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Title: The Pleasures of Thievery
Author: aces
Rating: all ages
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, Liz X/River Song
Word count: approx. 1100 words
For [personal profile] lyssie, for the [profile] dw_femslash ficathon.
Summary: “Do you always have to nick my stuff when you come visiting?” Liz asked.

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Title: Drag me through the best of years
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, Nyssa/Tegan, Five’s era
Rating: all ages
Word count: approx 2250 words
Summary: I want to see the colours of another sky - Mexico, the Staves

From this prompt, for [personal profile] livii:
The weird sisters, hand in hand,
Posters of the sea and land,
Thus do go about, about.

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Title: Got your back
Author: aces
Rating: teen and up
Relationships: Beckett/Esposito, also Beckett/Demming, Beckett/Josh, Beckett/Castle, Esposito/OFC, Esposito/Lanie
Warnings/spoilers: Spoilery for throughout all aired episodes (quoted lines at beginning of certain scenes from 1x7 "Home is Where the Heart Stops," 2x3 "Inventing the Girl")
Word count: approx 6400 words
Summary: Beckett and Esposito: they’ve got each other’s backs, through the years.
A/N: from a prompt and for [profile] harper_m, for the Planned Parenthood [community profile] fandom_helps auction. I’ve really got to thank you for your patience on waiting for this one!
A/N part II: I’ve probably taken some liberties with everyone’s backgrounds in this fic, but I did try to double-check as many of my facts as possible. I apologize for any remaining errors and discontinuities.

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Three day weekend! In which I am NOT traveling! (Except locally, probably, because I CAN'T STOP MYSELF apparently.)

My plans for the weekend:

--grocery store for foods to cook, though probably not this weekend because I need to be lazy, dammit (Okay, I lied, I cooked tonight, I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF)
--do a bit of house cleaning
--hand-wash some bras
--go to a friend's wedding

--FINISH THE DAMN FIC I OWE PEOPLE, that ud be awfully nice of me
--celebrate boy's bday and distract him as thoroughly as possible from stressful things
--sleeeeeeeeeeeep in (I woke up at 7:30 this morning, stared at my watch blearily and said to myself, "what is this nonsense?" before wandering back into bed to sleep till 10)
--watch Fred Astaire dance
--walk around the neighborhood a lot
--hopefully get to cemeteries to visit dead ancestors

I think I can reasonably do these things. I'm trying to make my list of things to get done more reasonable these days. I want to be happy, not stressed.

Right, I should go do one of these things now.
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Title: Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails
Author: aces
Fandom, pairing: Doctor Who, Peri/Erimem
Word count: approx. 1450 words
Rating: all ages
Belated pinch hit for the LJ femslash ficathon for purple_bug.
A/N: I can’t resist drag with these two, okay?! And one of the suggestions was ballroom dance…

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Title: an exercise in vanity
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, River Song/Ace McShane
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: approx. 3500 words
A/N: Written for [identity profile] ionlylurkhere.livejournal.com in the dw_femslash ficathon. You give me timestreams-crossing and femslash, of course I’m going to involve Ace somehow. Vague mentions of NAs and BF audios shenanigans, but that should probably also be expected; and general spoilers for the latest series and River's storyline.
Summary: Linear timelines? We don’t need no stinking linear timelines.

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I had every intention to work some more on my [livejournal.com profile] dw_femslash ficathon fic tonight, but those intentions were before two days of work mentally kicking my butt (and physically today, too; helloooo, new cardboard box scar, how I didn't need you) and doing laundry tonight and overcooking my dinner of roasted potatoes with lentils in every way I possibly could. ("I like my lentils mushy!" I declared maniacally to the kitchen, and this is probably one more sign that I need to either get a roommate or just get out more.)

So instead of writing fic, I shall watch vids and random tv and read fic. Huzzah for when the brain shuts down beyond oooh, shiny.

(Also, I shall throw this out here completely randomly because I don't feel like bookmarking it but want to preserve the link somewhere: WWI photographs of British soldiers taken by an unknown French photographer, a whole stinking boatload of them, and how cool is that?)
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This is just fun. (100 years of fashion in East London...in 100 seconds.)

I still follow museum blogs, even though I'm no longer in the museum world and don't know if I'll ever get to go back into it. This post from Nina Simon's museum 2.0 blog is pretty intriguing ([livejournal.com profile] cofax7, you should totally check it out!)

(The post is about getting people involved and engaged in art--well, more than that, but you can read the post to get the full effect--and I've been thinking about my own changing relationship to art, or "Art," and how it is becoming more of a habit, an ingrained thing that I notice more in the every day world around me, the more time I spend going to art museums and hanging out with artistic people. And really, I'm glad of that. Someday, I'm going to have to get around to taking an art history course. In the meantime, I'll keep going to random art museums and hanging out with artistic people.)

And because 3 links totally make a post, Doctor Who femslash ficathon sign-ups are open. Yay!
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Title: Starfire
Author: aces
Word count: approx. 2500 words
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing/characters: the TARDIS, the Doctor, numerous female companions
Rating: all ages
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its characters and concepts do not belong to me, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Prompt from queer_fest: The TARDIS. The reason why the Doctor's companions have tended to be female actually has little to do with the Time Lord's preferences in such matters.
Author’s note: I wrote this before I saw “The Doctor’s Wife” and was a little startled at how well it meshed. I’ve only done a little tweaking since, to help it fall even more in line with that story (so, y’know, spoilers).
Summary: She made her own choices, every nanosecond of her existence.

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Note: On a whim, I've also made this available in audio form (15.5 mb, not quite 16 minutes long, the quality could be better but it's not bad either).
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Title: Options
Author: aces
Word count: approx. 2500 words
Fandom: Castle
Pairing/characters: Castle, Alexis, Beckett, Esposito, Ryan; Beckett/OFC
Rating: all ages
Disclaimer: Castle and its characters do not belong to me; no copyright infringement intended.
Prompt, from queer_fest: Beckett, Beckett quietly having a girlfriend the same way she quietly has boyfriends. Negotiating explaining her bisexuality to the others when the relationship comes to light.
Summary: Oh Castle, the things you don’t know about me could fill a book. ~“Vampire Weekend”
Author's Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] troyswann for her awesome betaing, as always.

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Title: T is for Time [subtitle: Non-Encounters of the Deeply Weird Kind]
Author: aces
Fandom(s): Stargate SG-1 (all seasons), Doctor Who (all eras)
Word count: approx. 3000 words
A/N: for [personal profile] fignewton’s crossover Alphabet Soup.
A/N, part 2: In the Eighth Doctor Adventures (EDAs), the novels produced by the BBC from the late 1990s through 2005, the 8th Doctor had an extreme bout of amnesia and spent well over a century on Earth attempting to recover from it. That period spans all of the 20th century and, well, you’ll see later why I mention it.
Summary: Never did they realize that really, he was all the same person.

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Fic what I wrote, by month:

obnoxious number of links, therefore cutting )

I'd never written dueSouth before, I wrote a remarkable # of fics involving Amelia Pond (...I am not surprised), I wrote more Leverage and quite respectably too, I continued to pair Ace up with other awesome women (including a god), and I'm a bit surprised I wrote that much SG-1 fic this year. Huh. I didn't make the whole one-fic-a-month goal I've been keeping the past few years (don't ask me why I have such a goal, other than it was something to do, and I think I shall drop it this year), but I still wrote a fair amount. And yes, most of it involved Doctor Who. First fandom, oldest fandom, fandom that is never gonna die. I'm okay with that. I also watched a ridiculous amount of Simon and Simon, Adderly, dueSouth, and probably other shows from the 1980s and 1990s, but I did not write fic for most of those forays into other eras. We should probably all be grateful.

I wish I had done more audio fic; I want to work on that. I also want to keep experimenting writing in new fandoms; I think I did better at that last year. And write more Amy/Rory and 11. Mostly because they make me REMARKABLY HAPPY, and I quite like that feeling.
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LAST ONE, OMG. The last time I wrote 8 stories (including yuletide) in approximately 1 month? Was probably before college. I have to thank all my prompters for the challenge. It has been fun.

Title: Fitz Kreiner, Intergalactic Private Detective
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, Fitz, Amy, Rory, Eleven
Word count: not quite 3000 words
For [profile] lucia_tanaka, who requested Fitz being awesome after the Time War and happening to run into Team!Eleven. (I paraphrase.)
Spoilers: er, there’s brief mention to one of those deleted scenes that cropped up semi-recently. But it’s pretty blink-and-you’ll-miss-it.
Summary: “I was expecting at least a half-dozen outstanding warrants for extradition, treason, sedition, obstruction, and various other crimes.”

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Title: now love the more
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Stargate SG-1, SGC staff, Sam/Cam
Word count: approx. 1700 words
Prompt/summary: Don’t overthink it, for [personal profile] cofax7

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Title: The Wallpaper Goes or I Do Affair
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Man from UNCLE, Illya/Napoleon
Word count: approx. 1150 words
Prompt: this image, for [personal profile] destina. I came thisclose to writing you an Austin Powers crossover, Des. And then I remembered I’d actually have to watch an Austin Powers movie again in order to write it, and sanity was restored. But only marginally. :p
Summary: Synthetic drugs are THRUSH’s answer to “aliens made them do it.”

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Title: where the lovelight gleams
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, Fitz/Eight, Anji
Word count: approx. 1100 words
Prompt: for [personal profile] kindkit, who requested Christmas fic with tea and snow. I hope it’s as sugary as you hoped, without giving you any cavities.
Summary: “I thought about wrapping myself up in a big red bow, but that just seemed a bit too cheesy.”

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Title: faithful friends who are dear to us
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: dueSouth, Ray Vecchio’s family, mildly Ray/Fraser
Word count: approx. 1800 words
Prompt: Fraser’s first Christmas with the Vecchio family, as requested by [personal profile] jenavira.
Summary: Ray loves his family. Even at the holidays.

24 December 1970.
Tracking Jackson Templeton and a party of four, a family visiting their relatives for the holidays. He crashed his plane 50 miles N of here, last radio signal three hours ago. I hope to find them tomorrow, though it means missing another Christmas with Caroline and Benton.


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Title: The Great Cake Massacre Affair
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Man from UNCLE, Illya/Napoleon
Word count: approx. 1200 words
Prompt/summary: Illya loves cake. For [personal profile] severa.

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A little bit of history on the bundt cake.

And if you really want to make your own seafoam cantaloupe pie, here's a recipe.
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(Note: This is the first of my yuletide alternative prompt fics. I'll be posting one a day until 22 December (as I won't be able to post anything the following two days probably). Also, *hyperventilates*, I'm trying out this whole cross-posting thing for the first time. Eeeek.)

Title: A Jaffa, an archaeologist, and two Air Force officers walk into a library…
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Eleven, Amy, Rory, Old Skool!SG-1
Word count: approx 1250 words
Prompt: Library of Alexandria for [personal profile] jenlev. Er, I might have taken some liberties with the prompt…
Summary: This is a very long punchline.

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Okay, so I am in fact doing Yuletide this year, but whatever, I saw this on my flist and couldn't resist the opportunity to WRITE MORE FIC (since I've been kinda bad at that this year). So, originally stolen from [livejournal.com profile] cruelest_month, this is an alternative fic exchange.

I really hate not getting people gifts for Christmas or other winter holiday of your choice. And I really cannot afford to buy every awesome one of you the amazing gift you deserve.

So instead I would like to write you something that you would like to read.

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