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See now, if the cat would just lie down next to me on the couch all the time, we'd both be far happier. (I don't think she agrees with me, I think she insists she's happiest lying in my lap with me constantly scritching her ears, but my allergies and my laptop do not agree with her.)

The cat is lying down next to me on the couch right now, you see, calmly and purringly, and that just does not happen very often.

So this past weekend visiting my mom she mentioned, once again, the Aunt Dimity books by Nancy Atherton. And these are mystery books I have not read before, and I'm in the mood for trying something new, so I pick up a couple on Kindle and apparently am probably going to have to pick up the rest because I kinda adore Lori and Bill and Dimity and all the other characters. The writing style is immediately engaging too. (Also, there are recipes at the end of all the books. Any book that involves baking is AOK in my, er, book.)

And Lori got divorced a year ago and lost her mom recently and is having a really crappy time of it and comes out alright in the end, and, okay, I'm weeping on the plane reading this book, you know? Because it's about grief and love and learning to live with loss and it's really hitting home for me. It doesn't help that I was also reading ceremony scripts our officiant gave us to peruse and weeping at all the sappy love bits. I'm sure every other passenger on that flight near my seat wondered what the hell was wrong with me. I've already told a friend she has to pinch me if I start weeping at my own wedding.

In other news, they got me onto the new network system yesterday, which meant I spent the entire day at work today IMing one of our IT gurus, going "C, this is broken now. C, do you happen to have that password because I totally never bothered to save it myself? C, I can't even *find* this software on my laptop now!" It's okay, he got a lot of M&Ms out of hanging out in my office with me half the day.
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1. I have a new laptop. It just arrived in the mail today. This is the first new piece of tech I've gotten--bar my Kindle (which is now ancient) and a crappy cell phone that was supposed to be temporary when I got it two (three?) years ago--since the laptop I got as a gift when I graduated from grad school in 2006. HOLY HELL I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP. I will be properly mobile again! (My current laptop, on which I'm writing this since I haven't even opened the other one yet, is now essentially a desktop. I have it tied to an external monitor as the backlight has died on the actual monitor.)

ii. I am struggling about whether to do Yuletide this year or not. I've barely written any fic this year, I don't see me having much time for source reviewing and writing in the next couple months, I'm trying to de-stress my life and that would possibly be stressful, nobody other than me will really care either way whether I do Yuletide or not...but it's Yuletide, dammit!

c. There is no third point, but what's the use of a list with only two things on it? Hell, I'm starving, I need to wander away and find dinner with the boy.

Vier. Actually, I lie; yesterday I snapped at my boss. This is the only time in my life that I have snapped at my boss. (I once rolled my eyes and interrupted a boss, but I was in the middle of a crisis at the time and she wasn't being helpful.) I backpedaled furiously, he left my cubicle amicably, but sweet jesus on a pogo stick that was a terrifying moment or three. My co-worker who overheard the conversation assures me she would have jumped in to rescue me had she needed to; we mutually agreed to make large STOP signs and put them on yard sticks to hold up over cubicle walls, just in case one or the other of us goes too far.

(Today was a much, much better day. Friday! Pay day! I shall goof off at work and not feel guilty! Etc etc etc.)
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I HATE DIAL-UP. Let me into google docs, damn you, dial-up! And let me type up this fic!

Also, the keyboard on my mom's laptop is small and apparently so badly set up that neither mom nor I can type on it easily without text eating itself or showing up in random places where it does not belong. GET OUT OF MY WAY, LITTLE MOUSEPAD. I do not have nearly this much trouble with my own laptop. Hmph.

BUT, that said, I had the best flight ever last night. 12 passengers total on the plane, and in order to get the weight evenly distributed six of us had to volunteer to sit in first class. It was a hardship, I tell you. Granted, it was only a regional jet, but still, that may be the only time I get to partake in first class. Sadly, I did not get any of the booze; I knew I had a 90-minute drive ahead of me, but I got snacks and warm towels and a more comfortable seat. WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. Merry Christmas, me.

Now to bake cookies. Woo.

Okay, so.

Nov. 29th, 2011 07:26 am
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Is Livejournal crapping out on anyone else the past couple days, or is it me and my laptop?
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No, seriously, WTF, LJ? I haven't been able to get on at all in days. Apparently other people can, though?

Whatever, I kinda want to talk about Warehouse 13 some more )
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Awesome thing from yesterday: random and unexpected 15-second clip from Stargate SG-1 in our temporary exhibit in the museum. (It was from that one ep, y'know, with the guy, the really *nice* guy with the shoes...okay, fine, it was "2001.") I heart my geeky co-workers, I truly do.

Awesome thing from today: I got a new computer at work. Specifically, a laptop with a docking station that has a huge-assed monitor. I've been waiting for my new computer for approximately six months, and this lil' laptop is shiny. I am excited that now maybe I'll be able to just carry it back and forth with me to and from the stacks, rather than having to turn computers on everywhere in order to verify information. Even if we don't have wi-fi in the stacks, this will still hopefully be more convenient.
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I've written poetry in the last week.

I haven't written any poetry, that I can recall, since 2005. So this was a novel experience. (Har har.)

two poems under the cut )
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Dear Republican Party,

DO NOT CALL MY CELL PHONE. Call my landline, like the Democrat Party does, which is the local number anyway, you twits.

No love,


Recommendations, my friends! What program do you use for CD/DVD burning? I'd like to get software that doesn't cost me a substantial chunk of my paycheck to do a bunch of things I either use other programs for or don't care about at all, and I am stumped. I just want to burn DVDs, people. Why does this have to be so hard?


I'm almost done voting! \o/ I really do prefer doing mail-in ballots; I can sit at my computer and research the candidates I don't know with the ballot right in front of me. I would have been so screwed when it came to all the judges otherwise. Also, I'm voting in a mid-term election. When the hell did I become such a responsible cit?


Oct. 26th, 2010 10:26 pm
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I AM BACK ONLINE. At home, that is. After five hours of recovery CDs, downloading updates, and re-installing software. Brand shiny new hard drive, old casing and operating system. All my bookmarks are gone. It's surprisingly refreshing to be starting out new. I probably won't feel that way next week when attempting to hunt something down that I *knew* I had saved somewhere. Or when I realize how many photographs I'm sure I've lost because I was much crappier at backing up some of my data than I should have been.

Random thoughts I've had in the past week & not posted because I had little Internet access for goofing off:

1. There was a really clever little thought about the changing nature of privacy, specifically from the 18th century through the 21st, and how online media are changing our notions again about privacy, and that was about as far as it got before sputtering out. I'm sure more eloquent people have already said things about this anyway.

2. I had a Leverage vid idea for "Splish Splash" by Bobby Darrin, focusing on Nate and how the team totally invade his space (Bing bang, I saw the whole gang / Dancing on my living room rug...), and then by the end of the second season/beginning of the third, he kinda just...goes along with it (I forgot about the bath / I went and put my dancin shoes on, yeah...). Y'all should be grateful I can't make vids, honestly.

3. Absurd and obscure crossover idea #578: Janos Bartok from Legend has a conversation with Benton Fraser from dueSouth. Mostly because both of them are quite good at changing the world to fit their expectations.

There was more stuff. But it's been a long night, and I still need to get up early tomorrow morning and get through another day of life. Woo.


May. 17th, 2010 08:51 pm
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that rainbow quiz-thingy, and hey, at least it's been ages since I posted one of these )

Grr, blah, travel planning, GRARGH. This weekend I bought a new memory card for my digital camera so that I would be able to take hundreds of pictures without having to worry about running out of space. Only apparently, since my digital camera is a few years old and a SONY, they decided to change the design of the memory stick so that it will no longer fit into my camera without an adapter. I foolishly did not ask about an adapter when I was at the store this weekend, so I had to run back today and spend an extra $10 on the damned thing for shipping because they don't actually stock them at the store.

Stupid Sony.

I also bought a new phone today. I seriously thought for about 2 minutes about getting an iPhone, but my mom is actually still the one paying my cell bill (we have a joint plan, it kinda makes sense?), and that would have been an extra $30 a month, and she was not happy with the idea when I called her, so I stuck with a basic phone that still has a keyboard so I can play with that. (Also, I kinda don't want an iPhone because I am philosophically opposed to iTunes. It makes sense in my head.) I hate buying phones. I'm thinking I should drop my land line and use that money for the data package and get the shiny new phone a few months from now when our contract is actually up, but some local family members only have the land line, and, blah, I don't know.

I also have hopefully booked a hotel room by the Bavarian Forest. In German. \o/ Sure, it took me five minutes to look up some of the words I wanted, and I probably got some of the grammar wrong, but I really did honestly understand most of the website form and email I got from them. Which isn't bad for not having used my German in over five years. (Speaking it with natives still terrifies me, but I'll keep working on that one.)

I also booked my flight from Dublin to Munich, which was a pain in the ass because none of my credit cards wanted to work with the system, and I don't quite know why that happened, and GRRR. ARGH, TECHNOLOGY. I shall whine about my entitled and privileged life because I have lost all sense of perspective and I should really find that again sometime soon.

But the details are pulling together, and my friend & I are firming everything up and getting things booked, and it's all coming together. So maybe I can relax a little before I actually start all my traveling at the end of next month. Please?
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I have a long and highly personal relationship with Gravity. It mostly consists of Gravity throwing things at me and me telling it sweetly, "Fuck you, Gravity."

I just had a different sort of pear with my dinner tonight that I picked up at the store on a whim. It was the most boring fruit I have ever tasted. I didn't know fruit could taste boring. So it was disappointing on multiple levels.

This was also a very stupid day at work. Not finding the paperwork I needed; collections popping up in places they shouldn't or not being where they should; hauling boxes down from the fifth shelf and scraping my arms and fingers on the cardboard and the metal; the ladder catching on boxes as I shoved it down the too-narrow aisle; the stupid laptop running slowly or not at all; nothing new or unusual in all this but I just was not in the mood for it today. And then to top it all off I lost my key card. Which somebody promptly found and returned, thank goodness, but at that point I just sort of wanted to call it quits, go home, and crawl under the covers.

Actually, that still sounds like a good idea.

I woke up

Aug. 22nd, 2009 08:18 am
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with the Inspector Gadget song in my head. Whu?

Firefox users: how do I disable the auto-fill function for fields the browser recognizes? Usually I find it very helpful, but it's screwing things up at work for a lot of our staff. I didn't see anything that looked right on the Options menu, but I'm still something of a techno-peasant and could have missed it.
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I am not in Austin this week for the Society of American Archivists' meeting. I am not in Chicago this week for Vividcon. Instead today I:

* Got up before 5:30 in order to take a 100-question multiple choice exam in order to become a certified archivist
* Bought a DVD/VHS combo recorder so I can maybe finally transfer some stuff from tapes to DVDs (I'm looking at you, Homefront, oh god the quality's going to be total crap if this even works)
* Bought a stand thingy to put in my kitchen so that I can maybe finally have more COUNTER SPACE because I have not yet met a kitchen in an apartment or townhome that had enough counter space
* Went to the library and dropped off the interlibrary loan books on archives (and I am not reading another book on archives for a long, long, looooong time)
* Wandered around the gardens associated with a local house museum, and drove around some of the prettier and more historic neighborhoods in town, just because I could and rarely do
* Have remained awake all day, while probably everyone else who was up before 5:30 to take that exam with me went home to bed
* Went to Panera just so I could get an iced chai latte. I was hot by that point after all my wanderings and retail therapy.

I haven't had to take a multiple-choice test since the GRE. However, I am reasonably certain I passed. I probably shouldn't say things like that, since it will no doubt jinx me.
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And because I have to share the insanity.

The Natural History Museum whale in New York twitters. Apparently, all the staff denies any of them are doing it. It's the most philosophical whale I've seen since that one that fell through the sky with the bowl of petunias. You know which whale I'm talking about. (My favorite tweet so far: In water, you can spin and twirl and dive and climb. Here, I just hang, with y'all.) (Found via the Museum Audience Insight blog, by the by.) (Also, when even a whale in a museum is twittering and I'm not? There's something wrong here.) (Also also, STOP USING THE PARENTHESES.)

Digitization is going to save civilization as we haven't known it in centuries! Or something. I...you know? I'm still ambivalent about digitization. It is awesome the stuff we can find online now and make available to researchers and blah blah blah, but this idea that it's going to make every single scrap of paper/parchment/vellum/papyrus/sheepskin/etc EVAH available is the same idea people had about microfilm, and the printing press, and other technologies in the past. I was just reading a bunch of writings by Sir frickin' Hilary Jenkinson (OMG, after reading Margaret Cross Norton a couple weeks ago, I want to shoot myself, or at least read an archivist whose writing style is not over fifty years old), and he discussed the issues with attempting to print primary sources from the medieval period. And the arguments he was making--too little time, too much money, not enough staff, never going to be able to tap fully into the huge breadth of sources available--still ring true today. Digitization might mean we can access more information than we ever could before on the document itself, and it might even make some things more efficient, but you're still dealing with historic documents that require extra care and energy, and not everybody has that kind of time and money. At my place of work, our digitization project has so far put I think about 8,000 items--individual items--on the web. Out of how many millions of pieces of paper that we have lurking about in unexpected corners? (No, actually, some of them really are lurking about in unexpected corners. It's very trying.) Not to mention the the thousands of photos and objects and other miscellaneous bits and bobs?

Um. I really hadn't planned to rant like that.
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I'm still alive. Barely. I was at a conference for, er, 2.5 days and then I was wandering across the state visiting friends and I waited till my wanderings to actually drink alcohol (vodka, WHY IS IT ALWAYS VODKA) and did not get home till the wee small's and now today I mostly want to die temporarily in a corner so I can really wake up refreshed and human again tomorrow. Just in time for work.

It probably is a good thing I made it home last night instead of this morning. Probably.

I'd never noticed my travel curse until I started flying regularly a few years ago. But no, I have always had a travel curse. It's just that when I'm driving instead of flying, the travel curse manifests itself in rainstorms that make it impossible to see two feet in front of the car when driving through major city traffic. I have come far in accepting my travel curse though because I handled it this time with barely any ruffling to my dignity and good humor. (Which probably means on my next road trip there will be an earthquake in an area where no faultlines had previously been detected. I'm sorry, future road trip destination, whatever you are, I DON'T MEAN IT.)

But, oh yes, it was awesome. Caught up with a bunch of friends in and out of the profession, attended good sessions, met new people, and only occasionally acted like an incompetent un-social ass. I call that a win. (Considering how I usually behave at conferences? Definite win. It helped that I had a friend from grad school there.) I also got to wander around one of my favorite cities (if only for the intense nostalgia) in neighborhoods I hadn't seen for probably ten years and bits I'd never seen before, so it was all very yay.

Also, I went WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT THE INTERNET. It was an experiment to see how bad my addiction was. It would have been useful to have access a few times, and I was a bit twitchy without it, but I survived. So there, internets addiction. SO THERE.

Now I'm going to go watch telly. Online. Ho hum.
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It is a glorious, beautiful, marvelous day outside (I think it's warmer out there than in my apartment, since the heat just came on), and I have just been traipsing around the trails across the street, on which I have never traipsed before, and this is the best living situation I've had in years, where I can just wander outside and walk about in beautiful, almost-natural things without first having to drive anywhere.

And it's such perfect timing too as I only just Thursday night after work managed to kill some malware stone dead that was affecting my computer. Stupid technology. I shall gladly flounce outside rather than cling to the Internet, so there.

Oh wait.
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Note to self: do not yell obscenities quite so much and so loudly when you've got the sliding glass door open and there are children playing on this glorious Sunday afternoon.

In fact, just get the hell out there on the patio and WALK AWAY FROM THE INTERNET. Because obviously the websites you're trying to use think they should get Sunday off too rather than work right and let you check your credit card balance or something insane like that.
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Things about my job that are weird:
1. Running water.
2. I have a cubicle rather than an office.
3. People. So many people that I have not met them all and do not remember most names yet.
3. There are IT people. To fix things for me. (They also have to give me passwords. Which can be frustrating when I have to wait.)
4. Internet in the stacks. Sure, it's hard-wired and means 100 foot extension cords and ethernet cables, but I can still access the Internet. (Kinda have to in order to access the database I'm working with.)
5. Working with a collections management database that is still in development even as we use it. (Things change! Within minutes! That wasn't there five seconds ago when I opened that other record!)
6. MARC tags and subject headings. I DID NOT GO TO LIBRARY SCHOOL. Yet.

Things that are not weird about my job:
1. Box monkey.
2. Weird interpersonal dynamics among the staff.
3. Did I mention the box schlepping? Working in tight and awkward corners? SO FAMILIAR.

After living month-to-month, pretty much literally, for eight months, thinking a little more long-term is...odd, again. I can bake again (most of my baking stuff I left in storage). I have SPACE again, to run around and dance and be stupid in my apartment. I shall be able to decorate again, at least in the half-assed way that I usually do, whenever I get around to that sort of thing. This week is crazy due to overwhelming newness on all kinds of levels, and I'm just waiting for my brain to reset, I think.

Oh, help.

Sep. 8th, 2008 08:34 pm
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I was at home this weekend. With my parents. During the weekend, I ran updates on my dad's computer, downloaded new spyware software for my dad, connected a printer to my mom's computer, updated Spybot on her computer, added phone numbers to my dad's car's computer, showed my mom how to burn pictures onto CD, and both my mom and I got new cell phones. I programmed the voicemail for her phone and recorded a message for her, and I showed her how to text message. (I'VE CREATED A MONSTER. Again. This might be worse than when I showed her Amazon.)

And today, she writes me an email asking me how to use the printer. I swear she's had a printer before. I SWEAR. But it's been a couple years. Maybe more. And WHY AM I MY PARENTS' IT HELP DESK PERSON.
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My Time Lord Name is Mosdrashytonytanmorenoldacheengoldilden.
Take The Time Lord Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Yes, my Time Lord name has more letters in it than some alphabets. Can you imagine trying to spell that over the phone when setting up doctor's appointments?

I am cranky because LIFE IS INSANE AND HAS EXPLODED ON ME. Again. And because internet servers everywhere apparently crash the instant I come near them, considering neither my work network connection nor my home internet were working for a while there. Also, I fear that my travel curse has started to spread itself across entire states in order to screw up flight arrangements not even made by me. I hope I'm wrong about that. I really, really do. I HATE YOU, TRAVEL CURSE.



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