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This evening, mourning over the new shitty turn my career has taken and wondering what I could do instead, after drinking a delicious and slightly alcoholic minty Oreo shake:

"I could open a bakery. Make blueberry muffins all day long. ...that's a shitty business plan. No! All you get are blueberry muffins! If you want anything else, go somewhere else. No chocolate muffins for you!"

For some reason, this was hysterical to me. It might have been the delicious and slightly alcoholic minty Oreo shake talking.

Later this same evening, taking the masking tape to the couch to remove all the orange fur from the cat:

"Honey, you are a sheddy, sheddy cat."

The boy said we're lucky to have each other.
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Is it indicative that one travels too much when I have ready to go year-round a quart-size bag of 3 oz-or-smaller toiletries and when I can unpack from a long weekend in 10 minutes or less?

Also, my lunch today consisted of a slice of leftover homemade pizza from...I don't want to tell you how long ago we cooked it; an apple; and a cream cheese donut. Thank the gods I made it to the grocery store after work and bought piles of fresh fruit and veg.

(Also, sekrit message to [livejournal.com profile] troyswann and [livejournal.com profile] jenlev: I was IN LAWRENCE last night, hnur hnur hnur. Ahem. Sorry about that, Sal. Sorry. SORRY FOR CARING. Anyway.)
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A/N: Written in approximately one hour on a plane, this is probably both wildly OOC and wildly inaccurate. Happy holidays, anyway! *big, cheesy grin*

The Holiday Ficathon Exchange Job

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I had every intention to work some more on my [livejournal.com profile] dw_femslash ficathon fic tonight, but those intentions were before two days of work mentally kicking my butt (and physically today, too; helloooo, new cardboard box scar, how I didn't need you) and doing laundry tonight and overcooking my dinner of roasted potatoes with lentils in every way I possibly could. ("I like my lentils mushy!" I declared maniacally to the kitchen, and this is probably one more sign that I need to either get a roommate or just get out more.)

So instead of writing fic, I shall watch vids and random tv and read fic. Huzzah for when the brain shuts down beyond oooh, shiny.

(Also, I shall throw this out here completely randomly because I don't feel like bookmarking it but want to preserve the link somewhere: WWI photographs of British soldiers taken by an unknown French photographer, a whole stinking boatload of them, and how cool is that?)
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If I read the caller ID right (my landline phone is in a somewhat inaccessible place, which is indeed indicative of what I think about phones), the NRA called me five minutes after the HRC did.

Neither left a message, though. How rude.
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Tell me my family is not the only one with fannish conversational shortcuts. I know we're not. Today's gem--

Mom: Wanna think of something else difficult to peel? How 'bout a raisin?
Me: Why on earth would you want to peel a raisin?
Mom: Because it was there?
Me: That reason might work for a mountain. It won't work for a raisin.

Seriously. My mom and I talk in snippets from Star Trek IV and V. And my brother just throws out whatever random quote suits his mood and the situation.

(I don't think I'll ever be able to tell him that I really think Agatha, Gil, and Tarvek need to end up in a threesome, though. Even though they so, so want to.)
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Never do I feel more like a vampire then when I am sucking the juice and marrow out of orange wedges.

I don't think I mentioned where I was a couple weekends ago, during Memorial Day weekend:

two pictures )

Work kinda sucks right now. It sucks in a way that led to me getting a beer with my dinner Monday night, and I don't drink on work nights. There is absolutely nothing I can do about any of the suckiness either, other than deal. And possibly get a degree in counseling because I swear I need it right now.
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1. I went to a doctor for the first time yesterday in, uh, 4.5 years? Just to establish myself with a new doctor. And...it was fine. And I'm going back in about 5 months for a test and after I get my cholesterol tested through a program at work and to get my BP checked again. Woo?

2. I spent this afternoon working frantically with a group of my co-workers, mostly my partner in crime, to get a little display ready for another co-worker's last day of work tomorrow. She's retiring, she's a farmer's wife, so we instigated the help of various staff to help us draw a collage of farm life, including our retiree and her husband in their own version of American Gothic. I colored a pig and cut out the letters for the top. We entitled the board, "J'S FARMVILLE: FROM CATALOGING TO CATTLING." It looks exactly like it was thrown together in three hours by two non-artists, and yet, we don't care. (Actually, it reminded me of doing exhibits. Huzzah.)

3. I got glue in my hair doing that. And then I came home to bake cupcakes for tomorrow and got cake batter all over my shirt, and then I had to go to choir rehearsal, and then I came home to decorate the cupcakes and got chocolate icing all over my fingers. Who knew retirements were so messy? Or that I was in fact still secretly in kindergarten?

4. There was a new trailer for Doctor Who. And it is almost April. Things are looking up!

5. Someday, I am going to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night again. Maybe in May.
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Awesome thing from yesterday: random and unexpected 15-second clip from Stargate SG-1 in our temporary exhibit in the museum. (It was from that one ep, y'know, with the guy, the really *nice* guy with the shoes...okay, fine, it was "2001.") I heart my geeky co-workers, I truly do.

Awesome thing from today: I got a new computer at work. Specifically, a laptop with a docking station that has a huge-assed monitor. I've been waiting for my new computer for approximately six months, and this lil' laptop is shiny. I am excited that now maybe I'll be able to just carry it back and forth with me to and from the stacks, rather than having to turn computers on everywhere in order to verify information. Even if we don't have wi-fi in the stacks, this will still hopefully be more convenient.
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This )

is how I ended my night last Saturday at carnival in NOLA.

(Actually, we went to a diner after this, in order to get me a Belgium [sic] waffle, and it was there I found myself slumped against my friend and talking emphatically about Ben Browder's career.

Also, I now know how Withnail felt. Or maybe how Richard E. Grant felt. But oh, how I enjoyed myself.)

In other travel news, I AM GOING TO BELGIUM THIS SUMMER. Speaking of Belgium waffles. Hnur hnur.
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This is not the WIP meme currently going around. This is the Crazy Crossover Idea meme that I might have just made up. List off the wacky crossover ideas you've had, started writing, and abandoned (but want to get back to), or those that you've had but haven't gotten around to starting yet.

1. Fitz Kreiner/Jack Harkness We're So Gay Married Vegas Caper Extravaganza. I think the only way I'll get this one written is if I have a solid weekend to remain perpetually drunk and/or high while writing. (I have a couple failed attempts lying about...somewhere.)

2. Toshiko Sato/Sally Sparrow Creepy London Fog story. This is mostly because I think Tosh and Sally would get along fabulously, and I've been wanting to write for ages a story about intelligent/evil/some-kind-of-plot-device fog every time its foggy out when I'm driving to work. (I have--one or two?--failed attempts lying about...somewhere.)

3. Secret Adventures of Jules Verne/Invisible Man wacky timestream crossing fic--mostly because I really, really want to put Rebecca Fogg in the beginning of the 21st century and see how she reacts. And maybe possibly slash her with Claire because they would be awesome together. (I once again have a failed attempt lying about on an external hard drive. This is an old, old fic that I'll probably never get back to, alas.)

4. Legend/Stargate SG-1. I've got a start to it sitting in GoogleDocs but it's not nearly cracky enough, and I need to immerse myself in both early SG-1 and Legend in order to get everyone's voices right. And, oh yeah, come up with a plot resolution. (Mostly, I just want Jack and Ernest Pratt to eye each other suspiciously and Ernest then to offer Jack something to drink, all while Ramos and Carter are geeking out at each other and Bartok and Daniel are causing havoc off-stage. As it were.)

5. Georgette Heyer/Stargate SG-1 fusion. OMG I WANT TO WRITE THIS SO BADLY. Vala as a cross-dressing highwayman! Daniel as the bored love interest exasperated by her constant attempts to steal from him! Jack's his best friend, Vala totally opens the whole story by taking out Cam's carriage--I'm sure I can work it so that he's left without pants--and Teal'c is an exiled French nobleman with horrifying republican sympathies who nonetheless fled during the Terror and is both a dandy *and* has all the social gossip. Carter is Vala's friend and the only one who knows Vala is in fact a woman, Janet totally needs to be worked in somehow, Siler is probably somebody's long-suffering valet--Harriman is *totally* Jack's long-suffering valet--and I think I'll need another solid weekend or three of constant drunkenness in order to write this one too. Hmmmm. Maybe *that's* what I need to do this weekend! Ahem. (I haven't even started this one. I just keep thinking how IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.)
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...or something?
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(Note: This is the first of my yuletide alternative prompt fics. I'll be posting one a day until 22 December (as I won't be able to post anything the following two days probably). Also, *hyperventilates*, I'm trying out this whole cross-posting thing for the first time. Eeeek.)

Title: A Jaffa, an archaeologist, and two Air Force officers walk into a library…
Author: aces
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who/Stargate SG-1, Eleven, Amy, Rory, Old Skool!SG-1
Word count: approx 1250 words
Prompt: Library of Alexandria for [personal profile] jenlev. Er, I might have taken some liberties with the prompt…
Summary: This is a very long punchline.

Read more... )
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But I went the cheaper and more practical route and got the sonic screwdriver torch instead.

Send help.

My fridge is probably the most fun item in my house. I bet that's bad somehow.

No, really, I have pictures. )
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I gave money to the World Wildlife Fund, and they sent me a little baby penguin stuffed animal in return. And I'd forgotten that I got that, but I had had the fullest intention to give it to somebody--probably not my nephew, who's too old for stuffed animals now, but maybe my mother since she's always giving *me* stuff animals, or a friend I'm going to see this weekend in NOLA who's pregnant OMG--but then I took the penguin out of the packaging, looked at it, rubbed noses with it (I couldn't resist), and now I kinda can't part with it. I mean, dude, I just sat cuddling it while watching random tv.


Also, I watched Sanctuary's last season finale, and it had Fitz Mason FIIIIITZ Callum Blue in it, and it went Bollywood. No, seriously, it did, and WTF?????? But it reminded me I totally need to look up a guy I knew in college and see if I can find him in anything I can get over here in the States.

In sum...nope, I've got nothin'.


Aug. 24th, 2010 09:57 pm
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Oh, I just love my co-workers. They really wanted to see my pictures from my trip, so I arranged a lunchtime slideshow for today. In the email I sent out about it, I said I'd be bringing goodies--I ended up bringing cranberry muffins and banana-blueberry bread--and suggested they bring some too, if they felt like it. And they did--cheese and crackers, chips with homemade salsa, a hot German potato salad, rice crispie treats, the whole shebang. Any excuse for food and they are SO THERE.

I now have leftover chips & homemade salsa in my house too. Yummy.

So my friend and I plotted historical RPF while we were traveling. Oscar Wilde and Ludwig II of Bavaria--the timing is a little wonky, but that's nothing compared to how wonky it gets later in this story--they really do get along quite well, so long as they're never in the same room together for very long. They like to write long letters to each other, arguing over aesthetic matters. And then we threw Mozart in while we were in Salzburg (I *know* the timing doesn't work at all, hush), deciding he'd be the third wheel-slash-anxious puppy. "C'mon, guys, let me play too! Don't you like me?"
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Okay, this has already made the rounds on [livejournal.com profile] doctorwho at least twice, I think, but I don't care, I shall post it myself:

Matt Smith, introducing Orbital at Glastonbury )
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I no longer associate with either of my birth names. And really, I had two of them, the name on my birth certificate & the nickname I went by full-time for the first 18 years of my life. But then I decided to change my life in college by changing my name, and, yeah, that kinda backfired on me.

Also, I really don't like my last name. No offense to my dad, but hardly anybody ever pronounces it right, and it's a silly, silly name.

If I were a mystery writer, I'd go by my mother's maiden name and my first two initials. M.D. Wilson. But as for choosing a new first name? Well, I haven't gone by my middle name yet...


Misha Collins isn't a figment of the Internet, he's a figment of Twitter. I am almost, ALMOST tempted to figure out Twitter just so I can follow him. Because I honestly don't have enough surreality in my life.


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