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So this weekend a friend's husband finally discovered that my friend has been having an affair for a month+; and two of my dear friends from college got married (I cried at this wedding, dudes, I Do Not Cry at Weddings but these two are so, so good together), so Leverage's Grave Danger Job tonight? )

My friends got married this weekend. Holy shit, I think I might need to cry again this is so awesome for them.
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My friends are getting married in the morning
wedding bells are going to chime

Okay, so the rhythm is off, and they're not actually getting married till Saturday, but I'm driving east tomorrow after work for a three-day weekend, and I've got a dress packed and three pairs of sandals (and not a pair of socks to be seen, so NO RAIN, but actually, okay, go ahead if you have to and rain, Mother Nature; we need the moisture), and OMFG MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED ON SATURDAY.

Vicarious giddiness can be good too.

Speaking of musicals, this morning my minion and I--I call her my minion now because it's more fun to say than senior administrative assistant--we were the first people into the stacks, so we had to turn on the lights, and she was all, "Good morning, boxes!" in a sunny tone, so of course I leapt to "Good mornin' / good mornin' / it's great to stay up late," which of course led to the discussion about every 1950s MGM musical having the freaky dance sequences in the middle. And a tap dance on her part, but hey, it's a good way to start the morning.

One of these days, I will post about fannish things. Like my rewatch of the first two seasons of Warehouse 13 (hell, I'll just post fic, if I ever get around to having time to write it), or the epic love I'd have for Leverage if I had time to pay attention and watch it, or what I think of the whole White Collar summer finale. One of these days. It'll be good. Yeah. But for now, I HAVE A WEDDING TO GO TO THIS WEEKEND. (I'll come back to tons of new vids from VVC though, won't I? Yay.)
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[Poll #1766872]

I should be putting laundry away so I can go to my women's group practice later tonight so tomorrow I can look at my other choir's bylaws for a meeting in the next couple weeks so Friday I can prep for a friend coming to visit on Saturday so I can go visit my aunts on Sunday so next week I can pack for my friends' wedding next weekend...

What I think would serve me best is a week of enforced boredom, to remind myself that I like being busy and sociable. Really.

In the meantime, that was a damn fine veggie burger. And I still need to put laundry away.
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The thing about my job is, I find myself tracking down information about truly random digressions in history. Like Dorothea Dix's crusade to...send a lot of boats to an island in Nova Scotia to save people. IDEK, but it made for an entertaining afternoon?

I got back from my trip to Belgium and Amsterdam earlier this week. Things I learned and/or did during the ten days I was traveling:

1. My nose really, really hates dry recycled air, such as found in airports & on airplanes.
2. Having Belgian friends who have Belgian friends comes in REALLY HANDY when you miss the last train from Ghent to Brussels & need a place to crash for a few hours.
3. You really probably can get a contact high in Amsterdam, and the city really is apparently mostly populated by British tourists on stag parties.
4. I am a far, far more confident traveler than I used to be. Like, even since last year.
5. It's okay to squabble and get pissed off with your friends, because they're your friends and are squabbling and pissed off with you, and then you end up drinking beer across the street from a church older than the U.S. has existed as a country under an awning while the rain falls at midnight, sharing stupid blogs to read when you're bored at work and need a five minute break. Or you're tickle-attacking on the bed while trying to pack, or in the midst of a deep philosophical discussion about the reason and need for history, but that's another story.
6. I need to live in a city with canals. I also need to visit Venice, like, stat. And go back to Germany for a cuckoo clock for my mom. (That's just an excuse. I really just need to go back to Germany. And get to a lot of other countries too, but that will be another year.)
7. Blame T for everything. Everything. She might be in the bathroom getting a shower, but that broken bowl in the kitchen is still totally her fault.
8. Belgian chocolate really is just that good. As are wasabi peas, especially when one's nose really, really hates dry recycled air.

There's more. It was good, and I haven't really had time to process yet, but that's what this weekend is for. I might even get around to posting pictures. In sum, My Summer Vacation in Belgium: we ate a lot of fries, drank a lot of beer, and bought a lot of chocolate. And it was good.
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I have been ridiculously and stupidly happy all day today, and I don't trust it even though my heart is maybe kinda singing a little, but the crowning moment--so far--for today was opening the wedding invitation from a couple of my college friends and looking at their wedding blog, and I just have to say this.

I know the most fucking awesome people ever.

And you know what? That includes all y'all. I mean that seriously, honestly, and whole-heartedly. I would not be the woman I am today if I had not also met you, solely online or also in real life. I would not have enjoyed some of the fannish things I have enjoyed, I would not have had some of the delightful and deep thoughts that I have had, and I would not have had some of the support that I have, on occasion, needed.

*massive bear hugs all around*

We shall now return you to your regularly scheduled programming of doom, gloom, and crankiness momentarily. Probably. Unless I wake up tomorrow surrounded by puppies and rainbows, and the way I feel today, IT'S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.
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This weekend I went to a conference (first panel: OMG the room is full of old white guys! WTF? By the second panel everything was better), hung out with a friend exploring a city sort of new to both of us--we wandered all over the place, mostly walking and enjoying the architecture and vibes, the weather was perfect, I drank no alcohol AT ALL, and I have my first sunburn of the year, it was so awesome--and then I spent this afternoon/early evening hanging out with my aunts and uncle. And I got home tonight just in time for the rain to start pouring.

In other words, one amazingly productive weekend, I have to say. And I am so ready to go to bed now.
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Attempting to learn some French is doing wonders for my German.

This doesn't really surprise me. It was the same way when I was attempting to learn Latin for two terms in college--I'd always fall back to German when commentating or when I couldn't remember the Latin. My poor confused brain.

(Also, I'm not sure how I feel about the French language. I don't think I have the ear to appreciate it. Too much of it sounds like I'm trying to talk with my mouth full and therefore can't move my lips.

...Sorry, French language.)

Oh, oh, somebody probably swiped my car as they were pulling out of their parking space and simply neglected to leave their insurance information. Which hopefully means it happened at the hotel when I was visiting my mom, rather than at home, because if it happened at home, I will hold a stupid grudge against all my neighbors that I barely talk to, and that would just be annoying and useless. But I have insurance money, I have it set up to drop my car off for the work a week from Monday, it will all be fixed. My poor dear car.
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I'm sick! Just in time to go out of town this weekend for Homecoming! On a road trip in a car with three friends!

I'd better feel better by tomorrow. OR ELSE. (It's just a cold. Not swine flu. I checked the symptoms on the state health department's website. After I went to work, of course, because I'm just that thoughtful.)

So instead of going to choir tonight and singing my heart out, my plans are a) take bath, b) curl up on couch, and c) watch old Buffy episodes. And Eastwick since, hey, I'll be home tonight. I should probably also work on my DW femmeslash ficathon fic, but that shall probably depend entirely on my ability to concentrate and not hold a tissue for more than two minutes at a time. And also actually coming up with a scenario to write. Oh yeah, that.
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An American civic literacy quiz that somebody posted to one of the listservs I'm on: http://www.americancivicliteracy.org/resources/quiz.aspx

I took it a couple days ago and got 85%; I just took it again and still only got 90% (brain like a veritable sieve). What's both fascinating and appalling, though, are the statistics the group reports about how the general public and elected officials have done on this quiz. (Granted, stats are always wildly subject to interpretation, and out of their respondents it seems like a pretty small minority held some kind of elected office. The figures are still disappointing.)


Arnaud de Fehrn was on The Mentalist last night. (I can't believe I just admitted to watching The Mentalist.) Is it wrong that what is presumably his real accent just sounds weird to me? (Probably not. I mean, I refer to poor Joel Bissonnette as Arnaud.)


A DJ on the radio this evening was saying something about a TV show showing ten seconds of footage about some cool building in KC. (You can tell how closely I was paying attention to what he was saying, can't you?) He then went on to add, "But they were able to go back to Los Angeles a lot." Oh, radio DJ man, it's okay. Sometimes I really love coming from the Midwest. Flyover zone FTW!
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book meme, gakked from roseveare )

My family are all leaving town tomorrow. THANK THE GODS. I love my family, I really do but I need to write fic and, I dunno, play Tetris or something.
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I bought a new sweater. It's got a hood and one of those marsupial-pockets (shutup) in front to shove your hands in when they're cold and it's AWESOME. I might not take it off again for the rest of the winter. Certainly not when I'm in my house since I'm too cheap to actually turn up the heat.

And when I went to the library, I only meant to get a couple CDs. At most. I'm reading a couple other books right now, including Team of Rivals (or I would be, if it hadn't been keeping me awake at night thinking about Lincoln's political wrangling; I've taken to reading Garfield before going to bed this week). But I ended up getting Breen's Marketplace Revolution (I *swear* I've read something by him for some class sometime, [livejournal.com profile] nsempress, and maybe reading this will jog my memory!), The Shakespreare Riots and a book on spy television (no, not Citizen Spy, [livejournal.com profile] severa, though I meant to ILL that and forgot). Whoops. Apparently I have been out of school long enough that reading history/any non-fiction books for pleasure is fun again.

The spy television book is really for fic research, anyway. And OMG I'm working on three fics right now--sort of four--and I had an idea for another fic while I was reading an EDA and I haven't wanted to work on this many projects all at once in years. Probably four years at least. This is weird. And sort of frustrating, because two--three--of these things have deadlines and I need to get cracking, and this other stuff's distracting me too and I have ideas but not enough time, it feels like, and GOOD GRIEF, FOCUS. But still. Non-Fitz fic! Non-DW fic! It's so terribly, terribly exciting.
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Over the course of the past forty-eight hours or so, I have gotten out of my pajamas for approximately four hours because I sang in a concert last night. Huzzah. I haven't been this lazy since elementary school.

And I decided I'd try out that whole "ten things you should already know about me" meme. I've added people to my flist recently (or relatively recently), so it seemed like a particularly good idea. *waves*

We hold these suppositions and possible truths to be self-evident... )
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I may be a total cheeseball for admitting this, but "Trials and Tribble-ations"? Is my happy crack. It's right up there with "Urgo" for fannish SHAME but secret geeky happiness. Then again, I enjoyed Legend of Zorro; I have no shame.

On an entirely unrelated note, this is probably my favorite poem of all. Granted, I haven't read much poetry, but this is one that sticks in my mind.

Read more... )


Apr. 17th, 2005 12:05 am
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Aliens in London )

Earlier, I was watching Donald O'Conner circa 1951 in silly glasses dance. I have the strangest obsessions. It doesn't help that this movie mentioned the city I lived in for four years while I went to college, and now I'm wondering what it was like in 1951 (and did you know that the Prairie Players were the first rural Little Theatre, back in 1915? I'm telling you, I can't flipping get away from the place!)

Anyway, new icon. Because I needed some kind of Nine representation.
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Wait, there's a meme going around about poetry? I gotta get me some of that!

'The Sugar Plum Tree,' by Eugene Field )

'Ashes and Dreams,' by Carl Sandburg, the poem we used for the Rep Term program. )

'A Request,' by L.M. Montgomery. )

'Water,' by Philip Larkin )

And lastly, 'When I Get Into Bed,' by Burges Johnson. )

Think my neighbors must hate me. Sing very strange things at the top of my lungs at all hours of the day. Poor guys.


May. 7th, 2004 01:58 pm
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So, I'm at one of the computers in the archives, working on my project. Finally, I notice there's a rather large bust of Carl Sandburg sitting right next to the computer. I can't tell if he actually has eyes stuck in there, or if they've just been sculpted out.

He's staring fixedly at the Galesburg history series boxes.

Hi, Carl. Wanna recite some poetry for me?
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Galesburg is damned pretty in spring.

Wandered across the street to sprawl in the gazebo while finally starting the Judge David Davis biography I checked out--a late start in preparation for my internship, but hey, at least I've gotten started *before* I go for the first time on Wednesday. Warmer than yesterday, with the sun actually out, but an almost too-cool breeze...I looked up occasionally and just saw green, with a glimpse of the pseudo-gothic side door to the Beta house, or if I looked in the other direction, the grey stone of the church with the rose stained-glass window and Jesus Christ as head of the church (as proclaimed by their marquee also listing times of worship and Sunday school). I might go back out there today, definitely tomorrow.

And reading this bio is a cross between ancient memories of history class from junior high and elementary school and the more recent memory of reading my own family's reminiscences in Pint of Pearls. Gonna have to do some looking up online, as I don't remember Henry Clay at all. And despite my usual disdain/disinterest for American history, it's...comfortable, or something, to be reading about life in the Midwest on the prairie in the 1830s and 40s. I simply can't focus my interest on one time period, one place; it all fascinates me somehow. Just like I can't focus my interest on one type of music, or one telly show, or even one type of living space...

Yeah. Easily distracted by all the different types of pretties. I'm weird like that. Odd. Unusual. Out of the ordinary. Distinct.
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And my fic-writing muses. Maybe.

Drive away the darkening night and panic with two voices tangled in harmony and a guitar on a night in 1967. Stay awake, stay awake, sleep late tomorrow, running away again. But don't get too loud, 'cos Pony's trying to sleep next door before her final final tomorrow. Full on sugar and alcohol and after-midnight reckless grooviness, soaked in music and smelling of sandalwood candle, I'll drive away the future with the darkening night and two voices raised in defiant harmony.

Time, time, time,
see what's become of me...
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One bagel left at the breakfast cart this morning. And it's not even a very good bagel.

First year I was indifferent to Flunk Day. Second year I was mildly unhappy with Flunk Day (but then, spending two hours trying to talk your drunk roommate out of sprawling in the first year boys' dorm and coming back to her room is a bit of a downer). This year, even though it hasn't actually even had a chance to happen, I despise Flunk Day.

Flunk Day, for all you non-Knox people, is a day in spring term when the entire campus takes off to party. This involves being woken up at some godforsaken hour in the morning by screams and whistles and loud banging from outside your window, going to the mud pit, and being thoroughly plastered by nine am. There's cotton candy and picnic style food and big game-type-things that the school hires in, and there's a band or two in the evening by the time everyone's exhausted themselves, and the next day we all go back to classes like normal. Nobody knows when Flunk Day is coming, but most people like to predict.

And I'm not going to be happy whatever day they finally get around to choosing. And they are *fast* running out of possible dates, as Wednesday is the start of the mainstage play, and next week is the teach-in and far too close to the end of term anyway.

I just dropped half my bagel, with cream cheese, on the floor.

Scene partner cancelled rehearsal last night, so we hadn't rehearsed since Friday and basically had to wing the scene today. Messed up too. Yay. And this afternoon I have a meeting with the dean about summer internship and getting funding for gas/housing and good stuff like that and I feel completely unprepared for this meeting.

So I shall eat my bagel and sulk.


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