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OMG life. No, seriously, I don't even know where the hell all my time is going, other than to work and making presents for people and wrapping other presents for people and packing for trips and preparing to MOVE early next year OMG and dancing lessons and writing Christmas cards and doing choir board stuff (oh crap need to write more thank-you letters for donations, mustn't forget to do that before I head out this weekend) and just trying to keep my head above water.

I wasn't this busy two years ago. I know I was not this busy two years ago. Right?

I'm sorry I'm never around anymore. I miss conversations and connecting with people through my little black box. I miss writing fic. I miss goofing off online and reading fic and--stuff. I miss my invisible friends.

I've still got one more present to finish making and probably another card or two to write, preferably tonight. After I eat dinner, since I sort of forgot to do that earlier in the midst of packing and CULLING CLOTHES omg I have too many clothes.
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This is the first day in longer than I care to think about in which I have not ridden in or driven a car and stayed absolutely at home. I took a walk to the grocery store, I did in fact sit out on my back patio and read a while, as well as getting some tidying done (not as much with the cleaning, though after I sweep & mop my kitchen will be the most beautiful it's been in weeks), and it's nice to have days like this sometimes. If only I were writing something right now, it'd be perfect.

And I just spent the past 90 minutes cooking, which was fabulous. I forget how much I enjoy mixing and chopping and stirring things when I don't get to do them for long stretches, or have to do them when I'm in a rush because I have to be somewhere else. I think I need to make this a goal for more weekends: COOK. BAKE.

(It helps that it's finally the right time of year again. Oh, autumn, keep being awesome with your slanted sunlight and cooler days and pumpkins. No, really, it's all about the pumpkin this time of year.)
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A Town Called Mercy )

The Power of Three )

I hate my nose (this is a constant whining refrain these weeks), and I have planned all along that today I would clean house, cull crap to take to Good Will, and otherwise make this place less of a pigsty, but it looks gorgeous and inviting and cool and autumn-y outside, and I would much rather sit on my back patio and read. Blah. I only get the reward after I do some of the work, right?

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Yeah, I wrenched my bum shoulder last night while sleeping--not surprising, because I was screwing up double turns in the waltz in dance class last night in a way that was making my shoulder go "!!!"--and then woke up with a raging sore throat. Worst sore throat I've had in a while.

I am eating cough drops like they were candy and accepting Sudafed drug deals from my co-worker at the newspaper table. (No, seriously, our other co-worker was like, "I'm closing my eyes! I see nothing!") Oh, and pushing the ibuprofen. I also took the afternoon off and slept for three glorious hours. The throat is still sore, not as bad as it was--I could barely swallow breakfast this morning--but that's probably because I'm medicating the hell out of myself.

I am going out of town this weekend! For fun! Damn you, body, you won't get the best of me!
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Hey-up! I have a non-fannish friend who is moving to NOLA for grad school in January. She's looking for any leads on the (part-time, flexible hours) job and housing fronts--anyone know of anything? I don't think any of my flist are located there, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

She is, in fact, my best friend IRL and an awesome person, so if you're in the NOLA area in need of a roommate, TAKE HER. Seriously, she's neat and considerate and plays well with others. (You can PM me for contact details.)
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Okay, yes, any episode where Ryan & Esposito get to take lead on the investigation? KICK ASS.

I have nothing to say these days; I dunno, busy with RL, which is not very exciting for probably anyone but me. Though, I am proud to say that in a semester that started in September, I have only had to drive twice to choir rehearsal, once for rain and once because I was coming from a previous appointment. I even walked it today, despite feeling kinda crappy and despite it being, um, 25 degrees outside. Do not have plague tomorrow, you have two choir concerts in the next few days and no time to be sick.
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I will give this to the last few eps of Eureka: they have successfully and often resisted the urge to do massive flashback scenes of previous eps. Good job, there, guys!

New Doctor Who this weekend was lovely, and I still haven't done the massive rewatch of certain eps that I want to do, and I might as well wait till the end of the series? maybe? If I can wait that long? (Also, I love EVERYONE EVER on the show. Almost. Mostly Our Heroes. Y'know.)

My plans for this weekend hopefully consist of laundry, cooking, sleeping, cleaning house, swimming, cooking, and sleeping. I bought a ton of veggies and I intend to use them. Also, NOT MOVING FROM THE HOUSE except by foot. That would be awesome too.
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So this weekend a friend's husband finally discovered that my friend has been having an affair for a month+; and two of my dear friends from college got married (I cried at this wedding, dudes, I Do Not Cry at Weddings but these two are so, so good together), so Leverage's Grave Danger Job tonight? )

My friends got married this weekend. Holy shit, I think I might need to cry again this is so awesome for them.
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[Poll #1766872]

I should be putting laundry away so I can go to my women's group practice later tonight so tomorrow I can look at my other choir's bylaws for a meeting in the next couple weeks so Friday I can prep for a friend coming to visit on Saturday so I can go visit my aunts on Sunday so next week I can pack for my friends' wedding next weekend...

What I think would serve me best is a week of enforced boredom, to remind myself that I like being busy and sociable. Really.

In the meantime, that was a damn fine veggie burger. And I still need to put laundry away.
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What is pleasing me, possibly most of all, about my upcoming trip is that in certain circles, it's a swear word.


I leave Saturday morning. I need to finish packing tonight. It's a good thing I'm taking a vacation, as I have felt the distinct urge--nay, need--to run like fuck away since I forced myself to finish the drive to work a week ago Friday morning. I shall probably come back to work to find everything EXPLODED, since it has been far, far too quiet the past couple weeks--everyone's trying to schedule meetings with me tomorrow in prep for both my and my supervisors' buggering off in the next few weeks--but I don't care because I am going to Europe this weekend and ain't nobody gonna fucking stop me.

(That includes you, Mother Nature. I'M WATCHING YOU.)
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I think I should have just taken a mental health day and stayed in bed today, I really do.
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I've been good about reading my flist, if not posting or, probably, writing many comments--life is terribly insane right now, and only about to get more insane. For which I am grateful, honestly, because the more awesome times I have, the more distracted-but-centered I will become. (Hopefully. Theoretically.)

Also, my mom's in town next week, which, really, who needs more than that? (Of course, she drives into town on Sunday. I'm not back until Monday night. Oy vey.)

And now I'm about to disappear into the ether--or the sky--again, so...I don't really know why I'm posting this. Other than to say--hi?
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1. I went to a doctor for the first time yesterday in, uh, 4.5 years? Just to establish myself with a new doctor. And...it was fine. And I'm going back in about 5 months for a test and after I get my cholesterol tested through a program at work and to get my BP checked again. Woo?

2. I spent this afternoon working frantically with a group of my co-workers, mostly my partner in crime, to get a little display ready for another co-worker's last day of work tomorrow. She's retiring, she's a farmer's wife, so we instigated the help of various staff to help us draw a collage of farm life, including our retiree and her husband in their own version of American Gothic. I colored a pig and cut out the letters for the top. We entitled the board, "J'S FARMVILLE: FROM CATALOGING TO CATTLING." It looks exactly like it was thrown together in three hours by two non-artists, and yet, we don't care. (Actually, it reminded me of doing exhibits. Huzzah.)

3. I got glue in my hair doing that. And then I came home to bake cupcakes for tomorrow and got cake batter all over my shirt, and then I had to go to choir rehearsal, and then I came home to decorate the cupcakes and got chocolate icing all over my fingers. Who knew retirements were so messy? Or that I was in fact still secretly in kindergarten?

4. There was a new trailer for Doctor Who. And it is almost April. Things are looking up!

5. Someday, I am going to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night again. Maybe in May.
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Two Lumps webcomic from Friday, in which the latest LJ debacle with FB/Twitter rears its ugly head. HA.

I feel like I should have something profound, or at least nonsensical, to say. And I don't. I'm gonna go watch telly now. Or maybe get food. How's that for profound. (Good thing about mom visiting: LEFTOVERS.)
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My car is cleaner than it was (vacuumed; really should dust and such the console as well, but that might not happen in the next week.)

I am clean, thank goodness, as I was really quite gross after all that HOUSE-CLEANING.

I now demand ice cream.
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Boosting the signal: information on the Nashville, TN flooding, including how you can help.

Perhaps cheerier, perhaps not, a cartoon possibly relevant to your interests. I AM A LEAF IN THE WIND, DAMMIT.

I think I need to start taking my antihistamine again more regularly.
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I got a speeding ticket Sunday morning. I was on my way to the airport, had time but I still didn't bother looking at the ticket until today. I was kinda annoyed Sunday morning--it was an obvious speed trap. 1) there was nobody else at all on the road, 2) it was oh gods o'clock on a Sunday morning, 3) he was so waiting for somebody to come around the curve, 4) the speed went up to 65 mph about 500 feet after he caught me (I was going 69 in a 55 zone on the highway), 5) OUT OF STATE TAGS, huzzah, not to mention this was a new route for me and I really wasn't paying attention to my speed. So, fine, whatever, I deserved the ticket.

Today I finally looked at the ticket. And you know what? Now I'm angry.


He had my driver's license and insurance paperwork right in front of him, he was looking at it to write my name down, and he still FUCKING SPELLED MY GODDAMN NAME WRONG.
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Secret message to [livejournal.com profile] katie_m: thank you for the bear hug! It is much appreciated!

I succumbed this weekend and bought a coffee grinder. In all honesty I succumbed because I'd already accidentally bought a bag of coffee beans and, rather than sucking up the cost of that, I decided to spend even more money and buy another oddly-shaped kitchen utensil that I shall probably in all likelihood have to pack up in six months or less.

Yes, this is the way my mind operates. It functions on the expectation that I shall be moving soon. I purposefully did not get a washer & dryer when I moved here because I knew it would be a bitch to get up and down the basement stairs. (I also purposefully got a place with a finished basement so that I would have STORAGE SPACE for all those boxes I've been lugging around for, um, more than four years in some cases.)

That is all beside the point, however. I bought a coffee grinder. I shall have to wait and see if I notice a marked difference in the quality of my coffee or not.

Today at work we were all box monkeys. We lugged about 800 cubic feet out of the stacks onto pallets to be shredded. That wasn't even everything that needed to go. Oh, and that 800 cubic feet? Probably about half of it was from one series that I requested be deaccessioned and got Records Board approval to change the retention schedule. (All of it was from our project.) We WILL make room in the archives for new material! \o/

And then everybody and their uncle decided to bring Valentine's Day treats today, so all that heavy lifting I did was promptly counteracted by the chocolate I imbibed. Awesome.

In conclusion:

Before there were Sam and Dean Winchester )
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Stuff and Things I Can Accomplish When Given an Extra 2 Hours (because the governor is apparently easily persuaded to give state employees time off for inclemental weather):

* putting away dishes
* putting away laundry
* sending off job applications
* uploading old, old fics on AO3 (if the blasted server will cooperate...)
* actually talking on the phone to an old friend (gasp, shock, amazement)

If this level of productivity continues into this weekend (or if the governor gives us a snow day tomorrow! *crosses fingers*), I might even get work accomplished on those grad school apps, and reading that book for the task force I'm on. Or it could all crash and burn if I turn lazy. Woo.

I've been watching the second season of Simon and Simon, stolen with her permission from my mother when I was home visiting. It's so gloriously, horribly 1980s. I love it.


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