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Oh! So, based on somebody's recommendation--it might have been NPR (I read a lot of NPR at work when I need a 60-second brain break, rather than listening to it on the radio, because I continue to have no auditory concentration ability at all), it might have been a RL friend, it might have been one of y'all--we've started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix, these glorious mysteries set in 1920s Australia about a young woman whose sister went missing and who now makes it her business to get into everybody else's business. I've started making a game out of identifying who will be her new lover in each episode, her outfits are always gorgeous, and she is so unapologetically, unabashedly determined to make sure things are done right--and so unapologetically, unabashedly disinterested in judging other people and how they live their lives--that the show is a real delight to watch. We're only 5 episodes in, which makes me happy, because it means there's still a couple dozen episodes to go.

Okay, it's a little ridiculous how much I adore period mystery drama. Or even modern mystery drama, come to that. I've also been working my way through the Enchanted Chocolate Pot books (for lack of a better unifying title for the trilogy?) by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer and I'm pretty sure there's at least one or two new episodes of Castle and Forever we haven't seen yet. w00t. GIVE ME ALL THE MYSTERIES. Ahem.
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I'm still alive. No, really. Just--stuff and things and life keeps happening. Seriously, when I get home from work I mostly want to curl up and play Minion Rush or something else relatively mindless.

But, can I just say, I have been totally loving on Forever? Like, this is the show where my happy place is right now, the show that I am excited about every week because OMG THERE'S A NEW EPISODE YAY. Castle is still a happy place for me, but I'm not OMG YAY about it like I am with Forever. And it's all Ioan Grufford's and Judd Hirsch's fault and they are so adorable eee I can't even and if I ever get my fic-writing mojo back there will be DW/Forever crossovers you bet your sweet bippy.

Also Agent Carter was awesome and cool and so enraging that I wanted to punch every man in the face on average at least twice an episode. Which made for a lot of wincing by my fiancé.

(Um, yes, hi, I have a fiancé now. Fiancés are cool? My engagement ring is a TARDIS. I am not kidding, y'all. ) He proposed by standing at our favorite place in the whole house--there's a step there between the kitchen and the den, so he stands at the bottom so I can stand at the top and be almost equal height with him--and asking, "So, you wanna be my companion through time and space?" BECAUSE THAT'S HOW WE ROLL, YO.)

I might disappear for months on end again. It has been known to happen. Sorry about that.
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Okay, maybe I'll regret it later, but I threw my first-ever fanfics into the recycling bin today. Complete with illustrations. I was 12 years old, I didn't even know I was writing fanfic. I couldn't even bring myself to reread them. (Which is what makes me think no, actually, I probably won't regret it later....)

I also threw out all the old TV Guides from the '90s demonstrating my geeky obsessions of the day. Ye gods.

Completely unrelatedly, my mom just finished reading something on Kindle entitled How I stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend, which I was pretty sure was real person fic, but maybe it isn't after all? She said it was the silliest thing she'd ever read, but in a good way.
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I would just like to state that, now being the proud owner of a six-foot bear (the boy is smugly satisfied about his Valentine's present), I want to spend all my time curled up with it, reading.

For the record, the six-foot stuffed bear has a red bow tie (because bow ties are cool) and is named Sir Winston Leonard Spencer ChurchBear, because he needed to have an appropriately distinguished name to go with his bow tie. (That said, I call him Winnie more often than not.)

Hi, again. I can't seem to get back on the LJ wagon, let alone the fic-writing wagon. And my fannishness these days mostly consists of rewatching previous seasons of Castle and trying to get through the bleakness that is the first half of the third season of Farscape because I know things will get better! I know they will! It won't be all death and gloom! I think I spend so much time writing really complicated emails and other documentation at work, these days, that when I get home I can't face writing anymore.

Sigh. I think it's time for me to get back to reading. With the bear.
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We saw About Time in the theater this afternoon, and this evening in our quest to finish all of New Who before the 50th anniversary, we watched "The Angels Take Manhattan" and said good-bye to much-loved companions (again, in my case) but the repetition still didn't stop me from BLUBBING ALL OVER THE PLACE. Because apparently that's what I do.

Sentimental old fool.

(About Time was lovely, sappy and sentimental yes, but lovely rather than dramatic, and really, you can't go wrong with Bill Nighy.)

Oh, yes, hi. Er. Life has been hectic, to the point that I dreamt in the wee small hours this morning about screwing up at work and having to fix it. Woo. Thank the gods for three-day weekends.
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Yesterday being the boy's birthday, a big group of us of course had to see the movie last night.

and here be spoilers, along with a revisiting of geeky stereotyping )

Okay, I have friends coming next weekend, I slept far too late, I need to get some housecleaning done and buy some groceries. Wah.
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Rewatching Farscape; Aeryn Sun is being awesome and Chiana is being angry and Zhaan is holding the world together, and this seems the best thing to watch on International Women's Day.

The thing about White Collar: they do the 'OMG I can't tell Peter/Neal/Elizabeth/Hughes/everyone else ever this major secret!' thing a lot, right, but then--unlike other shows, like Supernatural, say--the person keeping the secret ends up telling it anyway, after just a couple episodes of strife and lying. So they have some of the drama but then they undercut themselves and move onto creating tension in other ways. I really like that they do that, it's much less reliant upon a really stupid narrative trope that annoys the crap out of me.


So a couple weeks ago, I got a sinoplasty done on my nose, and it was bloody and painful and blech. And then apparently I developed a sinus infection from them, y'know, rummaging around in my sinuses for an hour, so I've continued to feel painful and blech, off and on, some days much worse than others.

I reserve the right to cut off my nose if, after all this, I'm still sneezing and sniffling and wheezing come spring.


I'M GOING TO PUERTO RICO THIS SUMMER. I'm still trying to figure out if I can also go to the Grand Canyon. And I'm definitely going to Indianapolis and New Orleans. (I thought this was supposed to be my light travel year. HAH.)
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I'm flipping through the newsletter from the Midwest Archives Conference, looking over the info about the annual meeting in April, when I discover the plenary speaker is going to be one of the board members for the OTW and HOLY CRAP NOW I REALLY HAVE TO GO TO THIS CONFERENCE.

Thank you, geeky archivists, for being geeky. (No, wait, she's going to talk about A03? HOLY CRAP I REALLY HAVE TO GO TO THIS CONFERENCE.)

That is all. Well, no, it's not all, I decided this morning I really *am* that stressed, but that is enough for now.
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Back in those glory days of the late 1980s, when my family thrived on such shows as Murder, She Wrote and Adderly, we also enjoyed Father Dowling. My mom got it on DVD and I'm finally watching the first season, which she lent me...er, several months ago...and, oh, let's chalk up another '80s-girl-crush, shall we? Sister Steve is adorably happy-go-lucky for having a pretty rough backstory, with far too many mad skillz to be entirely believable, but when Father Frank tells her "Absolutely not!" she just smiles in that "oh, you're so cute, thinking I'm going to follow your orders" way and then goes and does what he forbid her to do. And is awesome doing it. (Also, she wore a tux while bartending. Women in tuxes are a weakness for me.)

Now I want to watch the rest of Adderly, just for Mona Ellerby to go along with Sister Steve and hello, brain, remember how it's the 21st century now?
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I'm supposed to be in a reflective mood this time of year, or something, I think, but I've been too busy. I think that sums up this year for me--I've been too busy to really think, and reflect. Maybe that's true every year, and I reflect and think more than I realize, in the in-between times: scraping out five minutes here in an airport lounge, two minutes there in the shower, ten minutes in the car on the drive between my usual cities. Maybe.

It's been a challenging year for me--challenging in the best sense of the word. I've traveled too much, I've been frustrated and disappointed at work, I'm still learning to live with another person in my life, I had surgery for the first time in my life, I've written the least amount of fic since, er, I started writing fic. Through all of it, through all of this year, the key, the theme, the important point all along--I realize more and more at the end of this year, so maybe I have had time to reflect after all--is communicating. Figuring out how the devil to communicate effectively with myself and other people should probably be my new year's resolution every year.

I'm learning. I'm still learning. That is what makes this a good year, a challenging year. I have learned so much, I have filed away so much experience and information that I will be able to continue to use in the coming years. This is how I can become the person I already am, the person I want to be.

I've gotten better at saying no when I'm overwhelmed. I've gotten better at vocalizing hurts and coming up with new ways to express ideas when the old and tried ways don't work. I'm still too ridiculously busy, and I still find myself yelling for no reason when I'm by myself (because the real, underlying reason hasn't been examined yet), but I'm getting better.

We had snow here today, so instead of holding a game night with a big group of friends, instead of going out partying at the bars, I'm hunkered down at home in my pjs, planning to cook dinner and play my new Doctor Who Monopoly game with my boyfriend who still hasn't bloody seen the show. And honestly, that seems like the best way to spend tonight.

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2013 bring good friends and good experiences.
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OMG life. No, seriously, I don't even know where the hell all my time is going, other than to work and making presents for people and wrapping other presents for people and packing for trips and preparing to MOVE early next year OMG and dancing lessons and writing Christmas cards and doing choir board stuff (oh crap need to write more thank-you letters for donations, mustn't forget to do that before I head out this weekend) and just trying to keep my head above water.

I wasn't this busy two years ago. I know I was not this busy two years ago. Right?

I'm sorry I'm never around anymore. I miss conversations and connecting with people through my little black box. I miss writing fic. I miss goofing off online and reading fic and--stuff. I miss my invisible friends.

I've still got one more present to finish making and probably another card or two to write, preferably tonight. After I eat dinner, since I sort of forgot to do that earlier in the midst of packing and CULLING CLOTHES omg I have too many clothes.
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A Town Called Mercy )

The Power of Three )

I hate my nose (this is a constant whining refrain these weeks), and I have planned all along that today I would clean house, cull crap to take to Good Will, and otherwise make this place less of a pigsty, but it looks gorgeous and inviting and cool and autumn-y outside, and I would much rather sit on my back patio and read. Blah. I only get the reward after I do some of the work, right?

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Three fics, read for [personal profile] dema69, for the Planned Parenthood [community profile] fandom_helps auction held in February of this year.

1. Six Months is a Long Time, by [personal profile] telaryn (click on link for full text and author's story notes)
Podfic can be found on sendspace (18.6 mb, about 20 minutes long, mp3 format)

2. Family Drama, also by [personal profile] telaryn (again, click on link for full text & author's notes)
Podfic is also on sendspace (8.3 mb, 9 minutes, mp3 format)

3. Witness, by [personal profile] telaryn (ditto)
Podfic on sendspace (5.3 mb, about 5 minutes 45 seconds, mp3 format)

Note: All three fics are part of the Ties That Bind 'verse. Please let me know if you have any trouble with any of the links or files, including if the link expires.

Enjoy! And thank you [personal profile] dema69 for bidding on me and helping out a great cause. :)
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I was traveling for 30 solid hours between Monday/Tuesday, and on the long flight from Frankfurt to Germany [ETA: CHICAGO, omg, I was still really jetlagged yesterday, okay?] I watched three movies, all of which made me cry. While in the aisle seat to boot. Yeah. The movies were The Vow, The Descendents, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Yes, that's right, Breakfast at Tiffany's made me cry. It was my first time seeing it, and I sort of instantly fell in love with the movie and a young George Peppard and have great plans to read the book at some point. (Mickey Rooney as a Japanese man was a seriously jarring note, as was Paul's insistence that Holly belonged to him because he loved her, but otherwise the movie was ridiculously charming.)

If you must know, it was the cat in the rain that made me cry. DON'T THROW THE CAT OUT IN THE RAIN.

I'm still battling exhaustion and probably jetlag, though I'm mostly refusing to admit that. There was a point when I broke down in O'Hare because they were going to delay my flight by 4.5 hours, meaning I wouldn't land until 4 a.m. and get home before five, but thankfully that didn't *quite* happen. I was home by 3 a.m. instead.

But I have a bottle of Hungarian wine and a couple Bohemian glasses, and eventually I'll catch up on sleep. Probably.
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I would like the record to show that wasabi peas can, in fact, go bad. Y'know. After a year of sitting around in my one's kitchen.

OMG I used to think I couldn't get worse at updating my LJ, and then I have. I am woeful at fandom (though I thank one and all for reccing fic, particularly random Avengers fic, because it is often light and fun enough for reading just before bed); work is...full of issues right now, and I honestly don't know when they'll be resolved, but suddenly in the past couple months I have found myself more willing to divorce myself and think about other job possibilities again; and, hey, I'm going to Europe the day after tomorrow. Mostly Prague and Budapest.

I've reached a point, in the past few weeks and months, where I've realized I need to simplify my life a little. I need to choose better where I place my energies and focus more on the positive. I'm trying to communicate more, and more productively. And my career is not my entire identity, and in fact never has been.

It's all a process, right?

My Facebook status tomorrow is totally going to read, "Cannot cope; off to Europe." Because I can.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] settai: Richard Dawson has died. :(

I totally had a crush on Newkirk when I was in high school.
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Holy gods, I have reached the point when fun things are causing me extra stress and that is just SILLY.

This weekend: fly to New Orleans, travel through swamp and plantation, possible Easter egg or keg or something hunt?, GO TO A MUSEUM for once while still in the French Quarter
Next weekend: birthday dinner Friday night I'm organizing for myself at a local restaurant (OMG large party! OMG making a reservation! OMG asking friends to spend money to buy their own dinners when we all are broke!); mini road-trip with the boy around the area Saturday/Sunday
Following weekend: maybe clean house? For the first time in longer than I care to think?
Last weekend of April: one choir concert Saturday night in one town, sing at church services at o'gods o'clock for different choir Sunday morning in another town
First weekend of May: fly back east to visit friends
(dad visiting in here somewhere?)
Last weekend of May: friend's wedding, possible mini-road trip somewhere since it's a long weekend?
(dad visiting in here somewhere?)
Late June: fly to upper northwest for another friend's wedding, if the timing and moneys and vacation work out?
Last weekend of June/first week of July: fly to BUDAPEST AND PRAGUE, boo-fucking-yah
First week of August: SAA conference in California; try to visit cousins that weekend before flying back

I do this to myself every year lately. Note to self: SPACE THE TRAVEL OUT BETTER. Also, allow yourself weekends at home every once in a while, fool.

Wait, it's my 30th birthday year. I promised myself EPIC TRAVEL, didn't I? But, just, between work and the boy and choirs and family and other RL stuff, I've had no time to play in any fandom, write much fic, and I don't have the time to miss it but I miss it anyway.

Yesterday we saw a production of Importance of Being Earnest, and I always go to productions of this play because no matter how terrible the actors may be, the play is still funny because of the writing. And this was going to be one of those mundane, mediocre productions until right there in the second act when Algy threw a muffin at Ernest's back, snatched it from the floor where it fell, and tossed it in his mouth. The actor playing Ernest proceeded to break, and then so did the actor playing Algy when he tried to say his line with a mouth full of muffin. There is nothing, I tell you, nothing more gleeful than when even the actors can't keep a straight face. The audience went into hysterics; the other bit as hysterically funny was when the ancient butler made continuous creaking noises serving tea while Cecily and Gwendolyn looked on in horror.

(This was a much more physical/melodramatic reading of the play than I usually see, which actually did make it quite fun--their movements were often highly stylized and exaggerated in lovely, silly ways.)

So, yes, LIFE. Christ, such a first-world problem, I should quit my whining.
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Hey y'all! Like I mentioned a few days ago, I've put my fannish proclivities up for auction for [community profile] fandom_helps, for both fic and for podfic. Proceeds support Planned Parenthood, which has been going through a lot of hassle of late (most especially in my neck of the woods), and bids close on Tuesday, Feb. 21nd, I believe around 11:30 pm EST.

I think I've got about 6 months after that in which to turn over my donations to the lucky recipients, and hopefully I won't take the full 6 months to do so, but hey, I get busy. :)
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Okay, so for the first time ever, I'm putting myself up for auction in [community profile] fandom_helps. The auction is for Planned Parenthood, and since I seem incapable of donating myself (I haven't been this broke since grad school...?), I thought I could at least help the cause another way.

So, if you're interested, I have a thread for fic and a thread for podfic.

Completely unrelatedly, I am Crankypants McCrankypants, daughter of Crankypants today, and I would quite like to get over myself, thank you and good night. Hmph.


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