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okay, no, seriously, CASTLE )

To sum up: Age of the geek, baby, age of the geek.


I did not sign up for Yuletide this year. Considering the way this week is going, that is really for the best from the view of stress levels (work is going to kill me, I'm going on another plane with my mother this weekend and maybe I should have gotten sedatives instead of her, an incident in the choir for which I'm on the board has left me feeling ill for many weeks now, and for the first time in my ever-loving life I am having to choose what the hell to do about stupid holidays this year), but still. Woe. I'm not doing Yuletide this year.
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1. I have a new laptop. It just arrived in the mail today. This is the first new piece of tech I've gotten--bar my Kindle (which is now ancient) and a crappy cell phone that was supposed to be temporary when I got it two (three?) years ago--since the laptop I got as a gift when I graduated from grad school in 2006. HOLY HELL I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP. I will be properly mobile again! (My current laptop, on which I'm writing this since I haven't even opened the other one yet, is now essentially a desktop. I have it tied to an external monitor as the backlight has died on the actual monitor.)

ii. I am struggling about whether to do Yuletide this year or not. I've barely written any fic this year, I don't see me having much time for source reviewing and writing in the next couple months, I'm trying to de-stress my life and that would possibly be stressful, nobody other than me will really care either way whether I do Yuletide or not...but it's Yuletide, dammit!

c. There is no third point, but what's the use of a list with only two things on it? Hell, I'm starving, I need to wander away and find dinner with the boy.

Vier. Actually, I lie; yesterday I snapped at my boss. This is the only time in my life that I have snapped at my boss. (I once rolled my eyes and interrupted a boss, but I was in the middle of a crisis at the time and she wasn't being helpful.) I backpedaled furiously, he left my cubicle amicably, but sweet jesus on a pogo stick that was a terrifying moment or three. My co-worker who overheard the conversation assures me she would have jumped in to rescue me had she needed to; we mutually agreed to make large STOP signs and put them on yard sticks to hold up over cubicle walls, just in case one or the other of us goes too far.

(Today was a much, much better day. Friday! Pay day! I shall goof off at work and not feel guilty! Etc etc etc.)
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I have ALL THE CHOCOLATE at my house. Please come over and help me eat it.

Also, I've given up before I've even started on reading Yuletide. Not gonna happen, people. I'm hoping I can casually peruse various recs because there is no way in hell I have time this week to sit down and systematically read for myself; and I am going to be adventuring this weekend for the new year. Siiiiiiigh.

(That said, check out the pretty white ships that I am dreaming of", Warehouse 13, what was written for me. YAY.)

I hope everyone had/will have a festive winter holiday. The best gift I got was most assuredly the dry minced garlic from my mom. Oh yeah.
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Yeah, it was either do it tonight or do it Wednesday night because Thursday I am working and then I am traveling, and I was kinda afraid of waiting.

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Aaaaaand it has full-on porn in it. Huh.
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Dear yuletide author,

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Or rather, the bits of it I felt like reading. This is slightly amazing, since I don't think I've ever managed to do that in all the years I've been reading yuletide stories.

ION, Netflix is refusing to allow for the fact that I got their DVD a day early. Which is annoying, because I would like to report that it is damaged. This is hilarious, since I got it because another DVD I had was damaged. Or wait, maybe that was the last DVD I had. I can't keep track.


My first day working on a new two-year project, and I ended it laughing hysterically. Which is better than sobbing hysterically? "Congratulations," my boss said at three this afternoon, "your first day and you already gave me a crisis to solve." Later in the car, I thought to myself, "I conjure disaster! *jazz hands*" It was kinda a day.
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Fic what I wrote, by month:

obnoxious number of links, therefore cutting )

I'd never written dueSouth before, I wrote a remarkable # of fics involving Amelia Pond (...I am not surprised), I wrote more Leverage and quite respectably too, I continued to pair Ace up with other awesome women (including a god), and I'm a bit surprised I wrote that much SG-1 fic this year. Huh. I didn't make the whole one-fic-a-month goal I've been keeping the past few years (don't ask me why I have such a goal, other than it was something to do, and I think I shall drop it this year), but I still wrote a fair amount. And yes, most of it involved Doctor Who. First fandom, oldest fandom, fandom that is never gonna die. I'm okay with that. I also watched a ridiculous amount of Simon and Simon, Adderly, dueSouth, and probably other shows from the 1980s and 1990s, but I did not write fic for most of those forays into other eras. We should probably all be grateful.

I wish I had done more audio fic; I want to work on that. I also want to keep experimenting writing in new fandoms; I think I did better at that last year. And write more Amy/Rory and 11. Mostly because they make me REMARKABLY HAPPY, and I quite like that feeling.
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I am home. At some point, this place became home, and that was very confusing while I was home (with the parents) this weekend, because I kept talking about both places that way.

(I love driving past Chicago at night, by the way. I think it's my favorite view of Chicago, somewhere on I-90 going past the lit-up skyscrapers, all that light pollution thrown up to the sky. Hmmm.)

There was lots of pretty snow on the ground, and my mother and I had ridiculous amounts of glee cooking cornish hens, and my dad and I saw The Tourist, and while my parents still have dial-up they also perversely have digital cable so I was able in fact to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special onna tv on Christmas day and finally show off Matt Smith to my mother and explain to her my despair over accidentally discovering/confirming he is in fact 6 months younger than me ("he looks older," she said at the end of the show), and it was only two days but it was a really good two days to be home. Away from this other home. Whatever.

Also, I got two yuletide fics this year!

The Christmas Bet for yuletide, Castle, focusing on Ryan & Esposito, best background detective duo evah


A Mistress or a Friend, a yuletide madness goodie for me, Hannibal Sefton & Consuela from the Benjamin January novels by Barbara Hambly and OMG seriously, Hannibal Sefton is the best character since somebody Shakespearean. I sort of desperately want to write fic involving him & Julian Kestrel from the Kate Ross novels running into each other at a house party before Hannibal ran away from polite society, and then I smack myself up the head & remind myself how much I hate doing research to write.

More on the DW special )

Right, I'm going to wander off and eat a proper dinner with more substance than cereal, and possibly watch the first episode of dueSouth involving RayK, or Peter Davison as the Doctor. I am in need of comfort tonight, I think. Going/coming home is hard.
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So in the concert I was in last night, we sang this song, among others:

go here, because I still kinda suck at embedding things.

I hope we sang it half as well as that. I really hope. (The G the sopranos hit? NOT EASY. Especially when one's nose is a bastard and stuffed up.)

Also yesterday, I completely scrapped my first draft for Yuletide and wrote a different fic. And I think it is much better, but it still needs work. I have over a week. This is totally doable. Oh yes.
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Hi. *waves* Just to make it clear beforehand: you're awesome, just for writing a fic for me. Okay? Now that we've got the hard part out of the way,

we can talk about the easier stuff. )

Again, dear yuletide author, thank you for signing up this year, thank you for agreeing to write something in at least one of these fandoms, and thank you for the random chance of writing something for me. I really do hope you enjoy it, as I know I will enjoy whatever you write.

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I have friends driving in from out of town this evening. The roads are still not recovered from the massive storm we had at Christmas. And now it's falling steadily again. Screw you, snow!


Fic what I wrote last year, in some rough form of chronological order of publishing date:

Brush Up Your Shakespeare (SG-1, original!team)

some bits and bobs, from prompts that I don't think I ever finished writing...bad me (Dalziel & Pascoe books by Reginald Hill and Man from UNCLE).

Just a Little Confused (NCIS, for the [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest ficathon)
The Inestimable Value of a Good Pair of Shoes (DW, Harry Sullivan may be an imbecile but we love him dearly for it, for the [livejournal.com profile] tardis_gen ficathon)

A Funny Kommandant (Hogan's Heroes, also for the [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest ficathon)

Three Time Travelers in a Boat (DW, for the EDA ficathon on [livejournal.com profile] henriettastreet)
Somebody Else's Conventional (DW, for same ficathon)

Even the Smallest Ripple (DW, EDAs)
A Pleasant Road (SG-1, mostly Cam and Teal'c)

a 5 things prompt (SG-1, 5 things left in Sam's luggage when she went to Atlantis)

Choose Your Own Theft (Leverage/many other fandoms, PARKER RULES)

another 5 things prompt (SG-1, 5 times Daniel was scary)
Sunshine for Your Love (DW, Polly/Martha for the [livejournal.com profile] dw_femslash ficathon)
Thick-Skinned (I-man, Our Heroes Three for the [livejournal.com profile] hot_donuts ficathon)

Of Ogrons and Butterflies (DW, Martha and Benny)
day in the life (DW, Fitz-at-Torchwood)
Each Other (Man from UNCLE, for the Down the Chimney ficathon on [livejournal.com profile] muncle)
The full weight of our burdens (Dalziel & Pascoe books by Reginald Hill, for Yuletide)

And the two audio fics I read:
Twenty True Stories (DW, written by [livejournal.com profile] kindkit)
In Dulce Jubilo (SG-1, written by [livejournal.com profile] troyswann)

Now for some waffling on about the above )
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Am back in my own space again, with my own laptop and high-speed internet, and I think I shall hug it and pet it and call it George for a while. I spent more time than I care to think updating my parents' computers, and I didn't get to finish, and I didn't get to install dad's shiny new printer that mom got him for Christmas because it would take THIRTEEN HOURS or more to download the software, and woe.

(It's good to go home, and it's good to come back home too. I realized one of the major problems I have with visiting my parents is that there are too many conflicting perspectives in that house, and I get glimpses of all of them including my own, and it makes my brain and my heart hurt. I did better with my dad this time around, but still not good enough.)

But I made it back safely despite snowstorms everywhere, and I managed to pack all my presents--and a bewildering number of chocolates, including a helluva lot of fudge--except the calendar in my carry-on luggage. They were small presents, and a small loot this year, thank goodness. The craziest thing my parents got me? A Kindle. I...I have no idea what possessed my mother, beyond the fact that I move too much and this seemed a convenient way to accumulate my library. I have named it Lucien (after Dream's librarian) and bought four books so far. Dad got mom one too. I think she's going to name hers Marian (after the librarian in Music Man, of course).

I have become too much an Americanist. I got three physical books for Christmas, and they're all about the Revolution, Early Republic, and antebellum eras in the States. (Henry Clay remains my hero.) And then I bought one on Kindle about historical archaeology in Sangamon County, Illinois. HELP.

The best thing about the Kindle? Mobile wireless internet access. Faster than my parents' dial-up. Sigh.

We went and saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. My dad missed Basil Rathbone, my mom dozed through bits of it but swears she heard everything (she had good reason for falling asleep; I kept taking her hand to wake her up mostly because I was afraid she would snore, and the theater was literally packed), and I enjoyed it immensely when I wasn't thinking about historical errors. I mean, Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law (with a limp! and a cane!) and historical costume and banter was pretty much what I wanted from the movie.

Yuletide right now terrifies me and overwhelms me with sheer numbers of fic, so I don't think I'll get started on that beyond opening tabs for some of the recs I've already seen. Instead I think I need to watch something utterly mindless on the television in preparation for kick-starting my brain at work tomorrow. Um, yes, that really does make sense.
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Can't stay, must open presents (it's a hard life I lead; I've spent the past two days lounging about reading and petting an adoring cat), but I just had to mention the two more marvelous, wonderful, glorious fics I've received as pressies:

Stepping Southward, a Man from UNCLE fic, in which Napoleon and Illya go on a journey. Banter, and dogsleds, and more banter. YAY.

The Wicked Wedding (American Title: "Why did Libby Marry?") is a luxuriously long Albert Campion mystery that I have not gotten to finish yet (see above re: presents that must be opened stat), but it starts with Albert singing and Lugg annoyed, so you know it's going to be perfect. And it's all looooong and all for me! Oh, yay indeed!

Yay for this time of year, I say!
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I have uploaded yuletide!


And now I still need to put dishes away so I can wash more dishes. And stuff. But really? The important things got done already this weekend. For the most part.

Yeah, okay, I should go continue to be useful.

hodge podge

Dec. 6th, 2009 03:22 pm
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I started and finished a very rough first draft for my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide story last night.


I sort of had to do it last night as I doubt I'll be able to write anything for the next week. (And, er, I've got to finalize my [livejournal.com profile] muncle Down the Chimney fic by Saturday.) My mom's here! She arrived way earlier today than I expected! This entire weekend has not gone the way I planned! I should have expected that! Etc. etc. etc.

I saw a limo driving into a Taco John's yesterday. How local/regional is Taco John's? It's like a knock-off Taco Bell. (Okay, it might be better than Taco Bell for all I know; it's still cheap fast food.) At least the limo wasn't driving into a Taco Tico, which...the less said about those, the better. I wonder if the limo was going to try going through the drive-thru? I really, really hope not.

I made pumpkin streudel today. It is delicious. (I had to taste-test it before serving it to other people, you understand, having never made the recipe before.) Still have not made a casserole. That shall have to wait till after my mom's gone, I think, alas.

The Christmas movies I like to watch: Love Actually, White Christmas, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Oh yeah.
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I will not freak out about lack of time.

I will not freak out about applying for jobs.

I will not freak out about applying for grad programs (again).

I will not freak out about my career.

I will not freak out about concerts next week, and family and friends visiting.

I will not freak out about getting my holiday fics written in a timely fashion.

I will not freak out about money.

I will not freak out about next year.


Mostly, if I can not freak out about the lack of time? I shall survive the next couple weeks. I think. Maybe. Hopefully.

I have had the strong urge the past few days to make a casserole (because cooking is obviously the answer to lack of time). Something involving corn, potatoes, and possibly some kind of bread/crust-like topping. Anyone have any favorite recipes they'd care to share?

Also, why am I goofing off on LJ when I could be doing something useful??? In the fifteen minutes before I have to go to choir rehearsal oh gods I WILL NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT LACK OF TIME?
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I was going to wait till both holiday exchanges I was involved with made their reveals, but Down the Chimney ([livejournal.com profile] muncle) has a couple latecomers waiting, and I'm impatient. So here is the fic what I wrote in 2008:

By month because I'm curious like that )

And now for a related fic meme I've seen around my flist:

Read more... )

That was my fannish year, which seems to have gone much better than my RL year. But 2009 is not allowed to be a Fuck-Up Year, and I refuse to make any resolutions about it. Resolutions are for people who think they have the possibility of certainties.

And now I must go clean off my kitchen table as I have a friend coming this weekend YAAAAY.


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