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This is the first day in longer than I care to think about in which I have not ridden in or driven a car and stayed absolutely at home. I took a walk to the grocery store, I did in fact sit out on my back patio and read a while, as well as getting some tidying done (not as much with the cleaning, though after I sweep & mop my kitchen will be the most beautiful it's been in weeks), and it's nice to have days like this sometimes. If only I were writing something right now, it'd be perfect.

And I just spent the past 90 minutes cooking, which was fabulous. I forget how much I enjoy mixing and chopping and stirring things when I don't get to do them for long stretches, or have to do them when I'm in a rush because I have to be somewhere else. I think I need to make this a goal for more weekends: COOK. BAKE.

(It helps that it's finally the right time of year again. Oh, autumn, keep being awesome with your slanted sunlight and cooler days and pumpkins. No, really, it's all about the pumpkin this time of year.)
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Okay, here's the thing: I really enjoy baking. I enjoy cooking, but I think I get a little extra edge of satisfaction out of baking.

There's the fact that most things I bake last longer than most things I cook (I've got two loaves of a ridiculously healthy quickbread baking right now), so the satisfaction lasts longer. Both can involve about the same amount of work, with chopping and dicing and mashing and scraping and stirring; and both can involve about the same amount of mess (maaaaybe more on the baking side if I'm breaking out the electric mixer). There's a certain soothing quality to both, to standing around prepping things and waiting for them to cook (though it seems like cooking involves more periods of frantic bursts of activity, things needing to be added and stirred constantly and the rest).

But I think I enjoy baking a little more because I used to help my mom bake a lot more than I used to help her cook, and I still occasionally have to call her up and say "Can I do this?" or "What can I substitute for that?" It's one of my favorite things about going home at the holidays, knowing I'll get to bake while my mom supervises from the other side of the kitchen table. Or just sits and chats.
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Is it indicative that one travels too much when I have ready to go year-round a quart-size bag of 3 oz-or-smaller toiletries and when I can unpack from a long weekend in 10 minutes or less?

Also, my lunch today consisted of a slice of leftover homemade pizza from...I don't want to tell you how long ago we cooked it; an apple; and a cream cheese donut. Thank the gods I made it to the grocery store after work and bought piles of fresh fruit and veg.

(Also, sekrit message to [livejournal.com profile] troyswann and [livejournal.com profile] jenlev: I was IN LAWRENCE last night, hnur hnur hnur. Ahem. Sorry about that, Sal. Sorry. SORRY FOR CARING. Anyway.)
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I had big plans to track down the perfect poem for today (because you know this is National Poetry Month here in the U.S.), something dignified and reflective and fitting of my entering a new era in my life.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

So, since it is also apparently National Humor Month, Here, have a virtual cupcake instead. )

Maturity? Pah! That's for amateurs. Or something. If you'll excuse me, I have to go giggle somewhere now.
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I have ALL THE CHOCOLATE at my house. Please come over and help me eat it.

Also, I've given up before I've even started on reading Yuletide. Not gonna happen, people. I'm hoping I can casually peruse various recs because there is no way in hell I have time this week to sit down and systematically read for myself; and I am going to be adventuring this weekend for the new year. Siiiiiiigh.

(That said, check out the pretty white ships that I am dreaming of", Warehouse 13, what was written for me. YAY.)

I hope everyone had/will have a festive winter holiday. The best gift I got was most assuredly the dry minced garlic from my mom. Oh yeah.
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I've been happy a lot again the past few weeks. I don't trust it, I don't believe in it--I so rarely do, and I think this is a byproduct of being an adult because I'm pretty sure I trusted in being happy when I was a kid--but I've been happy a lot the past few weeks and I keep telling myself, just run with it, you idiot.


(My friend told me I'm "lighter." And the more I think about it, I think she's right.)

I cooked myself dinner tonight, and I had a glass of Fat Tire, and I'm going to bake a pumpkin coffeecake later tonight (SO GOOD) and catch up on my tellys, and tomorrow I get to sleep in because I have a three-day weekend. I haven't had a three-day weekend in so very long. And then I get to hang out with a friend Saturday, and go to another couple of friends' house party Saturday evening (which is apparently going to be pre-Thanksgiving, since there will be turkey and I'm damned well bringing the pumpkin coffeecake), and it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, and life is kinda beautiful right now.
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I had every intention to work some more on my [livejournal.com profile] dw_femslash ficathon fic tonight, but those intentions were before two days of work mentally kicking my butt (and physically today, too; helloooo, new cardboard box scar, how I didn't need you) and doing laundry tonight and overcooking my dinner of roasted potatoes with lentils in every way I possibly could. ("I like my lentils mushy!" I declared maniacally to the kitchen, and this is probably one more sign that I need to either get a roommate or just get out more.)

So instead of writing fic, I shall watch vids and random tv and read fic. Huzzah for when the brain shuts down beyond oooh, shiny.

(Also, I shall throw this out here completely randomly because I don't feel like bookmarking it but want to preserve the link somewhere: WWI photographs of British soldiers taken by an unknown French photographer, a whole stinking boatload of them, and how cool is that?)
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I will give this to the last few eps of Eureka: they have successfully and often resisted the urge to do massive flashback scenes of previous eps. Good job, there, guys!

New Doctor Who this weekend was lovely, and I still haven't done the massive rewatch of certain eps that I want to do, and I might as well wait till the end of the series? maybe? If I can wait that long? (Also, I love EVERYONE EVER on the show. Almost. Mostly Our Heroes. Y'know.)

My plans for this weekend hopefully consist of laundry, cooking, sleeping, cleaning house, swimming, cooking, and sleeping. I bought a ton of veggies and I intend to use them. Also, NOT MOVING FROM THE HOUSE except by foot. That would be awesome too.
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[Poll #1766872]

I should be putting laundry away so I can go to my women's group practice later tonight so tomorrow I can look at my other choir's bylaws for a meeting in the next couple weeks so Friday I can prep for a friend coming to visit on Saturday so I can go visit my aunts on Sunday so next week I can pack for my friends' wedding next weekend...

What I think would serve me best is a week of enforced boredom, to remind myself that I like being busy and sociable. Really.

In the meantime, that was a damn fine veggie burger. And I still need to put laundry away.
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The thing about my job is, I find myself tracking down information about truly random digressions in history. Like Dorothea Dix's crusade to...send a lot of boats to an island in Nova Scotia to save people. IDEK, but it made for an entertaining afternoon?

I got back from my trip to Belgium and Amsterdam earlier this week. Things I learned and/or did during the ten days I was traveling:

1. My nose really, really hates dry recycled air, such as found in airports & on airplanes.
2. Having Belgian friends who have Belgian friends comes in REALLY HANDY when you miss the last train from Ghent to Brussels & need a place to crash for a few hours.
3. You really probably can get a contact high in Amsterdam, and the city really is apparently mostly populated by British tourists on stag parties.
4. I am a far, far more confident traveler than I used to be. Like, even since last year.
5. It's okay to squabble and get pissed off with your friends, because they're your friends and are squabbling and pissed off with you, and then you end up drinking beer across the street from a church older than the U.S. has existed as a country under an awning while the rain falls at midnight, sharing stupid blogs to read when you're bored at work and need a five minute break. Or you're tickle-attacking on the bed while trying to pack, or in the midst of a deep philosophical discussion about the reason and need for history, but that's another story.
6. I need to live in a city with canals. I also need to visit Venice, like, stat. And go back to Germany for a cuckoo clock for my mom. (That's just an excuse. I really just need to go back to Germany. And get to a lot of other countries too, but that will be another year.)
7. Blame T for everything. Everything. She might be in the bathroom getting a shower, but that broken bowl in the kitchen is still totally her fault.
8. Belgian chocolate really is just that good. As are wasabi peas, especially when one's nose really, really hates dry recycled air.

There's more. It was good, and I haven't really had time to process yet, but that's what this weekend is for. I might even get around to posting pictures. In sum, My Summer Vacation in Belgium: we ate a lot of fries, drank a lot of beer, and bought a lot of chocolate. And it was good.
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Never do I feel more like a vampire then when I am sucking the juice and marrow out of orange wedges.

I don't think I mentioned where I was a couple weekends ago, during Memorial Day weekend:

two pictures )

Work kinda sucks right now. It sucks in a way that led to me getting a beer with my dinner Monday night, and I don't drink on work nights. There is absolutely nothing I can do about any of the suckiness either, other than deal. And possibly get a degree in counseling because I swear I need it right now.
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* Never drive I-90 into Chicago
* Always take I-294 when going to O'Hare airport as there are convenient gas stations to refill rental cars along the way
* Personally never driving a Nissan Rogue again (seriously, rental car companies, STOP FUCKING UPGRADING ME TO SUVs, I'm kinda sick of it and prefer tiny cramped cars a lot, thankyouverymuch)
* Dinner consisted of a granola bar, oatmeal raisin cookies, and peanut butter'n'crackers
* I need to catch up on my life this week, I really need to do that
* And work on fic, what has deadlines, OH CRAP
* my parents have BBC America, which meant I properly watched new DW this week, and also means that I have no thoughts about it now
* I'm really, really tired.

Someday, this icon will stop being appropriate FOR MY LIFE. Someday.
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Okay, just tell me: has somebody in fact created a Rory/Amy vid to Regina Spektor's Two Birds, or am I just imagining the whole thing? There was a point where I was convinced somebody had, and that I had it, but when I went looking on my external drive, not a sausage.

Mind you, I'm not actually sure I *want* a Rory/Amy vid to this song, as it would have to end up angsty, and right now I don't want angsty Amy/Rory, I want happy-and-blithe Amy/Rory. But still, every time I hear it, I think: vid!

I made a chicken pot pie last weekend and froze it, and so I cooked it last night, and it tasted fantastic. The last time I tried to make a chicken pot pie myself was about four years ago and it was terrible. So this time I, for a change, looked up a recipe and followed it. Loosely. As you do. Yay, comfort food.

...Nope, I've got nothing else. I'm going to go find another way to waste my time now.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] katie_m! I hope it has at some point involved Teal'c, PI battling zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. (Is that an appropriate thing to wish on a birthday? Why not!)

Completely unrelatedly, let's have a meme!

How this meme works:
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. Feel free to ask me questions back, if you like. Also, if you'd rather just answer questions in the comments and not repost, that's fine by me.

And so [livejournal.com profile] fahrbotdrusilla asked me:

1.) Which is your favorite EDA?

I was going to say Halflife, and then I thought about Fear Itself...but wait, Fear Itself is technically a PDA, right? Halflife it is!

2.) What's your favorite thing written by Oscar Wilde (I would say barring The Importance Of Being Earnest)?

Oh sure, bar that! Second favorite is probably "The Canterville Ghost," not least because I used that storyline for my magic prop in theatre tech class.

3.) What is your favorite food?

Chicken parmigiana from Johnny Carino's. YUM. I need to do that for my birthday again this year.

4.) What would you like to see Parker and Hardison go undercover together as next season on leverage?

They totally need to go to a sci-fi con together, don't they? I think I can trust the Leverage writers to handle that without being overly cruel to sci-fi cons and fandom. Hardison spends the entire ep trying not to out himself as a BNF, either to his fellow fans at the con or to his teammates; Parker...oh, gods, Parker.

5.) What would happen if Fitz showed up in the new series?

Other than a tiny niche of fandom screaming in hysterics? He would save the world by playing guitar. Eleven would accidentally snog him, Rory would be annoyed when Fitz gave him clothing pointers, and Amy would probably alternately want to snog him and also be annoyed by him knowing the Doctor before she did. And there might be some angst, but it wouldn't last long because Eleven is a tiny bit magical like that.
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I went shopping today expressly and specifically for a dressy red top. It didn't have to be red necessarily, it could have been blue or purple or some other color, but I wanted a dressy solid-colored top to go with a patterned skirt I have, for which I only have one blouse really that I cold wear with it, and that's far too summery to wear in weather like this. Besides, I don't have many dressy red tops, and I look good in red. All very simple, right?

Two hours later, by the time I finally went home after visiting three stores, I had spent over $100 on new underwear, pajama bottoms, a new set of sheets, a t-shirt, and a nice cream-colored top that is also not very appropriate for this type of weather. And I discovered when I got home and took the sheets out of their packaging--y'know, completely out of their packaging, never going to fit back into that little plastic thingy again--that I had absent-mindedly bought the wrong size sheets. I could try to force them back into the packaging and take them back, but that just sounds like too much effort. They'll fit my bed, they'll just be too big. Fine. Whatever.

At least I baked zucchini bread today as well and it tastes awesome. So there, me.

On a much more cheering topic, I wanted to rec a couple vids I've been watching not at all obsessively of late. advance by fly_to_dawn, a multi-fandom vid for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, and it sort of makes me want to punch the air with how awesome these women are. And from Festivids, there's all the way by [livejournal.com profile] greensilver, which is basically the most gleeful thing I've seen about Invisible Man and about Bobby'n'Darien in a while. You all probably already know about them, but just in case, I feel a need to spread the fannish love.
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Since yesterday afternoon, leaving work an hour early, I have

--gotten a fabulous haircut
--painted my fingernails
--watched a bunch of catch-up telly
--written a rough draft for one fic (OMG you guys, your prompts are awesome, by the by, and it is so gleeful to be writing fic again for the first time in, um, some months)
--slept for ten hours
--made pancakes with blueberry sauce for breakfast (someday, I shall learn that I mostly fail at making blueberry sauce; it's a great disappointment to me)
--listened to crazy happy dancy music (it's hard to dance around a wooden spoon while stirring blueberry sauce, let me tell you, and yet I try to do to it every time)
--caught up on LJ while drinking CHAI

Still to do today, I have to

--bake a carrot cake
--mainline more telly in order to write more fic
--write more fic
--read more fic written by others, yay
--record lines in a gleefully crap German accent (it makes a change from a gleefully crap English accent?)
--take a BATH
--and do other fun, non-work-related, non-boring-life related things.
--oh, and wash dishes. Because washing dishes is perpetual.

I am totally digging so far four days of not going anywhere outside the boundaries of this county. I might be missing a ten-year high school reunion, I might have accidentally disappointed my aunt by not coming to her Thanksgiving (I warned her!), I might have disappointed a friend by not driving to Colorado to see her, I might have turned down an invitation to join a co-worker's and friend's Thanksgiving (at which I would have to be right about now, rather than lounging about in my sweats drinking CHAI), I might not be having turkey and pumpkin pie today, but I am thankful, oh so very thankful, for the time to decompress and be alone and catch up with myself.

I'm thankful for family and friends too, and I'm thankful that I'm taking this weekend to be alone because I've been traveling about and running around visiting with many of them for the past few months, and I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity to do all the traveling and running about.

so Happy Turkey Day, Americans, and happy Thursday, everyone else on my flist, and quite massive bear hugs to you all.
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1. Part of a quiz on religion, from a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center ([livejournal.com profile] cofax7, I think you mentioned this recently?). I'm...not really sure what to make even of the questions they asked.

2. I have watched Hawaii 5-0 based upon some of your reactions. My reaction mostly consists of "I want a little blond snarky man around too." I think this might be a type I have. (I will not start listing other short blond snarky guys who end up being my favorites on tv shows.) Hmm.

3. You know how sometimes you have a phase where everything goes wrong, you're constantly fucking up and/or getting in trouble and/or feeling like you're in trouble? You break things, you get in a fight with a friend, you splurge and feel guilty, stuff like that? I will be really, really glad when September is over already.

4. So, that said, cupcake recipes from NPR. Semi-healthy cupcake recipes, no less. I am so going to end up baking this weekend.
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xkcd today, and having driven the Kansas-Colorado border one too many times, I would believe it.

I've started rewatching Eleven's series of Doctor Who. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to do so other than I wanted something comforting and I'd run out of the first season of due South and my mom hadn't shown up with the second yet. So, yes, now I have to finish Eleven before I can start dS. My life is so hard.

There was stuff and things I wanted to say, and now I appear to have forgotten all of them, and I'm expecting my mom back at any moment. So, um, have some fic recs instead: Objects in Space (Doctor Who, Amy/River) was written for me by [livejournal.com profile] doyle_sb4 for the [livejournal.com profile] dw_femslash ficathon and is brilliant and fun as one would expect, and [livejournal.com profile] severa recently wrote Never Known a Girl Like You, fabulous cross-dressing Sherlock fic. (Seriously, if that doesn't grab you, I don't know what will.)

I made strawberry shortcake for my mom, aunts, and uncle yesterday. Or, well, I bought Sara Lee poundcake and whipped cream, and then I sugared strawberries with Splenda (my life is still so hard), and it's been so long since I had strawberry shortcake because of the whole allergy-to-strawberries thing, and YUM. I still have leftovers for mom and I to finish off, yay. And last night somebody was shooting off fireworks while we sat out on the front stoop, and it was almost kinda like having my own personal 4th of July, since I missed the fireworks then.


Aug. 24th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Oh, I just love my co-workers. They really wanted to see my pictures from my trip, so I arranged a lunchtime slideshow for today. In the email I sent out about it, I said I'd be bringing goodies--I ended up bringing cranberry muffins and banana-blueberry bread--and suggested they bring some too, if they felt like it. And they did--cheese and crackers, chips with homemade salsa, a hot German potato salad, rice crispie treats, the whole shebang. Any excuse for food and they are SO THERE.

I now have leftover chips & homemade salsa in my house too. Yummy.

So my friend and I plotted historical RPF while we were traveling. Oscar Wilde and Ludwig II of Bavaria--the timing is a little wonky, but that's nothing compared to how wonky it gets later in this story--they really do get along quite well, so long as they're never in the same room together for very long. They like to write long letters to each other, arguing over aesthetic matters. And then we threw Mozart in while we were in Salzburg (I *know* the timing doesn't work at all, hush), deciding he'd be the third wheel-slash-anxious puppy. "C'mon, guys, let me play too! Don't you like me?"
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Last night I painted my fingernails ELECTRIC BLUE in honor of the three-day weekend. I don't normally wear nail polish as it can interfere with my work ("Why is there this thin smear of ELECTRIC BLUE on this document from 1854?")

Dead ancestors shall probably be rolling in their graves tomorrow when I make the cemetery rounds. Too bad, kiddos.

Cedarlane veggie enchiladas are delicious, delicious crack and, like, 140 calories per serving (and better tasting than Amy's, IMNSHO). Or 280 if you just eat both enchiladas that are in the package like I do because I live alone and who the hell is gonna leave one enchilada in the box when they're not even packaged separately? Jeez.

Also, I did not know until today that I could buy Graeter's ice cream at my grocery store. We always used to go when my brother still lived in Columbus. Yet more delicious, delicious crack! (Black raspberry chocolate chip, people. you have not truly tasted ice cream until you have tasted this flavor of theirs.)

And finally, can anybody confirm or deny to me whether Hardison's Nana is still alive? I keep getting mixed signals depending where I look, and they keep using past tense on the show but they're talking about past-tense situations, and I need to know for a fic. (I also keep getting mixed signals about how old he is exactly but I shall WAVE THOSE PROBLEMS AWAY with my magic wand of, um, fic-writing-ness. As you do.)


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