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I finally bought kitty litter & a small trowel with extendable handle today to shove into my car trunk. Trowel because they were out of shovels and I was in too much of a hurry to try another store. And I know I have no right to complain when some of you are quite literally buried under snow, but I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS WINTER.

I had an awesome weekend, though, that mostly consisted of hanging out, eating, drinking, playing games, and wandering new places with friends from college. I really do need to do that more often. (hey, idiot, YOU LIKE PEOPLE! Note to self. You are not a total loner.)

Now I must find food, since I am going to a music concert tonight, even if it is drizzling ice out there. I have paid my money, I am going to the concert! So there! If they're not canceling, neither am I! Oh gods.
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Since yesterday afternoon, leaving work an hour early, I have

--gotten a fabulous haircut
--painted my fingernails
--watched a bunch of catch-up telly
--written a rough draft for one fic (OMG you guys, your prompts are awesome, by the by, and it is so gleeful to be writing fic again for the first time in, um, some months)
--slept for ten hours
--made pancakes with blueberry sauce for breakfast (someday, I shall learn that I mostly fail at making blueberry sauce; it's a great disappointment to me)
--listened to crazy happy dancy music (it's hard to dance around a wooden spoon while stirring blueberry sauce, let me tell you, and yet I try to do to it every time)
--caught up on LJ while drinking CHAI

Still to do today, I have to

--bake a carrot cake
--mainline more telly in order to write more fic
--write more fic
--read more fic written by others, yay
--record lines in a gleefully crap German accent (it makes a change from a gleefully crap English accent?)
--take a BATH
--and do other fun, non-work-related, non-boring-life related things.
--oh, and wash dishes. Because washing dishes is perpetual.

I am totally digging so far four days of not going anywhere outside the boundaries of this county. I might be missing a ten-year high school reunion, I might have accidentally disappointed my aunt by not coming to her Thanksgiving (I warned her!), I might have disappointed a friend by not driving to Colorado to see her, I might have turned down an invitation to join a co-worker's and friend's Thanksgiving (at which I would have to be right about now, rather than lounging about in my sweats drinking CHAI), I might not be having turkey and pumpkin pie today, but I am thankful, oh so very thankful, for the time to decompress and be alone and catch up with myself.

I'm thankful for family and friends too, and I'm thankful that I'm taking this weekend to be alone because I've been traveling about and running around visiting with many of them for the past few months, and I'm thankful that I've had the opportunity to do all the traveling and running about.

so Happy Turkey Day, Americans, and happy Thursday, everyone else on my flist, and quite massive bear hugs to you all.
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And in which I fear I am massively incoherent. This is the problem with writing posts while watching the episode.

The Pandorica Opens, y'know the routine... )
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Stuff and Things I Can Accomplish When Given an Extra 2 Hours (because the governor is apparently easily persuaded to give state employees time off for inclemental weather):

* putting away dishes
* putting away laundry
* sending off job applications
* uploading old, old fics on AO3 (if the blasted server will cooperate...)
* actually talking on the phone to an old friend (gasp, shock, amazement)

If this level of productivity continues into this weekend (or if the governor gives us a snow day tomorrow! *crosses fingers*), I might even get work accomplished on those grad school apps, and reading that book for the task force I'm on. Or it could all crash and burn if I turn lazy. Woo.

I've been watching the second season of Simon and Simon, stolen with her permission from my mother when I was home visiting. It's so gloriously, horribly 1980s. I love it.
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I will not freak out about lack of time.

I will not freak out about applying for jobs.

I will not freak out about applying for grad programs (again).

I will not freak out about my career.

I will not freak out about concerts next week, and family and friends visiting.

I will not freak out about getting my holiday fics written in a timely fashion.

I will not freak out about money.

I will not freak out about next year.


Mostly, if I can not freak out about the lack of time? I shall survive the next couple weeks. I think. Maybe. Hopefully.

I have had the strong urge the past few days to make a casserole (because cooking is obviously the answer to lack of time). Something involving corn, potatoes, and possibly some kind of bread/crust-like topping. Anyone have any favorite recipes they'd care to share?

Also, why am I goofing off on LJ when I could be doing something useful??? In the fifteen minutes before I have to go to choir rehearsal oh gods I WILL NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT LACK OF TIME?
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SO. BORED. I'm reading this cranky wanker's book on academic archives. I still have another 125 pages or so to go to finish it. SO. BORED. And my head hurts.

Back in my 1960s history class, we had a resource book called Takin' it to the Streets: A Sixties Reader, that was pretty awesome. All kinds of primary source material for the civil rights, New Left, counterculture, Black Power, anti-war movements, you name it. It also included this article by Lucian Truscott IV from the Village Voice concerning the Stonewall riots. The thing that struck me, reading this article originally, was how free it felt. The tone is so...happy.
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Remember this old meme?

Reply, I ask you five questions. You respond in your journal, copy this and all that jazz.

Five questions from [livejournal.com profile] bexplant:

Read more... )

My sleeping patterns are becoming as jacked up as they were in undergrad/grad school. Then again, it kinda feels like I'm back on summer vacation. (If that were truly the case, I'd be in at least one internship and reading a lot more history books instead of half-a-dozen novels, about three of which are Albert Campion books.)

I should probably go do something useful now.
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Let's hear it for the liberal arts education! Yes, the education that gives you the ability to BS your way beautifully through cocktail parties and confound your friends with an unexpected nod to Richard III in the course of conversation.

Now if only I could get invited to cocktail parties.

I think I broke my brain this weekend. It might be best that I go back to work tomorrow and see if I can't fix it.
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I spent the morning helping to judge the local National History Day contest, my second year to do so. And--seriously, why the hell did I not know about this when I was in high school less than ten years ago? I would have loved doing this back then. Well, okay, it would have totally freaked me out and demoralized me, but then so did all the other extracurricular stuff I did that was judged, so what difference would it have made?

In any case, NHD rocks. It's awesome for the students to have a chance to be excited about history in a non-classroom environment and think about history in creative and different ways; and it's awesome for us professionals because--for me at least--it reminds me about why the hell I'm in this business in the first place. It keeps me stimulated, it's great to see high schoolers invested in history, and it gives me an opportunity to discuss concerns like what exactly a primary source is or how to present the information expected from the competition rules with other people, whether they're professional historians or not (the husband and wife who co-judged senior group documentaries with me today were not historians, but their children have been doing NHD for almost ten years now, they said). It's the meat of what we do, trying to get at the practical and theoretical heart of this stufff. And me, I dig conversations like that. If I actually end up with a PhD someday, I will only have myself to blame.

I'm seriously thinking about volunteering to judge at the state competition this year. It will probably be an utter madhouse and all that, but I really think this project is important and that I want to support it more. And, well, it's still nice to be on the other side of the fence but remember what it was like to be one of those students nervously waiting their turn (I don't know if that makes me a nicer judge or not--at least I can empathize).
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I'm going to a conference a week from tomorrow, and this morning I had a nightmare that I hopped the flight, checked into the hotel, and then apparently promptly forgot why I'd come and just hung out with friends. Eventually I remembered I was supposed to be there for a conference and started panicking. It took me a few minutes after I woke up to remember that no, actually, I hadn't even left yet and I wouldn't be that stupid.

Last time I had a dream like that, I was about ready to start grad school and dreamt that I'd forgotten to go to the first week of classes. Siiiiigh.

I have to work a half-day tomorrow. Cleverly, I made it the afternoon so I can sleep in. (These days, I seem to live for sleeping in and little else. I need to get some more priorities, methinks.)
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Two weeks. Two weeks before I move, and the cable company finally decides to give me Sci-Fi. What's up with that? At least when I lived at Knox they gave me the Sci-Fi Channel my sophomore year. (Though I only got Bravo for about a month there at some point. That annoyed me very much.) And of course, the night the Stargates premiere next month is also the day I'm driving across the plains to my new town. Hmph.

But at least I've also got AMC for the next couple weeks so I can watch Hustle tonight. And speaking of Hustle, I heard a song on the radio this morning that would make a perfect vid for this show. Sung by Paul McCartney in one of his dafter moods, a large majority of the lyrics consist of "We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, we're so sorry if we caused you pain. We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, but if anything should happen we shall give you a ring. We're so sorry, Uncle Albert, but we haven't done a bloody thing all day." It is sheer genius.

I passed my written exams. You wanna know anything about the historiography of class in America in the past three centuries, particularly as evidenced through domestic interiors? Or maybe about Jacksonian politics? Now I just have to BS my way through the orals next week and I am home free.
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Friday I took my written exams. I don't want to think about them. Friday night I saw Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead at the local theatre. That was lovely, the actors were excellent, and I seem to be coming to some point where I can appreciate the acting without falling under its sway (as I did when I was very small) or simply being critical and distanced (as I've been the past few years). I keep wanting to dig out my copy of the play and see if I can't find the Player's large speech about actors and quote various bits of it somewhere, but that book is already packed up somewhere and I'm not sure I want to go digging.

Saturday [livejournal.com profile] nsempress and I went to the Renaissance festival and spent lots of money. Well, she spent loads more than I did as she got a full and lovely costume, but I did get new jewelry and a new shirt, and Jack Sparrow made a momentary appearance so that was lovely. And it stormed as we drove home and throughout the night. That was also lovely, as I've been fearing another dust bowl around here.

Tonight I finally got around to watching the rest of Regency House, and I have spent most of the day freaking out about my future or just being grumpy and a general emotional wreck, so yes, I'd really like tomorrow to come, thankyouverymuch. I have mentioned how much I dislike Sundays, haven't I?
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I've barely slept at all in the past two days! Isn't insomnia wonderful?! It means that at any moment at all I am capable of bursting into tears, screaming bloody murder at who or whatever crosses me, or falling into hysterical giggles.

Not that that's normal or anything.

If I don't sleep tonight I really shall start to cry. And stamp my feet. And generally behave like a whiny little girl. I have my written exams on Friday. I don't have time to mess about with sleep dep.

Do I have to take my comps? Can I just fake it and said I did?
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So in the past couple days I helped my mom rediscover the Internet (she'd put the phone cord in the wrong jack in her computer) and I called the uni's financial services department and demanded to know when the hell I'd deserved a late charge. They took it back and now owe *me* money.

I shall revel in my cleverness until I do something stupid again.

Feeling hair fall past my shoulders is weird and I should wear it straight more often.

I'm working a few hours a week in the archives at the Denver Province of the Redemptorists, a Catholic organization. It's quite fun--I've dusted off seventeenth-century books and have permission to create a humidification chamber to flatten some letters and other papers from the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. And my boss, who is quite boyish and innocent-looking, is also quite startingly funny. We were both admiring the tankard down in the archives, celebrating the 50th anniversary of a community or church or something run by the Redemptorists somewhere in the States, and my boss said, "At least it's not a bong."
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Last week my undergrad awarded an honorary doctorate to Stephen Colbert, who also acted as commencement speaker for this year's graduating class.

I am so jealous.

Especially since I'm pretty sure I fell asleep during our commencement speaker's speech, and Colbert apparently used theatre analogies.

I definitely graduated the wrong year.
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So a fellow student & I went to an archivist's conference yesterday in Pueblo. We spent the night before at her grandma's house in Colorado Springs. Her grandmother lives pretty much right at the base of Cheyenne Mountain. I just barely got a glimpse of the Will Rogers shrine up that mountain. Brilliant. One more goal in my life has now been fulfilled.

Not so brilliant is the fact that I've been sick for the past week (again) and we continually got stuck in Denver rush hour, both ways. Until we took the toll road. Beat that, Denver rush hour!

And as for today's Doctor Who... )
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Um, so I kinda graduated again today. (It sounds so accidental that way, doesn't it? "Ooops, fell into this black robe and silly hat, whoops, didn't mean to get into this procession, looks like I'm graduating.") Only I didn't really graduate today, because I still have to take my comps, and it's all a bit silly anyway since I've got a job.

Yeah, I've got a job now. I start--well, they want me ASAP, but I'm putting them off as long as I possibly can because I want to travel and, I dunno, rest for a while. Because I'm not ready to confront the real world and put to the real test the stuff I've been learning for the past few years, and I hate messing up. I really hate messing up. But I can do this, because I can flipping do anything.

And dad bought me a laptop and mom's probably buying me a trip to Canada and my aunt is seriously paying for next month's rent with the check she gave me and my brother and nephew got me books--the second Aubrey/Maturin book and Gaiman's Brief Lives--which I checked out of the school library last year, left in a hotel in Vancouver (and had nothing to read on the plane home, oh woe), bought a replacement copy for the library, and never picked up a copy for myself. And this is very possibly my favorite set of the lot in the Sandman series, at least of the ones I've read. So wooooo.

And I can't believe I'm finished with school, possibly permanently, and I'm frigging exhausted, like, in a permanent state of running exhaustion, but the family isn't all leaving until Sunday which means I have to keep running back & forth across town and being my nice, well-behaved self for another 36 hours and Sunday, oh Sunday, I'm sleeping and playing and not thinking any more than I can help it. For the first time in very possibly 24 years.

I think I'll be total crap at it and end up doing something productive anyway.

It's just--I feel like I've lived and experienced more in the past month to six weeks than in the near-two years previous and that is a very weird feeling and I don't think I know who I am anymore. So I need some time. To figure that out again. Or at least get a better approximation than I have right now.

Oh, and I am ridiculously pleased with the quote that is on this icon, if not with the icon itself. Um. Yes. Bed now.
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I was just in a wedding this weekend, and never have I felt so much like I was in the middle of some comedic film as when I was stuffing my friend and her twelve pounds of wedding dress into the back of a regular-sized four-door sedan in an emergency rush to the St. Louis Botanical Gardens because the party bus got a flat tire.

Seriously? That kinda encapsulates the weekend. Actually, that kinda encapsulates my life right now.

And I insist that I am a transportation jinx. Menace to cars and planes everywhere. I apologize deeply to everyone who ever has to travel with me.

I look forward to the day when my life settles down a wee bit & some semblance of sanity is restored. Er, not that I'm sure I've actually ever had sanity.

I mentioned in my records management class tonight that I had a blog and am now paranoid that they shall somehow find me. Compartmentalized lives suck and yet are somehow inevitable.


I have a secret belief that Mason off of Dead Like Me is who Fitz Kreiner would have been had he remained in London in 1963 instead of wandering off with the Doctor. This is probably a very stupid secret belief, and not so secret anymore, but I still cherish it in my heart of hearts and plan to write elaborate crossovers about it. (Thankfully, I probably never will.)

And I shall just end on this line from an article by Wally Seccombe about the gradual privileging of the male breadwinning wage amongst the English working class in the nineteenth century, because American historians never get away with writing shit like this:

"The point is not that all working-class husbands were uncaring bastards who exploited these advantages to the hilt."
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Um, I got thinky about gender and daddy issues in Life on Mars. Over here. But the only gender background I have comes from historians and a single philosophy course. [livejournal.com profile] troyswann, where arrreeee yyyyyoooouuuu? (I know, I know, graaaaaaaading. But it's LoM! And gender! I need you to think for me!)

And my thought-experiment exhibit design for my museums methodologies course just started to get awesome today. (We have to come up with the entire design for the exhibit without actually doing it, which is why I'm calling it a thought experiment.) Finally it all started to come together, from the label texts to the floorplan to, "oh, hey, that's where I can put the interactive theatre bit when I get to that assignment."

See, this exhibit is on public political culture of the antebellum era in America. And I know, I know, you're groaning already, but this stuff is awesome. It's the 1830s, people! It's the 1840 election campaign, possibly the awesomest election campaign ever! Tippecanoe and Tyler too and hard cider and Whig women and log cabins! (I have to admit it; I probably would have been a Whig.) It's Jacksonian democracy at its finest (even if personally Jackson's a bit of a dick) and I've got flipping campaign songs for people to listen to in sound booths! Huzzah.

1837 is remaining my favoritest year of the nineteenth century. I think I'm a little bit weird. And I need to go make dinner now.

Wie bitte?

Jan. 17th, 2006 10:28 pm
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Every bloody time. Every single bloody semester, before it starts, I think, "Oh, it'll be fine...no problem...I've had busier schedules..." And then the first day the classes and course work and meetings and to-do lists just pile on and pile on and pile on...and of course, I have still managed to find oodles of hours to goof off in today because it was still only the first day and I still only had two classes and one of 'em's not meeting again till next Tuesday and I'm not even gonna fricking think about graduation requirements today.

Stupid paranoid brain.

I wanna write fic. Like, seriously wanna write something. Only my brain's shot to hell and the only word that's coming to me is 'hegemony.'

I don't think so.

I also really want alcohol and to watch Withnail and I. That might have to wait till another day. Godsdammit.


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