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This evening, mourning over the new shitty turn my career has taken and wondering what I could do instead, after drinking a delicious and slightly alcoholic minty Oreo shake:

"I could open a bakery. Make blueberry muffins all day long. ...that's a shitty business plan. No! All you get are blueberry muffins! If you want anything else, go somewhere else. No chocolate muffins for you!"

For some reason, this was hysterical to me. It might have been the delicious and slightly alcoholic minty Oreo shake talking.

Later this same evening, taking the masking tape to the couch to remove all the orange fur from the cat:

"Honey, you are a sheddy, sheddy cat."

The boy said we're lucky to have each other.


Oct. 17th, 2011 05:34 pm
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If it's not the grant project at work, it's records management at work. And if it's not work, it's choir board. And if it's not choir board, it's my LIFE.

In short, this was the Mondayest of Mondays I have had in a long time, and I could have done without it. And despite choir rehearsal tonight, I am strongly tempted to have a beer with my dinner and hang the consequences.

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Never do I feel more like a vampire then when I am sucking the juice and marrow out of orange wedges.

I don't think I mentioned where I was a couple weekends ago, during Memorial Day weekend:

two pictures )

Work kinda sucks right now. It sucks in a way that led to me getting a beer with my dinner Monday night, and I don't drink on work nights. There is absolutely nothing I can do about any of the suckiness either, other than deal. And possibly get a degree in counseling because I swear I need it right now.
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I think my utterly shit mood for the past month or so can be summed up this way:

1. Work sucks.
2. Friends suck.
3. Social life generally sucks.
4. Weather both sucks and blows.
5. I am a whiny crybaby who needs to get over herself and her entitlement issues pronto.

Rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

Next weekend I go to New Orleans. If I do not see strange and wonderful things, get tipsy, go around wearing a t-shirt, and have a blast, I will be very, very, very disappointed in myself. (Actually, I'm mostly terrified it won't happen because the airlines fuck me over. I fully expect the airlines to fuck me over on this because I jinxed myself very specifically for this trip. GOOD TIMES.)

I am now going to flounce off in a sulk and watch "Prometheus Unbound" for the sheer pleasure of Vala and Daniel beating each other up.
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Shit, fuck, arse, bollocks, Nick Courtney is not supposed to die.

yes, fine, everyone dies, I DON'T CARE. The Brigadier is about as much an institution as the Doctor, and there is only one Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.
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Okay, that's it, I'm done, FUCK OFF, FEBRUARY. Winter can go freeze Hell now instead of spewing snow all over here, seriously, go away, I had plans tonight to go OUT and be SOCIAL and now I'm sitting at home eating cereal & a clementine.

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I finally bought kitty litter & a small trowel with extendable handle today to shove into my car trunk. Trowel because they were out of shovels and I was in too much of a hurry to try another store. And I know I have no right to complain when some of you are quite literally buried under snow, but I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS WINTER.

I had an awesome weekend, though, that mostly consisted of hanging out, eating, drinking, playing games, and wandering new places with friends from college. I really do need to do that more often. (hey, idiot, YOU LIKE PEOPLE! Note to self. You are not a total loner.)

Now I must find food, since I am going to a music concert tonight, even if it is drizzling ice out there. I have paid my money, I am going to the concert! So there! If they're not canceling, neither am I! Oh gods.
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Dear Republican Party,

DO NOT CALL MY CELL PHONE. Call my landline, like the Democrat Party does, which is the local number anyway, you twits.

No love,


Recommendations, my friends! What program do you use for CD/DVD burning? I'd like to get software that doesn't cost me a substantial chunk of my paycheck to do a bunch of things I either use other programs for or don't care about at all, and I am stumped. I just want to burn DVDs, people. Why does this have to be so hard?


I'm almost done voting! \o/ I really do prefer doing mail-in ballots; I can sit at my computer and research the candidates I don't know with the ballot right in front of me. I would have been so screwed when it came to all the judges otherwise. Also, I'm voting in a mid-term election. When the hell did I become such a responsible cit?
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1. Part of a quiz on religion, from a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center ([livejournal.com profile] cofax7, I think you mentioned this recently?). I'm...not really sure what to make even of the questions they asked.

2. I have watched Hawaii 5-0 based upon some of your reactions. My reaction mostly consists of "I want a little blond snarky man around too." I think this might be a type I have. (I will not start listing other short blond snarky guys who end up being my favorites on tv shows.) Hmm.

3. You know how sometimes you have a phase where everything goes wrong, you're constantly fucking up and/or getting in trouble and/or feeling like you're in trouble? You break things, you get in a fight with a friend, you splurge and feel guilty, stuff like that? I will be really, really glad when September is over already.

4. So, that said, cupcake recipes from NPR. Semi-healthy cupcake recipes, no less. I am so going to end up baking this weekend.
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NEVER CO-WRITE AGAIN. What with my delicate ego and all.


(I could probably co-write fic again. Maybe. Then again, maybe not, if my control freakiness continues.)

Also: fuck you, Monday. Why isn't it midnight yet?
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The next three weeks are hellacious.

* Article I co-wrote was accepted by a journal last week. So yesterday we got reviewers' comments & have 3 weeks to revise. There's only some minor restructuring of the article. Tonight I went from the defensive omg-don't-say-mean-things-about-me-I-mean-my-work phase to the omg-why-the-hell-did-they-accept-this-piece-of-crap phase, so I'm probably right on track. With the added bonus of if-my-co-author-so-much-as-touches-my-sections-again-I'll-kill-him-even-if-he's-two-states-removed phase, so that's fun.

* Committee chair for a committee I'm on in a professional association asked me to pull together the comments/concerns we've all been discussing about our procedures/rules for a telephone conference we're going to be holding in 3 weeks.

* Volunteered last night at one choir to join the cabaret committee, which means in the next couple weeks contacting some caterers to find out food and price options.

* Starting a second choir tomorrow night, hopefully, since I missed the first rehearsal last week because my mom was in town.

* Started a seven-week course last week (yeah, even though mom was in town) on women & money: getting organized, getting budget in order, understanding investments, planning retirement, etc. 2.5 hours every Thursday night, which on the one hand isn't a lot of time but on the other is.

* Went to the dentist today, had to schedule another appointment for next month to get some fillings replaced; going to the eye doctor next week; got an estimate for some body work on my car today because I wanted to know how bad the damage was before deciding whether to call the insurance company and yeah, I'm calling the insurance company. Some fucker decided to pummel my driver's side door, it looks like--I do not actually have any idea what the hell happened--and that kinda pisses me off. But that means scheduling with the claims adjuster, and then hopefully scheduling the repair work, and I'd kinda rather do it sooner than later.

* Have started full-on MARC cataloging at work--last week, this week--and yeah, new skills, new challenges, lots of omg-I'm-doing-this-all-wrong flailing. But this is how I learned EAD, extremely basic HTML, any other computer-related skill I've picked up in the past 15 years, so what the hell, let's hear it for on-the-job training.

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I have been meaning and meaning to post for days and could never think of anything to say by the time I got around to it. So now I shall attempt to remember everything in small bits.

* I CAN EAT STRAWBERRIES. I've been meaning to mention this for aaaaages now, particularly to [livejournal.com profile] troyswann so she knows she can serve strawberries in my presence without my spontaneously dying from proximity or something. (That never happened. Believe me.) Only one or two in any given day--that's as far as I'm willing to go anyway--but I just had a strawberry tonight with my dinner and, well, Kaylee and I would have lots to chat about if we ever met.

* I've been having really wacky and vivid dreams all week this week. This is really unusual for me; I don't dream much, or I don't remember many dreams, and not all clustered at once like this. The not-Vegas dream a couple mornings ago was probably the one I remember the best (this morning's involved my very own knock-off Leverage team getting taken out, all very dramatically, and apparently I was not-Elliot because I wanted to go in guns blazing), in which I forgot my wallet. Yes, I went to Vegas--which was apparently only three hours' drive away--and forgot my wallet and I woke up thinking, "That was the stupidest plot I've ever dreamed." I...don't even know.

* In the past three years, I have gone to Disney World, New Orleans, Memphis, and Vegas. It's like I'm trying to go to all the places notorious for where people play. And while they're all very different places, in some ways I also reacted exactly the same in each place.

Well. It made me go "Huh" when I first realized I've been doing this of late.

* I saw the new Alice tonight. The 3D glasses were a bit uncomfortable--I haven't worn 3D glasses in probably legitimately decades, and these were proper and made out of plastic and not the flimsy things of yore. And I wasn't sure how I felt about the movie while watching it--there were good bits and odd bits and bits that made me go "Why is this in this movie?"--but as soon as I walked out of the theater the world seemed a stranger and far more wonderful place. Perhaps I should practice believing impossible things before breakfast.

* And then I went to get my car washed, lost $5 because the stupid machine spat it out and I couldn't grab hold of it quickly enough, and then had to drive over those stupid guide things they put in some automatic washes to guide your tires, and I always mess up and fear that I'm doing serious damage to the underside of my car and I HATE WASHING MY CAR. Quite a lot. Only I'm even worse at it when I do it myself. Stupid car washes.

* We have exchanged snow for rain, and the world is still gray, and it seems like everyone I meet is drooping more and more. Last weekend it was nice enough--there was even some sun!--to go walking, and everyone I met was happy, and we all chatted brightly about the weather and how nice it was to be outside again. C'mon, spring. Come along and bring us some sun again.

* I have a rough draft of a story for Big Finish's contest-thingy. Only it's a terribly crap rough draft, and I am pretty apathetic about the whole thing, but my brain won't kick into gear and give me a better story idea. Hmph.

* Um. I think I'm still forgetting things. But that's the gist, at least. I really want to make carrot cake--not this weekend, maybe next?--and everything's in a strange sort of waiting limbo right now, and my summer could be ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT if it works out in my favor, only I'm afraid to breathe anything to anyone in case I jinx all of it. So. In the meantime, I shall visit friends this weekend and probably watch another episode of Simon & Simon tonight because it is currently my comfort brain food of choice.
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I got a speeding ticket Sunday morning. I was on my way to the airport, had time but I still didn't bother looking at the ticket until today. I was kinda annoyed Sunday morning--it was an obvious speed trap. 1) there was nobody else at all on the road, 2) it was oh gods o'clock on a Sunday morning, 3) he was so waiting for somebody to come around the curve, 4) the speed went up to 65 mph about 500 feet after he caught me (I was going 69 in a 55 zone on the highway), 5) OUT OF STATE TAGS, huzzah, not to mention this was a new route for me and I really wasn't paying attention to my speed. So, fine, whatever, I deserved the ticket.

Today I finally looked at the ticket. And you know what? Now I'm angry.


He had my driver's license and insurance paperwork right in front of him, he was looking at it to write my name down, and he still FUCKING SPELLED MY GODDAMN NAME WRONG.
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I have a long and highly personal relationship with Gravity. It mostly consists of Gravity throwing things at me and me telling it sweetly, "Fuck you, Gravity."

I just had a different sort of pear with my dinner tonight that I picked up at the store on a whim. It was the most boring fruit I have ever tasted. I didn't know fruit could taste boring. So it was disappointing on multiple levels.

This was also a very stupid day at work. Not finding the paperwork I needed; collections popping up in places they shouldn't or not being where they should; hauling boxes down from the fifth shelf and scraping my arms and fingers on the cardboard and the metal; the ladder catching on boxes as I shoved it down the too-narrow aisle; the stupid laptop running slowly or not at all; nothing new or unusual in all this but I just was not in the mood for it today. And then to top it all off I lost my key card. Which somebody promptly found and returned, thank goodness, but at that point I just sort of wanted to call it quits, go home, and crawl under the covers.

Actually, that still sounds like a good idea.


Nov. 21st, 2008 06:46 pm
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Pushing Daisies is cancelled and I didn't make it to a get-together tonight because I blithely forgot to write down the person's address before leaving work and then did not realize that yes, actually, I can access my opened work emails from home and now it's too late and I'm tired anyway.


Also, my car does this weird thing on occasion where the gas gauge reads as empty despite the fact that I know it's got at least a half-, if not three-quarters tank. I think it only does it when it's cold and the gauge gets stuck or something. But it happened again today, which makes for another FAIL.

Today really wasn't a bad day. I wrapped up this huge state agency, the records of which I've been working on for two weeks, and I was really quite chipper all day. But for a Friday, it's still made of--well, you know.
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Edmund Burke is a git.

And if I have to type the word "constitution" one more time (I *hate* all those "ts"), I may have to scream. Loudly. And as it is no longer the lunch hour, there are in fact other people in the building with me. In fact, I think there's a professor shuffling about on this very floor.

Edmund Burke is still a git.
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But first, a quiz. )

So on the third floor of Old Main, in th e student work lounge area, there is a Mac computer. I happen to be using it for my professor's project. And every time I try to scroll down too far in Word--meaning there's nowhere left to scroll to--the computer makes a protesting noise that sounds *exactly* like a tribble. Or maybe just some type of machinery on Star Trek: TOS. In any case, it's vastly amusing.

Or maybe I'm just too easily amused.

Of course, it's also fun to have the entirety of this part of the third floor to myself. Singing as loudly as I damned well please, and next up I might do cartwheels down the hall outside. Just because I can, really. That, and because typing up excerpts from Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations is a bit boring and mind-numbing. Though he must feel vindicated since we're still studying his ideas about economics in this century. I keep having flashbacks to the econ class I just finished.


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