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Stupid time change. I woke up at eleven and have done jack-all since then. Y'know, a whole two hours ago.

Time to get my arse moving.
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Right, so, I am either a) going to found the vampire museum or b) open an all-night bakery and coffee shop because going to work at eight in the morning five days a week is NOT CUTTING IT FOR ME.

If you have any wooden stakes/Hammer Horror clips/black capes you would like to donate, please let me know.
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You know your addiction is bad when despite the fact that you're starving you still can't tear yourself away from the Internet, even though your soup is coming ever close to getting burned.

I've spent every weekend for about the past month out and about and running around and often out of town. (I kinda fail at social interaction. OMG SO LONELY IN TOWN, so I shall go out of town or have out-of-town friends visit me. And then back to OMG SO LONELY IN TOWN. Blargh.) I am looking forward this weekend to doing some desperately-needed laundry and holing up in my apartment. And sleeping. SLEEPING. I drove home last night from my friend's with a blistering almost-migraine (by the end of the drive, I was telling myself "Just wait till you get home to puke, just wait," though thankfully I didn't even then). I got home at 8.30 and promptly passed out for ten hours. I wish I could do that every night.

I've got too much to do. I just want to crash.
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Why is it, that even when I do not drink when I go out, I wake up the next morning feeling like crap?

Oh gods, I'm getting old.

But I'm going out today and tonight anyway, and I get to see a [livejournal.com profile] troyswann and I should probably go get ready now, actually.
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nap hangover, (n.): the inability to sleep during the day without afterwards feeling like utter shite

[Poll #1188046]

I left work at two this afternoon, a) due to an inability to hold myself up without clutching to a wall or some other fairly stable surface and b) due to an inability to put with anybody else's bullshit anymore. Oh gods, I look forward to unemployment. This is a bad, bad thing.

And so I shall end this post with a link, in lieu of yet another link to the American LoM trailer, concerning cats and tread mills (gakked from [livejournal.com profile] livii):

which can be found here.

(The second kitten totally looks like "Fuck this, I'm bored now" at the end, which just makes it all even more awesome.)
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Oh, BBC, I like you best in costume drama. Especially 19th and early 20th century costume drama. You do it so well. It has nothing to do with my fondness for three-piece suits and waistcoats. Honest.

It's been a crap day. Did not go out to lunch with co-workers as semi-planned, it's been rainy and humid and sticky and yucky all day, and I took another Epic Nap.

I suck at taking naps. Nap-taking is not meant for me. Today's marathon nap extended for about 4.5 hours. I can't take short, hour-long naps. And when I wake up, I just have nap hangover. Seriously. Dry, old-sock mouth; ghastly headache; fuzzy brain; stumbling around. It makes the rest of the day pretty pointless. And the rest of the day lasts for-flipping-ever, all because I took an Epic Nap.

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It was my birthday on Thursday. It didn't feel like my birthday on Thursday, because I was dealing with major transportation issues all morning and then I was in a job interview all afternoon and evening. (Planes and I, we have some kind of love/hate relationship going on. Let's see how it goes later this week when I fly to St. Louis for my friend's wedding, yeah?)

So I think I'll just say that I didn't have a birthday this year and I'm still 23. Yes, that sounds excellent. I'll never even make it to 39 if I can keep this up.

I'm feeling grumbly about the new Doctor Who, and I think it's in large part because other people are being quite squeeful about it in ways that I'm not. Also, IT CHANGES OVER TIME, PEOPLE. THAT IS THE NATURE OF DOCTOR WHO. And it was pants back in the '60s, and the '70s, and the '80s, so it can bloody well be pants in the twenty-first century in special new twenty-first century ways, too. That is quite possibly the only way it does not change over time. That is, in fact, the essence of Doctor Who. Being dodgy and rubbish and yet still somehow charming.

*grumble grumble*

I should be directing the grumbly-ness elsewhere. Pah.

Oh! And I have discovered the secret to taking naps. I should take them only a couple hours after waking up. Then I don't get nap hangover at all. Brilliant.
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I cannot get comfortable.

And I am cranky, because I took an accidental nap this evening when I got home from work. (It was the most accidental nap I've ever taken, as I kept picking up my glasses and dropping them again when I fell back to asleep. and the phone rang, and I didn't hear a thing.) I hate taking naps. I get hangovers.

Tomorrow, I go away to someplace that I have been promised is colder. If it is not, I will stamp my feet and cry. (I won't, actually, as that would be terrible guest etiquette, but I may pout for a little while. Did I mention I'm feeling cranky right now?)

Can I have air-conditioning now? I'm a wuss.
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Is there something in between a regular headache and full-blown migraine? 'Cos I have these bastards of a headache during which I can function...kinda...but the pain's enough I'm nauseous and want to curl up in a dark corner and hide. I'm moving, and I'm doing stuff, but I'm only half-aware, and I'm not at my best.

(I finally did get to curl up in a dark corner and hide today, *after* dealing with the headache for eight hours. That included driving back and forth from Cheyenne to work on my archival practicum. I had a moment of geekish pleasure, though, when I noticed that the downtown hospital there is located on House Ave.)

I swear, I should be like the Rain God dude in So Long & Thanks for all the Fish who had something like 117 words for rain. Only mine would all be for headaches. One of my least favorites is Saturday headaches. Those suck. But at least I can do homework through those, usually.

Gave a quiz this morning to my students. Prof wasn't there, so it was just us three TAs. Doing this stuff--writing up questions, comparing how students did on the first quiz with the second, noting which questions the students keep getting wrong--it's interesting. Leading a review session next week, as the first proper exam is a week from Monday. And the day after that I'm supposed to lead discussion in my archives class. And we have a finding aid due that day as well for our fake collection, which means reading the books so I can find out *how* to do a finding aid, and it means redoing my inventory 'cos the first one wasn't all that great. *And* this weekend I've also got to come up with some questions for the exam I'm supposed to be leading a review session on next week. Not to mention, y'know, clean my apartment 'cos it's a mess and do laundry before I run out of socks and underwear.

Oy vey.

I keep having the urge to write, without having anything *to* write. No ideas, just almost-words and inarticulate emotion. It would be frustrating if I actually had the time to write, which I don't.
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So. I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. All four of them. General anaesthesia? Is some really weird crack, man.

I barely even notice the doc putting the needle in my arm 'cos I'm being distracted by what everyone else is doing to me (including putting me on oxygen--whee! This is...different), and then he says "In a couple moments you're going to feel a little weird and then very sleepy" and I swear before he even finished saying that I was already in some other plane of existence.

This is the weird bit. My eyes were closed, but it felt like I was still aware of stuff going on around me--people talking, moving--only like it was the fastest of fast-forward modes. I was out for probably an hour, maybe 90 minutes, but it only felt like five at most before I kinda became aware of them unhooking the BP monitor & oxygen & needle and everything else. And I knew I was done and should be waking up now and getting out of the room and everything, but I was so tired, I just wanted to stay there and sleep.

It must be so weird to see people waking up and trying to acclimatize after anaesthesia. Not to mention interrelate with them. For the first few minutes, I wasn't sure if I was speaking aloud or only thinking, and I wasn't sure if the other person in the room with me was speaking to me or if I was just hearing things...really, really discombobulated there.

They tried to get me to walk to the little recovery room, only the world was still kinda spinning and flickering and I was kinda "wheeeeee," so I got to ride in a wheelchair (first time ever! It's been a week of firsts for me, I tell you, including driving through Wyoming for the first time ever but that's a different story). So, so weird--I was thinking at my normal speeds, and I could pay attention and hear what people were saying to me and comprehend it all, but I was still totally disconnected from everything and just kept telling myself "don't worry about it now, you can deal with it all later and don't move the ice from your cheeks."

Yeah. I did wake out of it pretty much by the time I wobbled out to the car with my mom and one of the nice dental hygeinest (sp?) ladies, but I still spent the majority of the rest of the evening sleeping. Biggest problem so far has been the queasy stomach--yesterday I didn't have anything to eat at all until somewhere around 5.30 pm so I could take a painkiller, and all in all for the whole day I only had two cups of applesauce and some water. I don't think my body much likes the painkiller (narcotic, wheeee!). Though I was feeling pretty woozy right after surgery and before I took the painkiller, too, so maybe my body just doesn't like having *anything* put into it beyond Tylenol and my usual asthma meds. I can only hope the "I'm gonna hurl" feeling goes away before too long...

Yeah. Thank the gods and all the goddesses I don't have anymore wisdom teeth for them to yank out.

that's odd

Nov. 21st, 2004 11:46 pm
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Am at that state of tiredness in which breathing is something of an effort.

It's actually kinda nice, though. Peaceful.

It's all a ploy to make myself go to bed absurdly early tomorrow night, so I can get up at five on Tuesday to get to airport and actually have more than, say, three hours sleep. I covet sleep. I like sleep. Sleep is good.


Have been amazingly productive past few days, and if I can keep it up tomorrow while also packing and possibly doing a bit of cleaning and other last-minute chores, then just maybe the last few weeks of classes won't kill me.

However, the drive home after that probably will, if I actually try to do it in two days. Depending on the snow. And such.

I get an email from my mom today, asking if I still like coffee. I tell her I drink it pretty rarely and ask why she's asking, and she says dad got me something for Christmas and it's a surprise. I tell her it's not much of a surprise anymore, is it?

I like my mom. She's kinda kooky.

Sleep now.
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So eons and eons ago my good friend Sal gave me a copy of With Nails: The Film Diaries of Richard E. Grant, and it's been following me around everywhere I move as I keep telling myself I'll finally get around to reading it.

And the other night, I finally got around to reading it. Well, I've only read the first chapter--and yes, it is the chapter dealing with Withnail and I--but hey, it's a start.

And REG is hilarious. At an audition for Frankenstein's monster, he ends up getting so involved in the part he starts strangling the director. )

Shall probably read it off and on, as it seems like it'll be suited to that anyway. Also must buy alcohol at soonest possible convenience and watch the movie again. (I keep saying this. I think I'll finally do it this weekend.)

And I've gotten to the point, once again, where I hate going to sleep. Hate it. It's some ugly, vicious, circular cycle that I can't break out of, because when I'm supposed to go to bed--somewhere, say, between midnight and two am--I am wide fucking awake. So that by the time I finally do fall asleep, I wake up the next morning utterly exhausted and just want to go right back to sleep. But can't, because I have things to do before class.

What's the point?

Maybe I'll exhaust myself enough that I'll just fall asleep at an appropriate time anyway. Or maybe I'll take up full-time insomnia.

Also, still adjusting to this whole semester thing. It's the fourth week of school; I'm feeling antsy, expecting midterms to be coming up end of this week, next week. But, uh, I don't technically have any midterms. And I've got about three months left of the term.

I have a feeling I'm going to get very bored by the eighth week.


Feb. 25th, 2004 10:19 am
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Feel like total, abject shite. Called in sick to work this morning, in fact, in an attempt to get a couple hours extra sleep to feel better. Didn't sleep so much as shifted from one side to the other, had a long, complicated non-dream about something I've completely forgotten but I think actually involved multiple fandoms, and now perhaps feel marginally worse.

Vacillating nose (sometimes it's runny, sometimes it's not) and Instant Sore Throat (seriously--last night, during run-through, I felt my throat get sore. That never happens to me, as usually my sore throats start in the middle of the night while I'm asleep). Oh yeah, and tomorrow's Opening Night for the first of ten performances in the coming week.

Happy happy, joy joy. At least I don't appear to be running a fever. Now to stagger off to get dressed & go to the computer lab to work some more on the bloody lobby display.
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And so, what I have written down for my text analysis of the play The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde consists of this single line:

"I think this is the point where I should go into class tomorrow and say, 'Hey, Liz?'"

Well, it's a start...

Went to doc. Gave me drugs to make me feel better (supposedly--I don't trust those side effects). Came home exhausted and with a headache, so I finally crawled up onto my bed and closed my eyes for about a half-hour. Felt absolutely wonderful. Till I started coughing and couldn't stop.

I will sleep tonight. I will sleep loads tonight. Or else I'll simply go on being miserable and cranky. Damn.

*clap clap*

Apr. 8th, 2003 09:14 pm
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St Cedd's College! Professor Chronotis, the old cutie! Tom Baker's grin and Lalla Ward's beaming smile!

Okay, so I'm watching "Shada." Just preparing myself for May. Of course.

"Oh, sometimes."

Going to the doc's tomorrow. Will probably be given antibiotics and hopefully start feeling better quite, quite soon. Better enough that I can talk again. Better enough that I can *laugh* again--I was never very good at sign language. Even pseudo-sign language.

It was a shock to see Christopher Neame on an Invisible Man ep a couple years ago. At least he was dressed slightly better in 2001. What an incredibly dorky hat & cape combo he's wearing in this story.
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Okay, so *why* does this keep happening? If this is becoming a trend, then shoot me now, please. When you're still my age, there is this idea that birthdays are still supposed to be fun. That does not include spending the week before miserable because you can't swallow without wincing and because your throat sounds like it's been ravaged by a one of those doo-hickeys they used to make Doctor Who monster voices. Honestly.

Can't be bothered to do any work either. Can't concentrate on econ problems, can't think about movement such as curtseying; I might have just enough energy to read the selections for feminism but I certainly don't have enough to actively read through and discover things about character, structure, and objectives in "Earnest."

Oh, whine whine whine. Go read the blasted feminism; at least you know you can do that much.
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Went to bed kinda early last night deliberately 'cos I figured I could use the sleep. Only I don't think I fell asleep at all before six am, and after that I slept in fits and starts until I got out of bed at noon. And then twenty minutes later I sprawled out on the cushions we have on our floor and *really* slept for a couple hours. Hey, it made my headache go away. Too bad it didn't make the sore throat and acheyness and clogged ears also go away...

My mom was sick on Wednesday when she came here on her way home from Topeka. Cat hasn't been feeling great, Rabite was sick, not sure if Pony ever feels fully healthy, Fox thought she might be feeling a bit under the weather a day or two ago...and now here I am.

Interesting thing is, I felt pretty shitty a year ago too, right before my birthday then. I just hope this time isn't as bad as that time.


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