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Rewatching Farscape; Aeryn Sun is being awesome and Chiana is being angry and Zhaan is holding the world together, and this seems the best thing to watch on International Women's Day.

The thing about White Collar: they do the 'OMG I can't tell Peter/Neal/Elizabeth/Hughes/everyone else ever this major secret!' thing a lot, right, but then--unlike other shows, like Supernatural, say--the person keeping the secret ends up telling it anyway, after just a couple episodes of strife and lying. So they have some of the drama but then they undercut themselves and move onto creating tension in other ways. I really like that they do that, it's much less reliant upon a really stupid narrative trope that annoys the crap out of me.


So a couple weeks ago, I got a sinoplasty done on my nose, and it was bloody and painful and blech. And then apparently I developed a sinus infection from them, y'know, rummaging around in my sinuses for an hour, so I've continued to feel painful and blech, off and on, some days much worse than others.

I reserve the right to cut off my nose if, after all this, I'm still sneezing and sniffling and wheezing come spring.


I'M GOING TO PUERTO RICO THIS SUMMER. I'm still trying to figure out if I can also go to the Grand Canyon. And I'm definitely going to Indianapolis and New Orleans. (I thought this was supposed to be my light travel year. HAH.)
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So, being gone all weekend to various places, I came home at 10:30 Sunday night to discover it was below 60 Fahrenheit in my house.


I think I need to spend more weekends here. Or just move and be done with it. Blah.

I have also spent the majority of this week feeling physically like crap. I can't even define it, just--crap. I haven't bothered going to the doctor's office, though, so I probably have no right to complain. I just sit and look doleful, and my co-workers tell me to go home. They're probably right. (I have no choice tomorrow, it's a move-move-move day, so if going to bed at 9:30 tonight and getting up at 7 tomorrow morning doesn't do it, I'm screwed.)

On a happier note, Let's talk about Castle )
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A Town Called Mercy )

The Power of Three )

I hate my nose (this is a constant whining refrain these weeks), and I have planned all along that today I would clean house, cull crap to take to Good Will, and otherwise make this place less of a pigsty, but it looks gorgeous and inviting and cool and autumn-y outside, and I would much rather sit on my back patio and read. Blah. I only get the reward after I do some of the work, right?

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I offer these two items in conjunction with each other, from the same city:

Kansas governor signs act allowing pharmacists to refuse to dispense abortion drugs

Nine-year-old protests Westboro Baptist protesters

I have no commentary to offer.


I had an insane schedule for a while there that involved being somewhere every single night after work and then again during the weekends, and now, even though I am done with that schedule at least until the fall (and am reminding myself I AM NOT ALLOWED THAT SCHEDULE EVER AGAIN), I am still stressed out and tired and cranky. So stressed out and tired and cranky. Hopefully I just need more time to recover. Maybe I need to take up a calming hobby. Like sleeping more, that would be good.
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Yeah, I wrenched my bum shoulder last night while sleeping--not surprising, because I was screwing up double turns in the waltz in dance class last night in a way that was making my shoulder go "!!!"--and then woke up with a raging sore throat. Worst sore throat I've had in a while.

I am eating cough drops like they were candy and accepting Sudafed drug deals from my co-worker at the newspaper table. (No, seriously, our other co-worker was like, "I'm closing my eyes! I see nothing!") Oh, and pushing the ibuprofen. I also took the afternoon off and slept for three glorious hours. The throat is still sore, not as bad as it was--I could barely swallow breakfast this morning--but that's probably because I'm medicating the hell out of myself.

I am going out of town this weekend! For fun! Damn you, body, you won't get the best of me!
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Okay, yes, any episode where Ryan & Esposito get to take lead on the investigation? KICK ASS.

I have nothing to say these days; I dunno, busy with RL, which is not very exciting for probably anyone but me. Though, I am proud to say that in a semester that started in September, I have only had to drive twice to choir rehearsal, once for rain and once because I was coming from a previous appointment. I even walked it today, despite feeling kinda crappy and despite it being, um, 25 degrees outside. Do not have plague tomorrow, you have two choir concerts in the next few days and no time to be sick.
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The thing about my job is, I find myself tracking down information about truly random digressions in history. Like Dorothea Dix's crusade to...send a lot of boats to an island in Nova Scotia to save people. IDEK, but it made for an entertaining afternoon?

I got back from my trip to Belgium and Amsterdam earlier this week. Things I learned and/or did during the ten days I was traveling:

1. My nose really, really hates dry recycled air, such as found in airports & on airplanes.
2. Having Belgian friends who have Belgian friends comes in REALLY HANDY when you miss the last train from Ghent to Brussels & need a place to crash for a few hours.
3. You really probably can get a contact high in Amsterdam, and the city really is apparently mostly populated by British tourists on stag parties.
4. I am a far, far more confident traveler than I used to be. Like, even since last year.
5. It's okay to squabble and get pissed off with your friends, because they're your friends and are squabbling and pissed off with you, and then you end up drinking beer across the street from a church older than the U.S. has existed as a country under an awning while the rain falls at midnight, sharing stupid blogs to read when you're bored at work and need a five minute break. Or you're tickle-attacking on the bed while trying to pack, or in the midst of a deep philosophical discussion about the reason and need for history, but that's another story.
6. I need to live in a city with canals. I also need to visit Venice, like, stat. And go back to Germany for a cuckoo clock for my mom. (That's just an excuse. I really just need to go back to Germany. And get to a lot of other countries too, but that will be another year.)
7. Blame T for everything. Everything. She might be in the bathroom getting a shower, but that broken bowl in the kitchen is still totally her fault.
8. Belgian chocolate really is just that good. As are wasabi peas, especially when one's nose really, really hates dry recycled air.

There's more. It was good, and I haven't really had time to process yet, but that's what this weekend is for. I might even get around to posting pictures. In sum, My Summer Vacation in Belgium: we ate a lot of fries, drank a lot of beer, and bought a lot of chocolate. And it was good.
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I am tired! and cranky! and tired! and sick! and stressed out! and cranky! and did I mention tired!? And I griped at my mom all afternoon and evening, and she bought me a beautiful blown glass paperweight just because as a surprise from an art glass gallery I pointed out to her yesterday as we drove past, telling her I really needed to get in there sometime, and, just, yeah. I think I could have done today over and made it better.

Everything will be fine. And, in the grand scheme of things, the things stressing me out right now will have faded away by next week. Mostly.

I just need to keep reminding myself of that.
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So in the concert I was in last night, we sang this song, among others:

go here, because I still kinda suck at embedding things.

I hope we sang it half as well as that. I really hope. (The G the sopranos hit? NOT EASY. Especially when one's nose is a bastard and stuffed up.)

Also yesterday, I completely scrapped my first draft for Yuletide and wrote a different fic. And I think it is much better, but it still needs work. I have over a week. This is totally doable. Oh yes.
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Okay, I admit it. I love this time of year. Things flavored with pumpkin, and cinnamon, and nutmeg; that crisp turn in the air, no longer the heat; the way the light falls, all angled; all the leaves, the colors (May week's in June). I really, really enjoy the noticeable change in the weather, just like I do the spring after winter.

What I don't love is how crap I feel. I could blame the change in weather, I could blame the outdoor-allergies-I-never-had-till-I-moved-here, I could blame the fact that my life has been INSANELY BUSY for the past few, um, months and I've let myself get worn down. Whatever it is, I am skipping choir tonight (and feeling guilty about that), taking a bath, and huddling on the sofa before going to bed at an indecently early time. All in the hopes that I won't skip work tomorrow. (Hey, I don't have any other commitments tomorrow, I could totally call in sick! Oh my gods I think I need a priority check.)
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I came back to the States and got a cold.

(Actually, I was pretty much expecting that.)

I was away for almost exactly a month--26 days--traversing a continent or two, rental cars and hostels and hotels, castles and ruins and churches, unexpected encounters with the locals, lovely encounters with fellow travelers, beer and live music and kartoffelsalat, parks and buskers, archival conferences and catching up with old friends and colleagues, and a whole lot of other stuff in between. I proved myself as navigator in foreign climes, and I proved that while I might still be able to read German quite well I sure as hell don't understand it when it's spoken to me. And tomorrow I'm supposed to go back to work--depending on the cold; getting lunch at Panera & going grocery shopping kinda wiped me out today, and I haven't even unpacked yet--and be that normal human being again.

I think coming back to the country via a conference in DC was wise, even if everyone was giving me odd looks when I told them--I did all my "omg omg omg I'm back in the States" melting down in DC, away from home and all the more familiar things, so that now, today, I can just wander around my house, drive around my city, and simply be happy to be home. I stumbled in late, late last night--the plane landed around 9, the shuttle didn't leave the airport till probably after ten, another shuttle picked me up in town to drop me off at my house just before midnight, and I could see the familiar things at night--but it was this morning when I went out to my car and drove myself around that I got all ridiculously excited by the familiar things. And, mostly, about driving my car again. I really adore my car. Have I mentioned that lately? My car, my laptop, and my teddy bear; this is what I am most excited about seeing again.

Yesterday I introduced myself to the current President of the Society of American Archivists while holding a giant Baskin Robbins ice cream cone (but thankfully without any ice cream on my face); yesterday I sat next to a mother and her 22-month-old baby who spent half the two hour plane ride howling, probably because she was so tired and couldn't get comfortable and possibly because of the changing air pressure hurting her ears--for about the last ten minutes of the ride, we had her lying mostly on her mom's lap and spilling into mine and she fell asleep at last, but then of course we landed; yesterday I spent the shuttle ride back to town sitting next to a woman who was going even further than me from the airport to take care of her mother after major heart surgery, a woman who had been up even longer than me and who had quit smoking that day and who was about as punch drunk as me, and we kept each other company through the night. And that was just yesterday. The days have been full of moments and memories like that, and I hope I can remember them all.

Okay. I should go unpack, and drink more sassafras tea, and ensure no souvenirs and gifts were broken in transit, and download pictures from my camera, and attempt to figure out how much money I have spent in the past month, and start catching up on all that tv I've missed the past few weeks. That's a good way to recuperate from conference crud, isn't it?

Also, since I have not even attempted to check my flist for the past month, if I missed anything you think I might be interested in, link me to it, please?
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Boosting the signal: information on the Nashville, TN flooding, including how you can help.

Perhaps cheerier, perhaps not, a cartoon possibly relevant to your interests. I AM A LEAF IN THE WIND, DAMMIT.

I think I need to start taking my antihistamine again more regularly.
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I'm sick! Just in time to go out of town this weekend for Homecoming! On a road trip in a car with three friends!

I'd better feel better by tomorrow. OR ELSE. (It's just a cold. Not swine flu. I checked the symptoms on the state health department's website. After I went to work, of course, because I'm just that thoughtful.)

So instead of going to choir tonight and singing my heart out, my plans are a) take bath, b) curl up on couch, and c) watch old Buffy episodes. And Eastwick since, hey, I'll be home tonight. I should probably also work on my DW femmeslash ficathon fic, but that shall probably depend entirely on my ability to concentrate and not hold a tissue for more than two minutes at a time. And also actually coming up with a scenario to write. Oh yeah, that.
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FOIA is back in, Guantanamo is out, apparently. You know, I keep telling myself to wait and see what happens, since we're only two days in, but jeez, it's kinda hard to avoid the emotional high.

Bodily humor does not usually amuse me (this is why I have mixed feelings about Death at a Funeral and didn't particularly care for Tropic Thunder)--and I do mean bodily, as opposed to slapstick or physical comedy--but, apparently, me coughing up a lung while attempting to record the credits for an audio play is hilarious, judging by the fact that I'm still giggling over it. (I don't usually laugh that much when I'm by myself. Honest I don't.) It was kinda like a Red Dwarf outtake actually. Anyway.
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You know your addiction is bad when despite the fact that you're starving you still can't tear yourself away from the Internet, even though your soup is coming ever close to getting burned.

I've spent every weekend for about the past month out and about and running around and often out of town. (I kinda fail at social interaction. OMG SO LONELY IN TOWN, so I shall go out of town or have out-of-town friends visit me. And then back to OMG SO LONELY IN TOWN. Blargh.) I am looking forward this weekend to doing some desperately-needed laundry and holing up in my apartment. And sleeping. SLEEPING. I drove home last night from my friend's with a blistering almost-migraine (by the end of the drive, I was telling myself "Just wait till you get home to puke, just wait," though thankfully I didn't even then). I got home at 8.30 and promptly passed out for ten hours. I wish I could do that every night.

I've got too much to do. I just want to crash.
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Me (on the subject of going to a house for a weekend with pets, when I am allergic to cat and dog hair): Great. So I'll be sleeping on the roof.
Fox: Well, they're indoor/outdoor pets.
Me: Even better. They'll join me on the roof.
Fox: I have fish?
Me: Okay. I'll sleep with the fish.

And later, "Do you want me to throw this phlegm-encrusted tissue at you?" I threatened her.

We're happy roommates. Really. I'll only ditch her 'cos her housing lottery number is so crappy. *sunny smile*
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Watched "Trainspotting" while feeling ill. Not a wise move. Especially when he was going into withdrawal. Hrm.

Took drugs in the hope that I'll sleep tonight. A foolish hope, but I'm an eternal optimist.

The entire world is weird right now. Or maybe it's just my head.
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...that I hate my nose. And throat.

And by the way, I *like* taking breathing for granted. I really, really do. It's useful to concentrate on other things. Like sleep. Which implies a sort of non-concentration, I know, but hey. Same dif. Which is another one of those really stupid phrases you come across in the English language.

Grr. The CD (or perhaps the player--I'm not sure which I'd prefer) is acting up. Interrupted Dean Martin. Grr.


Apr. 15th, 2003 09:46 pm
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Almost fell asleep at work today. Never happened before, even though I habitually have extreme struggle staying awake in the late afternoon. Slumped right over at my professor's computer. Not a good idea. I was working on a particularly grueling brief for most of the time I was there--seven pages of Filemaker text to be copied and pasted from one file to another, with all the entries needing to be referenced and dated properly...argh.

Went to barbershop and couldn't sing everything, which isn't surprising since my voice isn't quite all the way back yet. Still, I hate voicing out, especially since at times it was happening at anything over an A. Grr.

Need fic now.


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