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Three fics, read for [personal profile] dema69, for the Planned Parenthood [community profile] fandom_helps auction held in February of this year.

1. Six Months is a Long Time, by [personal profile] telaryn (click on link for full text and author's story notes)
Podfic can be found on sendspace (18.6 mb, about 20 minutes long, mp3 format)

2. Family Drama, also by [personal profile] telaryn (again, click on link for full text & author's notes)
Podfic is also on sendspace (8.3 mb, 9 minutes, mp3 format)

3. Witness, by [personal profile] telaryn (ditto)
Podfic on sendspace (5.3 mb, about 5 minutes 45 seconds, mp3 format)

Note: All three fics are part of the Ties That Bind 'verse. Please let me know if you have any trouble with any of the links or files, including if the link expires.

Enjoy! And thank you [personal profile] dema69 for bidding on me and helping out a great cause. :)
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Last night's Leverage season finale  )

I sort of cheated doing that page-45-nearest-book-love-life meme because I happen to have a couple books of poetry on my desk at all times. But I think the cheating backfired, because the Anne Sexton book starts with "These are the snapshots of marriage, stopped in places" and the Carl Sandburg book starts with, "Cram their insides till they waddle on short legs," and, um, yeah, that wasn't really necessary.

I saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy this weekend. mild spoilers for the movie only, as I haven't read the book )
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Oh wow, I totally wrote more this past year than I thought I had!

fics, in chronological order )
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Oh wow, I totally wrote more this past year than I thought I had!

fics, in chronological order )

So, about as much DW as you would expect, about as many crossovers and multi-era DW fics as you would expect, a few new fandoms (yaaaaay! I'm really glad of that, actually; it's exciting to write for different characters and different worlds), and continuing to support the gay and bisexual agenda, woo. I didn't do as much audio fic as I would have liked, and I have a feeling I won't be writing as much in 2012, but...we'll see how inspired I am as the year goes?
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A/N: Written in approximately one hour on a plane, this is probably both wildly OOC and wildly inaccurate. Happy holidays, anyway! *big, cheesy grin*

The Holiday Ficathon Exchange Job

Read more... )
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Tonight I saw the Yamato drummers of Japan and they were kickass. The choreography, the theatricality of the show, the backdrops and use of screens and lighting--seriously, the lighting, all these rich reds and oranges of sunrise or sunset and cold blues of twilight and night, and the transitions between were really well orchestrated--and, of course, the drumming itself was brilliant. Talk about fine muscle control, and I think the rhythms are still thrumming through me (I can't imagine how the drummers feel still, an hour or two after the show is over). One guy had John Shepard hair, which was surprising and a little distracting, and he happened to be the main goofball who happened to have a partner in crime that was not at all like Rodney McKay. Actually, John Shepard!hair helped me realize what some of the movements with the drum sticks were strongly reminding me of, why they felt so familiar--Teyla's stick fighting moves. (And speaking of hair, I totally developed an instant girl!crush on one of the drummers, all because of her fabulous, fabulous hair.)


Hey, look! [livejournal.com profile] lunate8 has podficced "Life in the 21st Century" - check it out!. I've never had anybody want to podfic the same story twice before, this is really cool. Actually, the response generally to this fic has been wicked and cool. Oh, Hardison, how you so awesome?


Okay, I'm getting up stupidly early for a weekend in order to go to a pub crawl for cancer with a bunch of people I don't know. This could either go fantastically or be one of the bigger mistakes of my life. Whoopee?
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Title: Freefall
Author: aces
Fandom: Leverage, Parker/Hardison
Spoilers: for “Grave Danger Job” and “Queen’s Gambit Job,” specifically, for the show overall generally.
Word count: approx 3100 words
Summary: They got each other’s backs.

Read more... )
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So I said all the normal, responsible things I want to do for this upcoming three-day holiday weekend; what I really want to do this weekend is WATCH ALL THE THINGS. Like 3rd season Leverage eps, and every ep of Doctor Who involving Amy, Rory, & River, and random James McAvoy movies for the sheer joy of hearing him speak, and random other movies that grab my attention like Clue or Withnail & I. And, and, and! Read fic! And write fic OMG I hope my brain cooperates!

Three days off are simply not enough. Why do I have to work for a living again? Oh yeah.

Speaking of Leverage, I finally watched the summer finale )
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So this weekend a friend's husband finally discovered that my friend has been having an affair for a month+; and two of my dear friends from college got married (I cried at this wedding, dudes, I Do Not Cry at Weddings but these two are so, so good together), so Leverage's Grave Danger Job tonight? )

My friends got married this weekend. Holy shit, I think I might need to cry again this is so awesome for them.
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Re: Leverage last night )

I bought half a dozen books the other weekend. Real, physical books, not on my Kindle, and I don't really buy books anymore. But five of them were used mysteries, and two of those were Dorothy L. Sayers that I've been waiting to find (or to show up on Kindle), and two of them were Charlotte MacLeods for my mom because she lost all her MacLeod paperbacks, so it's all totally justifiable even if I still haven't bought another bookcase like I should have years ago.

Also, the article I co-wrote was FINALLY published this past month, and I now have the extra two copies of the journal issue so I can send one to my parents, and I really need to figure out something else I can write next that isn't a straight historical topic requiring a ton of research on my part OMG I'm an archivist, not an academic historian.
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Er. This is as much here for my benefit as for anyone else's who is interested. I might be missing it, if I go to that free concert in the park tomorrow evening...

I worked with fusable glass this morning, making a picture frame for a picture for my mom for her birthday in September. I have never in my life worked with glass in such a way before (though it did bring back memories of working with Plexi...) We'll see if I actually managed to make something pretty? And if I actually had the right size frame for a 4x6 picture? I'm easy, since I have time to make this right. And I really want to make this right, since it's one of those ahem birthdays.

Right. I think it might be time to go jump in a pool.
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Things that annoy the hell out of me:

--Rental upgrades from a basic economy car to a Jeep SUV
--Having to drive said rental upgrades on the interstates of Chicago surrounded by idiots, and being an idiot myself
--specifically O'Hare International Airport
--Mother Nature
--humanity for fucking up Mother Nature
--the Midwest for having fucked-up weather generally anyway
--having to get up at 3:30 in the morning for a flight that was delayed till 8:45 anyway, after my original flight the night before being canceled, so that I spent about 24 hours with my parents this weekend.

Things that amuse me or make me happy:

--getting ice cream with my dad
--making fudge with my mom
--taking a walk with my dad
--going shopping with my mom
--the three of us actually sitting together in a restaurant at lunch having a conversation (mom doesn't normally do restaurants, she can't hear very well)
--just getting to spend time with my parents.

I'm glad I went home, even if it was a stupidly screwed-up weekend.


Y'all remember my Leverage fic "Life in the 21st Century"? [livejournal.com profile] bessyboo has turned it into a podfic, and you should totally go listen to it now. I listened to it in the middle seat on an airplane and tried very, very hard not to giggle out loud.

I think I had more to say. I'm sure it will come back to me later.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] katie_m! I hope it has at some point involved Teal'c, PI battling zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. (Is that an appropriate thing to wish on a birthday? Why not!)

Completely unrelatedly, let's have a meme!

How this meme works:
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed. Feel free to ask me questions back, if you like. Also, if you'd rather just answer questions in the comments and not repost, that's fine by me.

And so [livejournal.com profile] fahrbotdrusilla asked me:

1.) Which is your favorite EDA?

I was going to say Halflife, and then I thought about Fear Itself...but wait, Fear Itself is technically a PDA, right? Halflife it is!

2.) What's your favorite thing written by Oscar Wilde (I would say barring The Importance Of Being Earnest)?

Oh sure, bar that! Second favorite is probably "The Canterville Ghost," not least because I used that storyline for my magic prop in theatre tech class.

3.) What is your favorite food?

Chicken parmigiana from Johnny Carino's. YUM. I need to do that for my birthday again this year.

4.) What would you like to see Parker and Hardison go undercover together as next season on leverage?

They totally need to go to a sci-fi con together, don't they? I think I can trust the Leverage writers to handle that without being overly cruel to sci-fi cons and fandom. Hardison spends the entire ep trying not to out himself as a BNF, either to his fellow fans at the con or to his teammates; Parker...oh, gods, Parker.

5.) What would happen if Fitz showed up in the new series?

Other than a tiny niche of fandom screaming in hysterics? He would save the world by playing guitar. Eleven would accidentally snog him, Rory would be annoyed when Fitz gave him clothing pointers, and Amy would probably alternately want to snog him and also be annoyed by him knowing the Doctor before she did. And there might be some angst, but it wouldn't last long because Eleven is a tiny bit magical like that.
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...or something?
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Fic what I wrote, by month:

obnoxious number of links, therefore cutting )

I'd never written dueSouth before, I wrote a remarkable # of fics involving Amelia Pond (...I am not surprised), I wrote more Leverage and quite respectably too, I continued to pair Ace up with other awesome women (including a god), and I'm a bit surprised I wrote that much SG-1 fic this year. Huh. I didn't make the whole one-fic-a-month goal I've been keeping the past few years (don't ask me why I have such a goal, other than it was something to do, and I think I shall drop it this year), but I still wrote a fair amount. And yes, most of it involved Doctor Who. First fandom, oldest fandom, fandom that is never gonna die. I'm okay with that. I also watched a ridiculous amount of Simon and Simon, Adderly, dueSouth, and probably other shows from the 1980s and 1990s, but I did not write fic for most of those forays into other eras. We should probably all be grateful.

I wish I had done more audio fic; I want to work on that. I also want to keep experimenting writing in new fandoms; I think I did better at that last year. And write more Amy/Rory and 11. Mostly because they make me REMARKABLY HAPPY, and I quite like that feeling.
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Leverage season finale:

Read more... )
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Ficlet, in response to last night's Leverage Christmas episode:

mildly spoilery, and a little bit Parker/Hardison )
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Okay, so I am in fact doing Yuletide this year, but whatever, I saw this on my flist and couldn't resist the opportunity to WRITE MORE FIC (since I've been kinda bad at that this year). So, originally stolen from [livejournal.com profile] cruelest_month, this is an alternative fic exchange.

I really hate not getting people gifts for Christmas or other winter holiday of your choice. And I really cannot afford to buy every awesome one of you the amazing gift you deserve.

So instead I would like to write you something that you would like to read.

More information under the cut )


Oct. 26th, 2010 10:26 pm
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I AM BACK ONLINE. At home, that is. After five hours of recovery CDs, downloading updates, and re-installing software. Brand shiny new hard drive, old casing and operating system. All my bookmarks are gone. It's surprisingly refreshing to be starting out new. I probably won't feel that way next week when attempting to hunt something down that I *knew* I had saved somewhere. Or when I realize how many photographs I'm sure I've lost because I was much crappier at backing up some of my data than I should have been.

Random thoughts I've had in the past week & not posted because I had little Internet access for goofing off:

1. There was a really clever little thought about the changing nature of privacy, specifically from the 18th century through the 21st, and how online media are changing our notions again about privacy, and that was about as far as it got before sputtering out. I'm sure more eloquent people have already said things about this anyway.

2. I had a Leverage vid idea for "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darrin, focusing on Nate and how the team totally invade his space (Bing bang, I saw the whole gang / Dancing on my living room rug...), and then by the end of the second season/beginning of the third, he kinda just...goes along with it (I forgot about the bath / I went and put my dancin shoes on, yeah...). Y'all should be grateful I can't make vids, honestly.

3. Absurd and obscure crossover idea #578: Janos Bartok from Legend has a conversation with Benton Fraser from dueSouth. Mostly because both of them are quite good at changing the world to fit their expectations.

There was more stuff. But it's been a long night, and I still need to get up early tomorrow morning and get through another day of life. Woo.
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Leverage, right now )

I have in the past few days finally seen both Sherlock and the Paul Gross movie Gunless. Somehow, I don't think those two things really fit in the same sentence together.

Sherlock, not really spoilery, but whatever )

Gunless, also probably not terribly spoilery )


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