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Oh! So, based on somebody's recommendation--it might have been NPR (I read a lot of NPR at work when I need a 60-second brain break, rather than listening to it on the radio, because I continue to have no auditory concentration ability at all), it might have been a RL friend, it might have been one of y'all--we've started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Netflix, these glorious mysteries set in 1920s Australia about a young woman whose sister went missing and who now makes it her business to get into everybody else's business. I've started making a game out of identifying who will be her new lover in each episode, her outfits are always gorgeous, and she is so unapologetically, unabashedly determined to make sure things are done right--and so unapologetically, unabashedly disinterested in judging other people and how they live their lives--that the show is a real delight to watch. We're only 5 episodes in, which makes me happy, because it means there's still a couple dozen episodes to go.

Okay, it's a little ridiculous how much I adore period mystery drama. Or even modern mystery drama, come to that. I've also been working my way through the Enchanted Chocolate Pot books (for lack of a better unifying title for the trilogy?) by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer and I'm pretty sure there's at least one or two new episodes of Castle and Forever we haven't seen yet. w00t. GIVE ME ALL THE MYSTERIES. Ahem.
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Things that annoy the hell out of me:

--Rental upgrades from a basic economy car to a Jeep SUV
--Having to drive said rental upgrades on the interstates of Chicago surrounded by idiots, and being an idiot myself
--specifically O'Hare International Airport
--Mother Nature
--humanity for fucking up Mother Nature
--the Midwest for having fucked-up weather generally anyway
--having to get up at 3:30 in the morning for a flight that was delayed till 8:45 anyway, after my original flight the night before being canceled, so that I spent about 24 hours with my parents this weekend.

Things that amuse me or make me happy:

--getting ice cream with my dad
--making fudge with my mom
--taking a walk with my dad
--going shopping with my mom
--the three of us actually sitting together in a restaurant at lunch having a conversation (mom doesn't normally do restaurants, she can't hear very well)
--just getting to spend time with my parents.

I'm glad I went home, even if it was a stupidly screwed-up weekend.


Y'all remember my Leverage fic "Life in the 21st Century"? [livejournal.com profile] bessyboo has turned it into a podfic, and you should totally go listen to it now. I listened to it in the middle seat on an airplane and tried very, very hard not to giggle out loud.

I think I had more to say. I'm sure it will come back to me later.
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I went shopping today expressly and specifically for a dressy red top. It didn't have to be red necessarily, it could have been blue or purple or some other color, but I wanted a dressy solid-colored top to go with a patterned skirt I have, for which I only have one blouse really that I cold wear with it, and that's far too summery to wear in weather like this. Besides, I don't have many dressy red tops, and I look good in red. All very simple, right?

Two hours later, by the time I finally went home after visiting three stores, I had spent over $100 on new underwear, pajama bottoms, a new set of sheets, a t-shirt, and a nice cream-colored top that is also not very appropriate for this type of weather. And I discovered when I got home and took the sheets out of their packaging--y'know, completely out of their packaging, never going to fit back into that little plastic thingy again--that I had absent-mindedly bought the wrong size sheets. I could try to force them back into the packaging and take them back, but that just sounds like too much effort. They'll fit my bed, they'll just be too big. Fine. Whatever.

At least I baked zucchini bread today as well and it tastes awesome. So there, me.

On a much more cheering topic, I wanted to rec a couple vids I've been watching not at all obsessively of late. advance by fly_to_dawn, a multi-fandom vid for [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon, and it sort of makes me want to punch the air with how awesome these women are. And from Festivids, there's all the way by [livejournal.com profile] greensilver, which is basically the most gleeful thing I've seen about Invisible Man and about Bobby'n'Darien in a while. You all probably already know about them, but just in case, I feel a need to spread the fannish love.
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So, having watched "Death of the Doctor," part 2, spoilers for Old Skool companions )

Unrelatedly, new Sherlock (BBC) vid by [livejournal.com profile] severa. Wonderful use of lyrics to clips, and y'all should just go watch it now. Go on, skedaddle.
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xkcd today, and having driven the Kansas-Colorado border one too many times, I would believe it.

I've started rewatching Eleven's series of Doctor Who. I'm not quite sure what possessed me to do so other than I wanted something comforting and I'd run out of the first season of due South and my mom hadn't shown up with the second yet. So, yes, now I have to finish Eleven before I can start dS. My life is so hard.

There was stuff and things I wanted to say, and now I appear to have forgotten all of them, and I'm expecting my mom back at any moment. So, um, have some fic recs instead: Objects in Space (Doctor Who, Amy/River) was written for me by [livejournal.com profile] doyle_sb4 for the [livejournal.com profile] dw_femslash ficathon and is brilliant and fun as one would expect, and [livejournal.com profile] severa recently wrote Never Known a Girl Like You, fabulous cross-dressing Sherlock fic. (Seriously, if that doesn't grab you, I don't know what will.)

I made strawberry shortcake for my mom, aunts, and uncle yesterday. Or, well, I bought Sara Lee poundcake and whipped cream, and then I sugared strawberries with Splenda (my life is still so hard), and it's been so long since I had strawberry shortcake because of the whole allergy-to-strawberries thing, and YUM. I still have leftovers for mom and I to finish off, yay. And last night somebody was shooting off fireworks while we sat out on the front stoop, and it was almost kinda like having my own personal 4th of July, since I missed the fireworks then.
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I have had "Cabaret" stuck in my head all day. Do not ask me why, I have no clue, but it's kept me fairly chipper.

EDA ficathon stories are due today, and [livejournal.com profile] livii wrote me the fantabulous Knit One, Purl Two involving Fitz Kreiner and Evelyn Smythe and a jail cell and you should go read it, even if you have no idea who these characters are. Okay, it might be more fun if you know who these characters are and why do I have to enjoy the niche-est of niche corners of fandom? (There are far too many wonderful lines to choose a favorite, but Damn him for having principles about not letting old ladies sit on the floor. Those were the sorts of principles he had, after all. Well. Probably. gives you an idea of the loveliness to expect.)

Speaking of the Doctor and companions, but the not-quite-so-niche side of things this time )
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Let me repeat that.

WITHNAIL AND I. VID. From festivids.

I've completely failed to do anything for More Joy Day this year, but this? This is my joy.
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Can't stay, must open presents (it's a hard life I lead; I've spent the past two days lounging about reading and petting an adoring cat), but I just had to mention the two more marvelous, wonderful, glorious fics I've received as pressies:

Stepping Southward, a Man from UNCLE fic, in which Napoleon and Illya go on a journey. Banter, and dogsleds, and more banter. YAY.

The Wicked Wedding (American Title: "Why did Libby Marry?") is a luxuriously long Albert Campion mystery that I have not gotten to finish yet (see above re: presents that must be opened stat), but it starts with Albert singing and Lugg annoyed, so you know it's going to be perfect. And it's all looooong and all for me! Oh, yay indeed!

Yay for this time of year, I say!
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Hoi! If you have not read it yet, go take a gander at [livejournal.com profile] severa's All the Trappings of the Season. It is a lovely SG-1 holiday fic in which Vala learns the True Meaning of Christmas (or something like it). And there's mistletoe. You know how well mistletoe goes with Vala. (Okay, it was written for me, so I might be a little biased about how awesome it is. But only a little.)

Also, [livejournal.com profile] severa, your minions do not scare me! Even if I do feel a strange compulsion to join them...


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