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I offer these two items in conjunction with each other, from the same city:

Kansas governor signs act allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense abortion drugs

Nine-year-old protests Westboro Baptist protesters

I have no commentary to offer.


I had an insane schedule for a while there that involved being somewhere every single night after work and then again during the weekends, and now, even though I am done with that schedule at least until the fall (and am reminding myself I AM NOT ALLOWED THAT SCHEDULE EVER AGAIN), I am still stressed out and tired and cranky. So stressed out and tired and cranky. Hopefully I just need more time to recover. Maybe I need to take up a calming hobby. Like sleeping more, that would be good.
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Holy gods, I have reached the point when fun things are causing me extra stress and that is just SILLY.

This weekend: fly to New Orleans, travel through swamp and plantation, possible Easter egg or keg or something hunt?, GO TO A MUSEUM for once while still in the French Quarter
Next weekend: birthday dinner Friday night I'm organizing for myself at a local restaurant (OMG large party! OMG making a reservation! OMG asking friends to spend money to buy their own dinners when we all are broke!); mini road-trip with the boy around the area Saturday/Sunday
Following weekend: maybe clean house? For the first time in longer than I care to think?
Last weekend of April: one choir concert Saturday night in one town, sing at church services at o'gods o'clock for different choir Sunday morning in another town
First weekend of May: fly back east to visit friends
(dad visiting in here somewhere?)
Last weekend of May: friend's wedding, possible mini-road trip somewhere since it's a long weekend?
(dad visiting in here somewhere?)
Late June: fly to upper northwest for another friend's wedding, if the timing and moneys and vacation work out?
Last weekend of June/first week of July: fly to BUDAPEST AND PRAGUE, boo-fucking-yah
First week of August: SAA conference in California; try to visit cousins that weekend before flying back

I do this to myself every year lately. Note to self: SPACE THE TRAVEL OUT BETTER. Also, allow yourself weekends at home every once in a while, fool.

Wait, it's my 30th birthday year. I promised myself EPIC TRAVEL, didn't I? But, just, between work and the boy and choirs and family and other RL stuff, I've had no time to play in any fandom, write much fic, and I don't have the time to miss it but I miss it anyway.

Yesterday we saw a production of Importance of Being Earnest, and I always go to productions of this play because no matter how terrible the actors may be, the play is still funny because of the writing. And this was going to be one of those mundane, mediocre productions until right there in the second act when Algy threw a muffin at Ernest's back, snatched it from the floor where it fell, and tossed it in his mouth. The actor playing Ernest proceeded to break, and then so did the actor playing Algy when he tried to say his line with a mouth full of muffin. There is nothing, I tell you, nothing more gleeful than when even the actors can't keep a straight face. The audience went into hysterics; the other bit as hysterically funny was when the ancient butler made continuous creaking noises serving tea while Cecily and Gwendolyn looked on in horror.

(This was a much more physical/melodramatic reading of the play than I usually see, which actually did make it quite fun--their movements were often highly stylized and exaggerated in lovely, silly ways.)

So, yes, LIFE. Christ, such a first-world problem, I should quit my whining.
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This weekend, sitting in Red Lobster with just a tiny portion of my extended family, my cousin K's girlfriend said, "I don't think I've been in a room with so many sarcastic people before," and we were all like, "This? You should see a proper family reunion," and sitting at that table that evening, with people I hadn't seen in a few years and only ever have seen every few years--this cemented why family is important to me. Because there is some throughline, some connection, deeper than constant and everyday contact; some pattern of behavior and thought and style that transcends and cuts through the morass to help us recognize each other. R. may still have no idea where I live or that my sister has left the Midwest; K. may not have known that we moved our aunt to assisted living; none of us may have known K. was dating or now a grandfather ye gods and little fishes, but we are still able to catch up and laugh and tease and be ourselves in some way that we can not with others.

So, despite the panic of taking my mother through airport security for the first time since 1995, despite going stir-crazy and feeling trapped in the hotel room yesterday afternoon when the elevator broke down and mom didn't feel comfortable leaving in case they couldn't fix it, despite my nephew being a typical ten-year-old boy yesterday and reminding me once again why I am so not ready to have kids, it was an excellent weekend.

Also, my brother has an adorable miniature poodle that charmed me so much it was all I could do not to put her in my luggage and take her home with me.


Oct. 17th, 2011 05:34 pm
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If it's not the grant project at work, it's records management at work. And if it's not work, it's choir board. And if it's not choir board, it's my LIFE.

In short, this was the Mondayest of Mondays I have had in a long time, and I could have done without it. And despite choir rehearsal tonight, I am strongly tempted to have a beer with my dinner and hang the consequences.

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So this weekend a friend's husband finally discovered that my friend has been having an affair for a month+; and two of my dear friends from college got married (I cried at this wedding, dudes, I Do Not Cry at Weddings but these two are so, so good together), so Leverage's Grave Danger Job tonight? )

My friends got married this weekend. Holy shit, I think I might need to cry again this is so awesome for them.
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Never do I feel more like a vampire then when I am sucking the juice and marrow out of orange wedges.

I don't think I mentioned where I was a couple weekends ago, during Memorial Day weekend:

two pictures )

Work kinda sucks right now. It sucks in a way that led to me getting a beer with my dinner Monday night, and I don't drink on work nights. There is absolutely nothing I can do about any of the suckiness either, other than deal. And possibly get a degree in counseling because I swear I need it right now.
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I am tired! and cranky! and tired! and sick! and stressed out! and cranky! and did I mention tired!? And I griped at my mom all afternoon and evening, and she bought me a beautiful blown glass paperweight just because as a surprise from an art glass gallery I pointed out to her yesterday as we drove past, telling her I really needed to get in there sometime, and, just, yeah. I think I could have done today over and made it better.

Everything will be fine. And, in the grand scheme of things, the things stressing me out right now will have faded away by next week. Mostly.

I just need to keep reminding myself of that.
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* Never drive I-90 into Chicago
* Always take I-294 when going to O'Hare airport as there are convenient gas stations to refill rental cars along the way
* Personally never driving a Nissan Rogue again (seriously, rental car companies, STOP FUCKING UPGRADING ME TO SUVs, I'm kinda sick of it and prefer tiny cramped cars a lot, thankyouverymuch)
* Dinner consisted of a granola bar, oatmeal raisin cookies, and peanut butter'n'crackers
* I need to catch up on my life this week, I really need to do that
* And work on fic, what has deadlines, OH CRAP
* my parents have BBC America, which meant I properly watched new DW this week, and also means that I have no thoughts about it now
* I'm really, really tired.

Someday, this icon will stop being appropriate FOR MY LIFE. Someday.
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So, in the span of about 45 minutes, going through two document cases of papers, I went from the male suitor's 1910s love letters to his future wife, his wife's outpourings of anguish in the 1930s to him and to his lover over her failing marriage, his 1940 letters to his future wife (a third woman) chatting about house and marriage plans with her, and his estate papers after his death in the early 1990s.

Yeah. That was my afternoon. Our admin assistant came up to me while I was working on the estate papers, half-scaring me to death, and the tears were still drying on my face from reading his first wife's letters, all visceral misery and the collapse of an entire life. And I mentioned to the assistant what I'd just been reading, and she was like, "Why would anyone want to donate that?" and I blurted out something about my not-so-secret voyeurism, but it's more than that. We can't just have the love letters in these collections; we have to have the divorce decrees too, and the musings about mortality, and the diary entries describing how we can't talk to our children, and all the things that are wrong within relationships. Humanity is imperfect.

He stayed married to his second wife until his death.
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I think my utterly shit mood for the past month or so can be summed up this way:

1. Work sucks.
2. Friends suck.
3. Social life generally sucks.
4. Weather both sucks and blows.
5. I am a whiny crybaby who needs to get over herself and her entitlement issues pronto.

Rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

Next weekend I go to New Orleans. If I do not see strange and wonderful things, get tipsy, go around wearing a t-shirt, and have a blast, I will be very, very, very disappointed in myself. (Actually, I'm mostly terrified it won't happen because the airlines fuck me over. I fully expect the airlines to fuck me over on this because I jinxed myself very specifically for this trip. GOOD TIMES.)

I am now going to flounce off in a sulk and watch "Prometheus Unbound" for the sheer pleasure of Vala and Daniel beating each other up.
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1. Part of a quiz on religion, from a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center ([livejournal.com profile] cofax7, I think you mentioned this recently?). I'm...not really sure what to make even of the questions they asked.

2. I have watched Hawaii 5-0 based upon some of your reactions. My reaction mostly consists of "I want a little blond snarky man around too." I think this might be a type I have. (I will not start listing other short blond snarky guys who end up being my favorites on tv shows.) Hmm.

3. You know how sometimes you have a phase where everything goes wrong, you're constantly fucking up and/or getting in trouble and/or feeling like you're in trouble? You break things, you get in a fight with a friend, you splurge and feel guilty, stuff like that? I will be really, really glad when September is over already.

4. So, that said, cupcake recipes from NPR. Semi-healthy cupcake recipes, no less. I am so going to end up baking this weekend.
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The next three weeks are hellacious.

* Article I co-wrote was accepted by a journal last week. So yesterday we got reviewers' comments & have 3 weeks to revise. There's only some minor restructuring of the article. Tonight I went from the defensive omg-don't-say-mean-things-about-me-I-mean-my-work phase to the omg-why-the-hell-did-they-accept-this-piece-of-crap phase, so I'm probably right on track. With the added bonus of if-my-co-author-so-much-as-touches-my-sections-again-I'll-kill-him-even-if-he's-two-states-removed phase, so that's fun.

* Committee chair for a committee I'm on in a professional association asked me to pull together the comments/concerns we've all been discussing about our procedures/rules for a telephone conference we're going to be holding in 3 weeks.

* Volunteered last night at one choir to join the cabaret committee, which means in the next couple weeks contacting some caterers to find out food and price options.

* Starting a second choir tomorrow night, hopefully, since I missed the first rehearsal last week because my mom was in town.

* Started a seven-week course last week (yeah, even though mom was in town) on women & money: getting organized, getting budget in order, understanding investments, planning retirement, etc. 2.5 hours every Thursday night, which on the one hand isn't a lot of time but on the other is.

* Went to the dentist today, had to schedule another appointment for next month to get some fillings replaced; going to the eye doctor next week; got an estimate for some body work on my car today because I wanted to know how bad the damage was before deciding whether to call the insurance company and yeah, I'm calling the insurance company. Some fucker decided to pummel my driver's side door, it looks like--I do not actually have any idea what the hell happened--and that kinda pisses me off. But that means scheduling with the claims adjuster, and then hopefully scheduling the repair work, and I'd kinda rather do it sooner than later.

* Have started full-on MARC cataloging at work--last week, this week--and yeah, new skills, new challenges, lots of omg-I'm-doing-this-all-wrong flailing. But this is how I learned EAD, extremely basic HTML, any other computer-related skill I've picked up in the past 15 years, so what the hell, let's hear it for on-the-job training.

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Two t-shirts I've really, really had a hankering to make or find lately:


CONTEMPLATE FUCKING ZEN [Which has been my mantra for the past couple weeks; so long as it keeps making me smile instead of twitch, I think I'm good.]

Blah. I've been having professional issues and insecurities the past week or two, don't mind me. And it's all gotten so annoying and stupid and frustrating that driving home tonight I decided to remind myself what I have to be thankful for.

List under cut to spare my flist )

Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone. Even if it's not your holiday, I hope you have a fabulous Thursday.
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The Doctor Who news? I DON'T CARE. It is astonishing how little I care. I care even less each time I see a post about it on [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho.

I introduced my friend to Wall-E while she was visiting. "This is so cool," she kept saying, "this is so awesome." We gleed a lot. It was good. (Mo! The little cleaning bot! Were you that adorable in the movie theater?)

I watched the Bones repeat that was on tonight of "Aliens in a Spaceship" or whatever the ep is called and I don't think I'm ever going to stop loving that episode. I kinda think that might be the ep that made me want to go back and watch the show regularly instead of catching the odd five minutes every few weeks, come to think of it.

Am still working my way through Yuletide. I shall probably be here in June, finally getting to the Zs. Okay, maybe only March.
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Today was shit. Yesterday was shit. So here is random pic spammage.

Read more... )
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After driving back into town last night at 11.30 from a drive-by visit to St. Louis for a friend's baby shower, getting up for work on time this morning (and then taking a nap in a tram after lunch, just because I could), and then getting stuck underground for almost an hour longer than I'd planned because oh, sorry, they were in a meeting and DIDN'T FEEL LIKE ANSWERING THE FUCKING PHONE, I was in no fit emotional state to watch anything involving Paul Cornell, who has a habit of pulling my emotional strings with a little too much finesse even on my most balanced and well-adjusted days.

I watched 'Family of Blood' tonight anyway. )
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Watched the first three eps of Slings & Arrows this weekend; waiting for the next DVD from Netflix to arrive for this weekend. And yeah, wow, that's familiar. From Geoffrey fixing the toilet himself to the faint, forlorn disappointment over selling out and having a gift shop in the lobby. Between theatre and museum work, those eps struck a definite chord. (Although yes, we've progressed beyond the point of faint disappointment to bitter rage over the gift shop. Well, I have. I think I might need to go back to therapy one of these days.)

That's it, really. We're opening a museum in a week and I am consumed by the blasted thing. For the past week I've been at the point that if anybody just LOOKS at me funny I'm likely to strangle them. I will continue to be at this point until next week after we get the damned thing done. And, of course, it won't be anywhere near done but we won't be moving at this breakneck speed and I'll be able to get back to the neglected county museum.

I want a day when I can just sleep solidly for 24 hours.
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Okay, it's getting kinda old when I keep doing the neurotic melodramatic thing. Watched Proof tonight, from the play by David Auburn. Didn't hate it, unexpectedly. But it triggered neurotic melodrama and...yeah. No thanks.

Sloooooowly settling into my job. My boss fed me chicken strips from DQ at lunch today because he didn't want all his. (I love my boss. He is of the Awesome and I wish the board would make him the real director, not just interim.) Bitched about academia and public history and, well, life as a curator with co-worker today. Still feel like an intern a lot of the time, but maybe that'll change when late August/early September rolls around and I'm still working full time? (At least I'm working. Oh my gods, at least I'm working.) I waver between total overwhelming insecurity and breathing in relief because I seem to be coping well enough.

I don't think about it, I don't notice it, but I can be a very self-contained individual. Then again, I hate to speak up in groups unless I'm comfortable. Still, I'm getting the hang of it. Slowly.

Have been working on fic. (No, really.) I've got something for [livejournal.com profile] whofest, but I'm dissatisfied with it and keep poking at it and getting nowhere. Fitz and Eight, AU after the Earth Arc. Anyone wanna look at it? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*
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So I finally acquired a few of the "Unbound" Doctor Who audios. And after listening to the David Collings Doctor--who depressed me very, very much--last night, I decided to listen to the Arabella Weir Doctor tonight. It was brilliant. I supposed I should spoiler-cut this, in case anyone cares. )

Quiz response I'm putting here because it amused me. And my imaginary friends. )

I hate moving. I shall whine that at everyone who comes near me in the next, oh, three weeks probably. I hate moving. Can I just skip the process entirely and pretend that I did it and keep living here and going to school and denying reality for as long as possible? No? Hmph.

And now I'm listening to "King of Wishful Thinking," gods help me. Worse yet, I'm singing along and don't give a damn who hears me. I need more alcohol. And, like, human companionship so I don't completely go over the edge.
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I've barely slept at all in the past two days! Isn't insomnia wonderful?! It means that at any moment at all I am capable of bursting into tears, screaming bloody murder at who or whatever crosses me, or falling into hysterical giggles.

Not that that's normal or anything.

If I don't sleep tonight I really shall start to cry. And stamp my feet. And generally behave like a whiny little girl. I have my written exams on Friday. I don't have time to mess about with sleep dep.

Do I have to take my comps? Can I just fake it and said I did?


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