hits on the TOC as a hit on the first chapter.]

Read more... )

What I have learned from this exercise: either my writing really sucks, I don't pimp myself out enough, or I need to stop writing Middle Skool and start writing Jack/Ten and Nine/Rose if I want to up my reading and review counts.

OTOH, I really need to say thank you to the [livejournal.com profile] calufrax reccers because otherwise my reading and review counts would be even more in the hole. And I never say thank you, and I really bloody well ought to because, um, I have been recced far more than I deserve. So, thank you. Y'all rock and I don't actually deserve it.
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I just spent the majority of yesterday afternoon and evening LOST in Wichita. Wichita, you suck. Seriously, at one point? "That's the fucking interstate I want! How the fucking fuck do I get over there without crossing the fucking median?!"

And I am not allowed to buy anything more for myself or my apartment until after I have bloody well bought new tags for my car and insured it. I will not feel guilty over buying the skull-and-crossbone earrings for $6, though. Actually, I think I got 'em free 'cos of the other earrings I bought. So there. I might feel guilty for allowing myself to be suckered into buying that stupid hand-care kit, though. I work with old and dirty things! I'm never going to have nice hands! Screw it.

SG-1, briefly )
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So, the wikipedia meme for your birthday? I was going to do it next week, but then I realized I'd be on a plane next week and that wouldn't work so well.

And I'm here now and bored. So.

Three events:
1111: Henry V crowned Holy Roman Emperor
1598: Henry IV of France issues the Edict of Nantes
1829: Parliament grants freedom of religion to Roman Catholics

Three births:
1570: Guy Fawkes
1743: Thomas Jefferson
1951: Peter Davison

Three deaths:
1638: Henri, duc de Rohan
1641: Richard Montagu
1984: Richard Hurdnall

Obviously, my birthday is so momentous and cool. Especially since the new series of Doctor Who is starting only two days afterward. You know the BBC were thinking of what to get me when they did that. Uh-huh. Too bad they forgot I live in stupid America.

Also, I kinda splurged and bought myself an external hard drive and OMG THE SPACE THE SPACE. I've already decided to call the hard drive George. This in no way reflects on my current mental state. Not that there's anything wrong with my mental state these days. Noooooo, of course not. Still, no one I've told about the new hard drive has been properly appreciative of its total niftiness. MY COMPUTER HAS SPACE AGAIN. This is beautiful.
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I got watches for Christmas. You see, my mom can't wear watches--she makes them stop working--so she likes to buy me pretty watches instead.

I got six of 'em.

And a digital camera (w00t!) and a bunch of DVDs. At last, I have Firefly goodness of my own which I'm saving for when I get back to CO. Probably. Unless I can't wait that long. And mom and I split the costs on Sapphire and Steel so we'll have to watch that at some point. Yay. David MacCallum with '70s hair.

And since I'm not going to see The Christmas Invasion for a while (probably), I shall talk about Old Skool Who instead. Because that's what I have. And because I've gone and watched "Keeper of Traken" & "Logopolis" again and am halfway through "Castrovalva" right now.

Cut so you don't have to read about me blathering about regneration if you don't want to. )
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I watched that new-ish Holmes & Watson tonight, with the silk stockings bit in the title, and was quite gleeful over how bitchy they were with each other. (Were they that bitchy in the books? Obviously I need to do some rereading, since I can't for the life of me remember and instinctively think not.) Also, Rupert Everett had a whole "Lucifer, Damned" look going on that was strangely effective, and Neil Dudgeon of George-the-chauffer fame played a violent Lestrade. Woo.

And then there was an ad for Kidnapped with Paul McGann in it--next week! Next week! New McGann I haven't seen! Silly wig and shirtsleeves! Boo-yah. Where would I be without PBS, I ask you.

And no, I haven't done any work this weekend at all and spent entirely too much money on stuff, but hey, my dad was visiting. I even bought vanilla pudding instead of chocolate and put meatballs in the pasta, 'cos that's what he wanted. I *can* be a good hostess, dammit.
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So for my first day as an Archive Intern at the water district, I got to go out to lunch and have shrimp without paying anything.

And yesterday at the museum all I got was some (really very good) taffy.

Of course, driving home this evening the air deflector decided to half come off my car. Black plastic thing between the two front tires--the guy on the phone from the Saturn dealer told me how to temporarily hook it back into place using a wire hanger.

Lately, wire hangers have been having a strange affinity for my poor car. (Is it wrong that I felt a tiny bit better about myself the other day when my friend called to tell me she'd locked her keys in her car?)

This all means, naturally, that I get to wake up no later than 6.30 tomorrow morning to get my car to the dealer by seven so they can fix it before I have to be at the museum at nine on the other side of town. At least it's just the other side of town and not a different town entirely, like the water district.

How people can work full-time is amazing to me. Grad school may take more hours, but at least it isn't quite as--*structured*.
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What little fic I've been writing has been in random fandoms. (Eee, that rhymed!) Like [livejournal.com profile] muncle. And for DW. And then I've got this House drabble lying about...

Read more... )

Went shopping today, for business casual (and maybe not quite so casual) clothing. I'm pretty pleased with my purchases (got a lovely grey pinstriped suit for less than $15--the catch being that the zipper in the trousers is broken, but I'm hoping my mom can fix that for me), but now I feel like I need to go out and buy other stuff to go with the new stuff. *rolls eyes* [livejournal.com profile] nsempress was quite impressive, because she did not buy a single thing. (It was amazing.)

Also have a bunch of new DVDs and a couple books to read, as well as lots of CDs (mainly Apocalyptica, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] nsempress). Most of the stuff really is birthday presents. (Even if I bought both the books myself--but hey, one's for mom! For Christmas or her birthday or something! I just might read it first...she would understand. It's a family tradition.) I just happened to pick them all out myself and knew they were coming. But hey, I've finally got DW DVDs! My life is complete. Well, nearly.

Oh, and this lovely icon is courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] troyswann, for she's spiffy like that. :)

And one of these days soon, I shall have a post about who the hell Edmund Burke is , because nobody seems to know. (I'd do it tonight, but I'm not capable of it. And I have a presentation to give tomorrow morning anyway. What one has to do with the other is beyond me, but there is a connection somehow.) I also appear to be in a minority of one who does not find Alan Rickman's voice sexy (even if it is fricking perfect for Marvin). Though it's nice to know so many people share my appreciation of dark chocolate...


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