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This is how my week has gone:

1. Accept new job.
2. Begin apartment hunt in different state.
3. Completely bust cell phone. (It's been dying since about March or April, but I was trying to make it hold out until I got somewhere more settled. Apparently that ain't quite gonna happen.)
4. Leave purse at work, so I have to write friend a check to pay my half of the pizza. An out-of-state check, no less, because my other check book is in my purse.
5. Play The Game of Real Life with said friend. It's sort of like regular ol' Life, and it's sort of like an RPG in that you're given diary sheets in order to write up your character's life story as you go along making your moves. We played two games; both times I ended up playing a man. Henry, my first character, was a total stoner bum who went through his admittedly brief life with a happy-go-lucky air. (He got eaten in a Donner party incident. Probably by his stoner friends who had the munchies.) Walter, my second character, had an amazingly stable and well-adjusted family life considering his career was as a prostitute. (He in fact died at a respectably advanced age of a broken heart when his son George died before him.) It was a bit surreal.
6. Attempt to do more apartment hunting--via email, since the whole cell phone issue is a problem and I have no long distance on my landline. Firefox decides it doesn't feel like cooperating.

And I can't pick up one of those change-of-address packets from the post office because it's Labor Day weekend. I really only wanted it for the potential moving company coupons. Hmph. It also doesn't help that this is probably the worst time of year to be apartment-hunting and nobody has two-bedroom apartments available. Or so it feels like to me. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? I will be mentioning it. A lot.

And in the midst of all this, the attempt to wrap up work. This is the second time in less than a year that I have been left to wrap up a project as quickly and completely as possible because I know nobody else will be able to get to it anytime in the near future. IT'S GETTING OLD.
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Stuff about SG-1: Stronghold. )

I woke up at nine this morning. It's not really all that early, but I went to the last showing of Brokeback Mountain last night so got home really late. (And the thing about that movie? Excellent sense of place.) And then I did homework all day. Sure, homework consisted of driving to a museum an hour away, but it was still homework.
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Amazing. I don't think even [livejournal.com profile] thelouddoctor got as much Instant Animosity out of [livejournal.com profile] thebeigeone as [livejournal.com profile] onetruenine did.

(The [livejournal.com profile] thebeigeone continues to become more and more out of character as time wears on. Poor dear.)

So, I've got this story that's been floating about in my head and on my harddrive for ages now, and I don't know if it hangs together in any sort of coherent fashion or not. So I shall place it here under a sort of flock and let it languish for a while longer while I poke at it occasionally, shake my head, and wander off to write a drabble instead.

Eight, Fitz, and Anji and about as untitled as they come. )

And yes, I did wander off and write a drabble. How predictable. For the "consequences" challenge at [livejournal.com profile] dw100.

It's a cliche, and 150 words, but I did it anyway. So there. )

I really didn't drink that much wine with dinner this evening at my professor's house. For one thing, I kept trying to remind myself I'd have to drive home in the rain.

The most glorious thing this week? I can sleep in one whole hour tomorrow. Bliss.
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Read more... )

The wonderful thing about [livejournal.com profile] thebeigeone? When I don't know what to make him say he doesn't know what to say, he can fall back on "hmph." And it's totally in character. HA!

Class got out an hour early today. An hour! That never happens in that class! Apparently our collective deadness persuaded the prof to let us go quickly. So I goofed off for a few hours with [livejournal.com profile] nsempress, managed to read a couple actually pretty interesting articles about Central African cosmology particularly pertaining to water spirits (and tomorrow more articles on the same subject, apparently more specifically related to Haiti--woo!), scrambled some eggs for dinner before they went rotten, did dishes, and even shaved my legs!

I feel so much more accomplished now. The living room's still a mess, I don't even want to discuss the kitchen and bedroom floors, I haven't even had time to fricking vote yet, there's a small book massacre occuring under one of the dining table chairs, the world's still going to hell in a handbasket while I'm powerless to do anything about it, but I can still control the tiny little things, dammit!

*maniacal laugh*

And I much prefer reading a bunch of articles to a monograph or synthetic book. Articles suit my short attention span and easily distractible nature.

And I don't give a damn if it pisses you off, person living above me, I shall sing.
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I just realised I didn't have dinner tonight. So. Snickers, or something moderately more healthy? Say, Pop Tarts.

Snickers it is.

Out of desperation today, and to make myself stop thinking for an hour or two about grad school and the implications thereof, I cleaned. There are actually bits of my desk you can see now. It's much tidier. I like it tidier.

[livejournal.com profile] thebeigeone and [livejournal.com profile] thedoctor_lj are absolutely adorable (though Five's celery icon is beginning to take on all kinds of symbolic meanings that I'm not even sure I want to think about). And my mother and I seem to be doing the psychic-thing again. (We do this on occasion. Usually leads to both of us having insomnia. Yay.)

And Bex crochets well.

And because I'm curious, and like to follow the crowds, I have a fandom meme that probably very few of you on my friends' list can actually answer. But...what the hell?

What kind of work is my name associated with? What kind of assumptions do you make about a piece of artwork/writing, if you see my name on it?

Nota bene: This is emphatically NOT an attempt to fish for compliments. I'm not trying to get judgements on the quality of my work, but rather about its other characteristics.

For example, if you were given the name of an actor, that might make you think of a certain genre of film he or she is often in or a type of character.

What is me-brand artwork/writing?

That is all.
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So it's been a long day. Day lasting something like seventy-two hours, I mean. Continuous day. Sleep was involved at some point, though, so maybe I'm lying. Sleep will hopefully be involved again, but I'm not holding out any hopes on that.

Hey! It's after midnight! And I've got work at eight tomorrow morning! Wheeeeeeee!...*thud*

It's the Week that Won't End, you see. One thing after another. Constant, continuous, Constantinople...wait, no, that's not right. It's "hey, I got that reading done," and a little feeling of accomplishment and then the realisation that I could do *that* reading now, or I could work on *that* personal statement, or I could research *that* uni, or I could copy *that* reserve to read later, or I could email *that* person or I should be going to the archives *right now*...

But hey, I think I gamed tonight. Now if only I could get my character to, you know, speak up occasionally. I did a stupid-ass thing there. Me, complete novice to the gaming lark and a bit fuzzy on most details particular to this RPG, coming up with a very knowledgeable character who's been around a while. In character: "Oh, that Impudite? Ran into him back in the last century." Out of character: "Oh bugger, what's an Impudite again?? And should I be rolling a die now? Do I even *have* a die? Oh bugger."

I exaggerate. Slightly.

This should be my cue to go curl up in bed now and reread Turing Test for all the slashy joy I ignored the first time round. Perhaps instead insanely I'll pack for trip to St. Louis this weekend.

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Regaling whatever neighbours might still be hanging around in the apartment complex at this hour with Matchbox 20. Yee-haw. I like being alone far too much for my own good.

And you know what? [livejournal.com profile] thebeigeone rocks. He just does, still, amazingly enough. I have nothing to do with it; he's hysterical on his own. Of course he has great help from socks such as [livejournal.com profile] yourfutureruler and [livejournal.com profile] tegan_lj. Woo-hoo for Gally by gum.

Really have quite a bit I should be doing today, and it's already noon, and I can't be arsed to do any of it. Welcome to Normal Summer Mode. It's a bit late, though, I must say.


Jul. 29th, 2003 08:32 pm
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Tomorrow I will not be home. At all. Well, no, I'll get home eventually, but I have to be at the mansion at nine in the morning--which means leaving round seven--so that I can leave at three in order to get to a training session at 4.30 back here on campus so that I can work all day Friday at the Admissions Open House. And get paid. But really, I volunteered to do it because they needed students to mingle & give tours, and what else have I been doing all summer? At least they're feeding me. And after all *that* I have to run over to my professor's house 'cos I agreed to bring in their mail & papers while they're gone for the next few days.

I am going to be exhausted, naturally.

And now for a fanfic survey thingy gakked from nerdcakes because she flattered me into it. )
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So the Ethernet/Cable/Phoneline Panel From Hell is still dangling loose from my wall, but at least I can plug my computer into the internet.

In other words, I've finally vacated Williston.

It was rather amusing carrying the three-light floorlamp across the lawn to the apartment, brandishing it in both hands. I felt very warlike. Even with the little koala clipped to one of the lights.

Room is an ugly, box-and-luggage-filled mess. I swear I did not have this much crap when I moved in at the beginning of the year.

Oh right. I didn't. Silly me.

They've massacred Seymour. The only safe place appears to be the basement in the mailroom and bookstore.

I think I'm now going to attempt to organize. Or sob at the strangeness that is my current life. Either option sounds rather good right now.

Though I am rather proud of the screwed-up-ness I've made of Beigey's life in the Gallifrey community. He's positively notorious now. It makes me feel all gleeful and stuff.
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Pony: I don't think it can get any worse
Me: oh but it can. this is your *mother* we're talking about. they have built in "embarrass our children as much as possible as often as possible"...things. remember?
Pony: Right, but Mandie will be there, so we have to share the embarrassment thing.
Me: your sister will add to it.
Pony: *smacks forehead* Darn you, you're right. I'm totally screwed. Is it to late to sign up to be an orphen?
Me: "often"? Sorry, the only Gilbert and Sullivan reference I can make...I hate to tell you this, but since your parents are both alive, you're kinda stuck being a not-orphan.
Pony: Hi, I'm Sara. I've been a not-orphan for almost 22 years now.
Me: *shakes hands*

And later in the conversation...

Pony: (And suddenly my RPG charater realizes, "Crap, I should be at morning court.)
Me: *shakes head sadly*
Pony: (or at least with the Prince I'm supposed to be guarding)
PonY:: (who at the moment is not at morning court either)
Me: aren't you supposed to be in drag by now?

More stuff.

Jun. 6th, 2003 03:17 pm
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Great things have been accomplished.

Well, relatively minor and insignificant things when one compares it to Life, the Universe, and Everything, but hey. This is my life we're talking about here.

Have my housing assignment for the summer and might be able to wrangle a single room if my roommates are agreeable and if things don't suddenly change (which is always possible). Turned in the Richter application, even with Professor Davis's okay on the application, so double kudoes for me there. Called the Bloomington people, got a wonderfully enthusiastic response, and set up to start next Wednesday at ten am. Have also gotten started on my professor's project of the summer--spent two hours in the library today doing that. Ahh, bliss. What's not to love about Seymour Library? I even remembered to check out the biography on the guy at whose house I'll be working for the next ten weeks. Now I just need to get my arse moving about begging looking for job(s) off-campus. I'm not holding my breath.

And last night I was sucked into the Dark World of Tabletop Role-Playing. And Gaming in General. In which one angel asked the other "who the hell are you?" And my character had lockpicking skills and wanted to play on the Bumper cars at the circus.

As if I wasn't enough of a geek... ;)
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Boredom + Internet = Verrrrrry interesting.

There should be a theorem for that. I mean, you get the same bloody results every single time.

Yeah. Wandering through LJ, found a community much like Gallifrey, only for Stargate instead. Even the Gate has its own journal.

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Good girls don't think about killing their fathers.


Mom has a picture of a grinning Malcolm right next to the computer. Perhaps if I focus on that, I'll feel better.

Role-playing the 5th Doctor has been reminding me why I liked the 5th Doctor so much before I saw the '96 movie, so I've been watching eps/listening to audios again. And this has been reminding me why Peter Davison's a sexy, sexy man.


Ooh. Queen of the Damned is on HBO tonight. *cheeky grin*

Reminder: good girls don't think about killing their fathers. Even in jest. As it were.
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that taking the piss out of all and sundry that is Doctor Who is the most hysterically long-term amusing thing I've done in a while?

In other words: this is very, very dangerous.

I should get back to studying. Tra la.
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Number One. There appears to be a small language barrier between Americans and Brits concerning a certain word. "Pants" are trousers. They are trousers. Got that? Honestly, sometimes I wonder how we can communicate at all...

Number Two. The dude on the telly screen has Paul McGann eyes. Is vaguely unnerving, since he's not Paul McGann.

Number Three. Whee for art. Went to dance informal concert, which rocked, then looked at some of Rabite's artwork. Pretty. "Disturbing, but cute," as I told her, which somehow sums up Rabite admirably. (I mean that in the nicest possible way.) Also saw some of Raccoon's stuff, which was froody. I like having creative friends.

Role-playing next door. I wonder if they were very frightened when I suddenly howled wiht laughter at the havoc I was wreaking on 5Doc?

Cripes. It's almost midnight. Where'd the day go?
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Yummy lunch in room. I like avoiding the caf.

Starting to revise paper again. Only thing I really have to do today, though I suppose I could start on that short Asian paper. On the other hand--why bother?

(Because I have lots of other crap due Monday, for a start...)

Enjoying the in-fighting among three different Doctors. We just need to get the 4th Doctor involved so that 5th's life is made utterly, utterly impossible.

Back to the paper. Current mantra: it *will* remain ten pages, it *will* remain ten pages...
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Fandom will never let me be sane again. And after watching an argument escalate between 8Doc and 6Doc on LJ, I'll never ever be able to stop twitching...

Woke up late, slept too deeply--now have headache. Am freezing cold because we left a window open all night and I'm sure if I actually open the blinds there'll be new snow on the ground. I don't want to look. It'll make me cry.

Should get dressed. Should read homework. Should run far, far away from time-consuming LJ activities. I'm so screwed.


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