Feb. 1st, 2011 07:13 pm
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I suppose technically it is a snow day, since the snow has been falling all day (sideways; thank you, wind), but it was called yesterday afternoon in the midst of all the freezing rain, and earlier this morning I could see the ice lurking under the snow. So however you define it, I am glad not to be out there. Even if I barely have any milk left. Hmph.

(ETA: NO WORK TOMORROW EITHER. OMG I might even have to clean house if this keeps up!)

So! This calls for a meme. Obviously. Gakked from [ profile] lozenger8.

List fifteen of your favourite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined.

1. Chiana, Farscape.
2. Wadsworth the butler, Clue.
3. Wash, Firefly.
4. Geoffrey Tennant, Slings & Arrows.
5. Mona Ellerby, Adderly.
6. Alec Hardison, Leverage.
7. Kate Beckett, Castle. (In part because Esposito & Ryan are such a duo I couldn't say one or the other?)
8. Cosmo, Singin' in the Rain.
9. Ray Vecchio, dueSouth (This is a COMPLETELY NEW development, as I know it used to be Ray Kowalski. But RayV has kinda edged him out in my rewatch of the past few months; and, really, I find RayK far more interesting these days with Fraser than by himself, largely due to the way Fraser reacts around him and that's a story the fandom's already gone through years ago so I'll shut up now.)
10. Illya Kuryakin, Man from UNCLE.
11. Hannibal Sefton, from the Benjamin January novels by Barbara Hambly.
12. Vala Mal Doran, Stargate SG-1
13. Darien Fawkes, Invisible Man.
14. Mason, Dead Like Me.
15. Death, from the Sandman graphic novels.

And no, I did not put Doctor Who on this list because I probably would have embarrassed myself and said Fitz Kreiner. Or be maddening and say the Doctor without specifying an incarnation. HA.
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Fic what I wrote, by month:

obnoxious number of links, therefore cutting )

I'd never written dueSouth before, I wrote a remarkable # of fics involving Amelia Pond (...I am not surprised), I wrote more Leverage and quite respectably too, I continued to pair Ace up with other awesome women (including a god), and I'm a bit surprised I wrote that much SG-1 fic this year. Huh. I didn't make the whole one-fic-a-month goal I've been keeping the past few years (don't ask me why I have such a goal, other than it was something to do, and I think I shall drop it this year), but I still wrote a fair amount. And yes, most of it involved Doctor Who. First fandom, oldest fandom, fandom that is never gonna die. I'm okay with that. I also watched a ridiculous amount of Simon and Simon, Adderly, dueSouth, and probably other shows from the 1980s and 1990s, but I did not write fic for most of those forays into other eras. We should probably all be grateful.

I wish I had done more audio fic; I want to work on that. I also want to keep experimenting writing in new fandoms; I think I did better at that last year. And write more Amy/Rory and 11. Mostly because they make me REMARKABLY HAPPY, and I quite like that feeling.
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Title: The Wallpaper Goes or I Do Affair
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Man from UNCLE, Illya/Napoleon
Word count: approx. 1150 words
Prompt: this image, for [personal profile] destina. I came thisclose to writing you an Austin Powers crossover, Des. And then I remembered I’d actually have to watch an Austin Powers movie again in order to write it, and sanity was restored. But only marginally. :p
Summary: Synthetic drugs are THRUSH’s answer to “aliens made them do it.”

Read more... )
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Title: The Great Cake Massacre Affair
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Man from UNCLE, Illya/Napoleon
Word count: approx. 1200 words
Prompt/summary: Illya loves cake. For [personal profile] severa.

Read more... )

A little bit of history on the bundt cake.

And if you really want to make your own seafoam cantaloupe pie, here's a recipe.
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Okay, so I am in fact doing Yuletide this year, but whatever, I saw this on my flist and couldn't resist the opportunity to WRITE MORE FIC (since I've been kinda bad at that this year). So, originally stolen from [ profile] cruelest_month, this is an alternative fic exchange.

I really hate not getting people gifts for Christmas or other winter holiday of your choice. And I really cannot afford to buy every awesome one of you the amazing gift you deserve.

So instead I would like to write you something that you would like to read.

More information under the cut )
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I have friends driving in from out of town this evening. The roads are still not recovered from the massive storm we had at Christmas. And now it's falling steadily again. Screw you, snow!


Fic what I wrote last year, in some rough form of chronological order of publishing date:

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (SG-1, original!team)

some bits and bobs, from prompts that I don't think I ever finished writing...bad me (Dalziel & Pascoe books by Reginald Hill and Man from UNCLE).

Just a Little Confused (NCIS, for the [ profile] lgbtfest ficathon)
The Inestimable Value of a Good Pair of Shoes (DW, Harry Sullivan may be an imbecile but we love him dearly for it, for the [ profile] tardis_gen ficathon)

A Funny Kommandant (Hogan's Heroes, also for the [ profile] lgbtfest ficathon)

Three Time Travelers in a Boat (DW, for the EDA ficathon on [ profile] henriettastreet)
Somebody Else's Conventional (DW, for same ficathon)

Even the Smallest Ripple (DW, EDAs)
A Pleasant Road (SG-1, mostly Cam and Teal'c)

a 5 things prompt (SG-1, 5 things left in Sam's luggage when she went to Atlantis)

Choose Your Own Theft (Leverage/many other fandoms, PARKER RULES)

another 5 things prompt (SG-1, 5 times Daniel was scary)
Sunshine for Your Love (DW, Polly/Martha for the [ profile] dw_femslash ficathon)
Thick-Skinned (I-man, Our Heroes Three for the [ profile] hot_donuts ficathon)

Of Ogrons and Butterflies (DW, Martha and Benny)
day in the life (DW, Fitz-at-Torchwood)
Each Other (Man from UNCLE, for the Down the Chimney ficathon on [ profile] muncle)
The full weight of our burdens (Dalziel & Pascoe books by Reginald Hill, for Yuletide)

And the two audio fics I read:
Twenty True Stories (DW, written by [ profile] kindkit)
In Dulce Jubilo (SG-1, written by [ profile] troyswann)

Now for some waffling on about the above )
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Can't stay, must open presents (it's a hard life I lead; I've spent the past two days lounging about reading and petting an adoring cat), but I just had to mention the two more marvelous, wonderful, glorious fics I've received as pressies:

Stepping Southward, a Man from UNCLE fic, in which Napoleon and Illya go on a journey. Banter, and dogsleds, and more banter. YAY.

The Wicked Wedding (American Title: "Why did Libby Marry?") is a luxuriously long Albert Campion mystery that I have not gotten to finish yet (see above re: presents that must be opened stat), but it starts with Albert singing and Lugg annoyed, so you know it's going to be perfect. And it's all looooong and all for me! Oh, yay indeed!

Yay for this time of year, I say!

hodge podge

Dec. 6th, 2009 03:22 pm
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I started and finished a very rough first draft for my [ profile] yuletide story last night.


I sort of had to do it last night as I doubt I'll be able to write anything for the next week. (And, er, I've got to finalize my [ profile] muncle Down the Chimney fic by Saturday.) My mom's here! She arrived way earlier today than I expected! This entire weekend has not gone the way I planned! I should have expected that! Etc. etc. etc.

I saw a limo driving into a Taco John's yesterday. How local/regional is Taco John's? It's like a knock-off Taco Bell. (Okay, it might be better than Taco Bell for all I know; it's still cheap fast food.) At least the limo wasn't driving into a Taco Tico, which...the less said about those, the better. I wonder if the limo was going to try going through the drive-thru? I really, really hope not.

I made pumpkin streudel today. It is delicious. (I had to taste-test it before serving it to other people, you understand, having never made the recipe before.) Still have not made a casserole. That shall have to wait till after my mom's gone, I think, alas.

The Christmas movies I like to watch: Love Actually, White Christmas, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Oh yeah.
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Note: I've been meaning to, you know, cross-post fic here all along and...have failed spectacularly. So this is me cleaning up a minor backlog.

Title: The Invisible Man Affair
Rating: all ages
A/N: Written for the 2008 Down the Chimney ficathon on [community profile] muncle for [personal profile] azdak.

Read more... )
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Title: Conversation Piece
Rating: all ages
Warnings: none
A/N: Written for the 2008 Down the Chimney ficathon on [community profile] muncle for [personal profile] azdak.

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For one week, recommend/share:

Day one: a song
Day two: a picture
Day three: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day four: a site
Day five: a youtube clip
Day six: a quote
Day seven: whatever tickles your fancy

Driving home from my aunt's house, I decided: fuck this shit, let's have some fun.

So, have Well, Did you Evah? from High Society, as sung by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

And you might as well have Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, from Spamalot, too.

And here, possibly the most random picspam ever in the history of random picspams:

right here under this cut )

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes this meme.
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I'm a total sucker for fic-related memes. That one about the first sentence of your past 20 fics:

Read more... )

Speaking of Fitz, I've listened to the first two parts of "Company of Friends," with Benny and FIIIIIITZ. They were both magnificent and awesome and pretty much exactly what I would have hoped for, so I look forward to listening to the Izzy & Mary stories, since, er, I've never even thought much about them as companions.
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If you look at it from a certain angle, under a certain light, the Man from UNCLE's episode "Foxes & Hounds Affair" could potentially be porntastic.

Here, have some photographic proof. )

A couple random Illya shots that I might as well share because they are priceless:

I know how you feel, mate. )

Illya 'I broke my nail' Kuryakin, at your service. )

fic me

Mar. 11th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Oh my electronic gods, I signed up for two stories with [ profile] lgbtfest in two fandoms I've never written before. EEEEEEEEK. What the hell was I thinking again?

Aaaand I got started on the fic prompts I asked for, um, days ago. Ficlets, not drabbles.

MUNCLE, Mr Waverly and Daylight Savings Time, from periwinkle27 )

Reginald Hill books, Edgar Wield and his motorcycle, from kindkit )

And I shall get back to the other prompts! I have ideas percolating! They're just taking longer. And I suddenly have no time due to all the ficathons I signed up for. (Seriously, what was I thinking.)

I was thinking the other day that I've always watched procedural dramas/mysteries on television, but the--rules? tropes? better word that I'm currently blanking on?--have changed somewhat in the past couple decades. It used to be all gifted amateurs detecting things, like Murder She Wrote or Diagnosis Murder; now it's all authority figures working things out, typically with forensic science (or other branches of the maths & sciences) like NCIS or Numb3rs. Is it just *my* tastes have changed and I didn't notice the authority-figure shows back in the '80s and early '90s, or have television shows cycled through one phase to another again?

ETA: Has anyone watched Castle? It's actually kinda awesome.
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I was going to wait till both holiday exchanges I was involved with made their reveals, but Down the Chimney ([ profile] muncle) has a couple latecomers waiting, and I'm impatient. So here is the fic what I wrote in 2008:

By month because I'm curious like that )

And now for a related fic meme I've seen around my flist:

Read more... )

That was my fannish year, which seems to have gone much better than my RL year. But 2009 is not allowed to be a Fuck-Up Year, and I refuse to make any resolutions about it. Resolutions are for people who think they have the possibility of certainties.

And now I must go clean off my kitchen table as I have a friend coming this weekend YAAAAY.
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Illya Kuryakin: Napoleon? I hate to trouble you with trivia, but, uh, I think I’m about to get killed and it struck me that perhaps you might want to say good-bye.

Have I mentioned lately that I love Illya? He's the best thing since the wheel. Because sliced bread just doesn't cut it.


I walked to work today, thereby faking everyone out. "What are you doing here? I didn't see your car," they said. Which makes me feel bad because I really should just walk it more often. I'll get on that. Right in time to be leaving again. Sigh.
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Why is it, that even when I do not drink when I go out, I wake up the next morning feeling like crap?

Oh gods, I'm getting old.

But I'm going out today and tonight anyway, and I get to see a [ profile] troyswann and I should probably go get ready now, actually.
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TV I've been catching of late, which are signs that I am not coping particularly well right now:

1. "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
2. "M*A*S*H"
3. Various Star Treks (mostly Voyager & DS9)
4. "Hogan's Heroes"
5. "Murder She Wrote"

It's the comfort food of the mind, really; all shows I pretty much grew up with, and it doesn't matter how ridiculous they might be, they make me smile. I'm not really watching any of them, per se, but if I see they're on I turn to them, at least for a couple minutes. Hey, at least I don't constantly have to have some kind of background noise playing. Yet.

But I caught "Change of Command" tonight, the one where Potter joined the 4077th and I'd forgotten how much it hit on my kink about seeing our favorite characters from a newcomer's eyes, and Potter made a fabulous newcomer indeed, particularly when it came to meeting and starting to get to know Radar. And BJ was still all new and fresh out of training and saluting and stuff. It was cute.

I've actually been watching Horatio Hornblower movies lately (the library had copies; how could I resist?) and the second season of Man from UNCLE. And, oh, watching UNCLE in order, uncut, is much more fun than it probably has any right to be. Illya and Napoleon get to be completely bitchy at each other all the time, and Mr Waverly sends Illya with Napoleon on a mission almost entirely--apparently--because he's not certain the female innocent will like brunettes over blonds. It is far, far too much fun but, like I said, I'm in the mood for brain candy comfort food these days.
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It's David McCallum all day, every day around here, apparently. I watched some NCIS over the weekend; I'm trying to finish a rewatch of all of Sapphire & Steel so I can send the DVDs home with my dad when he visits in a couple days; and I randomly just started watching the second season of Man from UNCLE. Huh.

Other than that, I have a ficlet. It's Doctor Who, but it does not in any way involve Fitz. Maybe I'm learning to wean myself away? I just need to write old school SG-1 fic or something. Oy.

Title: Air to Breathe
Characters: Five, Tegan
Word count: around 850
A/N: [ profile] zauberer_sirin wrote up a Five/Tegan post for [ profile] who_otp's rare ship months including a fanmix with the song "An End has a Start" by the Editors. The song inspired this.

Read more... )


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